Head of Criminon worldwide is Tom Cruise's brother-in-law?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Natter Bored, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Natter Bored Member

    I did some Google checking to verify this, and so far, the claims check out.
    Cross-post from Free Katie forums, post #42. Photos referred to are on page 2, post #40 of the thread.

    Easy enough to find Greg Capazorio & Criminon on Google.
    Matching up Tom Cruise's sister Cass Mapother with Greg Capazorio is a bit harder.
    Here's a start. Greg Capazorio wife cass&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk

    Cass isn't exactly a common name. But better dox would be nice.
  2. Optimisticate Member

    The guy she's ID'ing as bald has hair in the birthday pictures.

    Scientology cures baldness and keeps you out of jail?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I believe that is Cass in the profile pic. If you'll notice among his friends, as head of Criminon, he has a laundry list of infamous CoS including Cary Goulston, Doyle Mills, Ingo Lehmann, Hanan Islam, Izzy Chait, convicted sex contact with child James Barbour, Jim Meskimen, Jim Mathers, John Wood.

    Cass lived with her children with Tom. So the marriage would be fairly recent, like the last few years. If you look through Capazorio's friends there are Cruise relative names in there-Darmoody and South for example.
    It's hard to keep up with Cruise's sisters, they tend to get married a lot, like a lot of Scientologists.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    It's the same guy, even down to what looks like the same watch in the above pic and his facebook pic
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Optimisticate Member

    OK, the picture I thought she was referring to showed a man with hair.

    I'm just taking everything with a healthy dose of hypocrisy, my bullshit meter is going off like crazy today for some reason.
  8. Anonymous Member

    If you will notice the names of the children in the Patron Meritorious listing-Jamie, Liam and Aden-those are Cass's kids whose last name is Darmody. If you look at the Facebook page of Aden, he has Capazorios as friends. I'm not putting that up here because he is a kid.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Everyone around Cruise-EVERYONE-all his relatives are now CoS. He has people living with him that will report in a second if he even had a thought of leaving. It isn't accidental that some relationships are the way that they are, imho.
  10. xenubarb Member

    Wrapped up in the lovin' tentacles of L. Ron's creature.
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  11. Exactly, the cult's way of helping someone out is by wrapping as many of it's tentacles around the person as it can, not much different from any other organized crime syndicate
  12. Anonymous Member

    He even sucked in his own mother, who had been Catholic. She moved in with Tom five years ago and left her husband and home where she had lived for twenty years in Marco Island, Florida.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Stupid kids.

    But where's Jamie Darmody's facebook page?

    A little bird once told me that one of Cruise's sisters had shoved her son into one of those Scientology terror camps for kids. I think it was Georgia, but don't quote me on that. It's been a long time since I heard this story. Anyway, seems a private investigator made his way to the camp and the conditions were so hideous that he started calling all parents. Every parent came to get their kids except for Cruise's sister. The PI finally finds calls the kid's dad to come get him. Anyone know which Cruise nephew ended up being abandoned at Camp Hell?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Not sure about that story; will check.

    I didn't put up the kid's Facebook pages because they are kids. Anyone can search them if they want but just like I wouldn't put up Scilon kids pics unless it was needed for particular evidence, I don't think I would post their Facebook pages. Yes, I realize they're public, but still.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Do you mean Mace Kingsley?
  16. Anonymous Member

    The person who told me the story didn't mention Mace Kingsley, but it very well may have been one of their throwaway kids camps.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I did put them up because we've got Anons out there putting themselves in cult harm's way that are as young as Aden Darmody. Liam looks as if he's well into his teenage years. Aden and Liam both seem savvy enough to know how to work that privacy feature on failbook and since they are Tommy's nephews it looks like they would have already been forced to implement that feature.
  18. Smurf Member

    Yup. Catherine (Cass) Mapother Lesavoy Darmody Capazorio is on her 3rd marriage. Her husband's actual first name is Gregorio. They reside in Studio City. Her sister, Lee Ann recently married a 3rd time as well.. to John Haigney.
  19. Jamie is a Lesavoy from Cass's first marriage and the boys are from her second.
  20. Anonymous Member

    "Head of Criminon worldwide is Tom Cruise's brother-in-law?"

    Thanks for bumping, I had forgotten about this old thread.

    Scilon infestation in Tom Cruise's family runs deep. Katie, beware of Scientology front groups.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Man those Cruise Mapother faggots have that whole marriage thing down to an art form, don't they?
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Nathan Sean Rich, aka Nathan Rich, a former "student" at Mace Kingsley was soliciting funds online at for a proposed video about his experiences.

    The pitch wasn't successful.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is a duplicate post from

    Katie Holmes Should Be Nervous About Tom Cruises’s Sister Visiting with Suri | Showbiz411

    If I were Katie Holmes, I’d be a bit apprehensive about Tom Cruise’s visit with six year old Suri at the Greenwich Hotel. Why? Tom has brought with him his sister Cass Mapother, the Scientology homeschooling teacher who instructed Nicole Kidman’s kids, Connor and Isabella, away from their mother. Cass was also one of Katie’s “minders” during her wilderness days with Cruise. She was the one who appeared with her mother at the Armani fashion show in 2007 and threw herself between me and Katie before I could speak to her. (I often wonder how much of this period Holmes remembers.) Cass Mapother is married to Greg Capazario, a long time Scientologist who runs one of their sketchier activities, Criminon. (This for the indoctrination of prisoners in jails.) These people are hardcore in the cult, and not exactly the sort of people who would tread lightly around poor little Suri. Cass Mapother’s first husband took Scientology courses 20 years ago before he left her. Their child remained behind (just like Cruise and Kidman’s kids) and became a serious Scientologist. Cass Mapother was seen in pictures yesterday at the Greenwich Hotel bearing gifts of toys for Suri. Caveat emptor, Suri.

    Even though Katie Holmes has enrolled Suri in a Catholic school, let’s never forget Tom’s exchange with Diane Sawyer. To wit; there are Catholic Scientologists and Jewish Scientologists. “But we,” Tom said, “are Scientologist Scientologists.”

    Cass Mapother, by the way, by all accounts is also on her third marriage with Capazorio. She’s been registered with Scientology under three different names. During her second marriage in the 1990s, she worked feverishly up the Scientology ladder. She completed about 40 “courses” between 1994 and 2005.

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  25. Anonymous Member

    uh oh, thanks for posting this.

    Beware Katie, Tom and Scientology appear to be intent on indoctrinating Suri behind your back. Beware Tom's Scientology relatives, and beware the hydra of Scientology front groups.
  26. RightOn Member

    For Tom to give up any idea of NOT teaching Suri LRH tech is out ethics and Tom knows it.
    I think Katie is nuts if there is not a stronger hold on the sitaution of his visitation rights.
    Maybe it's in their divorce agreement, but I don't think the details would be made public. Because Tom would not only look like he caved in the eyes of his COS members, and more imortantly LRH, it would also mean that he doesnt' get his way. Two things that the public shouldn't see inhis eyes IMO. lol
    The stealthy way in which Katie left him is quite telling. I don't think she would go through all that trouble in trying to be safe and then just hand Suri over to Tom and or his sister for a quaint little visit without someone watching over them hired by Katie. And if Tom and other family members do get visitation without an "escort" hired by Katie, then Katie my dear, you have been duped once again.

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