Head2head debate: Has Capitalism Failed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheBitterCunt, Jul 5, 2013.

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    something can be done about it
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    It is not about returning to the gold standard. It is about the PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION that currently controls the value of our currency through the control of the money supply and interest rates. It does not take any sort of genius, when presented with this information, to see how not only is this corporation robbing the people of the country daily to line their own pockets, but also that the federal government knows fully well and has allowed this to go on for decades.

    The gold standard idea is merely an attempt at PREVENTING these assholes from manipulating our currency system (aka our livelihoods) through the haphazard, selfish expansion of the money supply in the interest of moneyed superdouches.

    How much of the $85 billion dollars a month ends up in the coffers of large banks and industry giants? All of it. One way or another. Nobody can deny the pyramid scheme here. Even members of our own government, let alone private employees of these companies, don't even pretend to deny this farce. We The People are allowed no insight into who really runs this corporation, nor does our Congress have any authority to provide oversight of it, and yet this company has undeniable and unbelievable control over our little version of capitalism here in the USA.

    In my opinion, getting back to the topic of the thread, capitalism is in and of itself not a failure. It seems like most of you agree somewhat at least with that statement. Corporatism and the allowing of their stranglehold of the selection of candidates, control of the media, control of the education system including many universities, and, indeed, control of the money supply are the reasons for the downfall of our economy and, lo', our political system.

    (I apologize, I didn't realize my argument was so US specific until after I wrote it out. Cheers.)
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    The Federal Reserve System is part of the Federal government. Banks which are members of the system are private corporations.
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    'President Shaw' lol.
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  6. Capitalism will never fail. It's not a system. It's us wanting material worth while we're here. I did not watch the video. Call it a be yourself system. It's like saying, self preservation is a system that could fail. It's not. We are just being ourselves.
  7. You won't be allowed any insight. Your a slave. Why would this be any different that your dictatorship at work? You want to run things, by all means, use your money and intelligence to do so. You don't have a say, you'll go to work and give me 1/4 of your earnings till you pass on. I'll pass laws that you have no say on, I'll buy the media to influence you and watch on my charts at the NSA to see ho much the slaves will take. I'll be a women and let you think your in control. Happy slaves are more productive. Downfall? Please think over work on Monday. I'll pay you the least amount I can, to do the work I want done. Please explain to me in person "this downfall".

    All joking aside, I thought I'd offer a different insight.

  8. Sorry, I'm reading further into your post. Why would you think you have say? I will not allow you to pass a law. You've had no say in every law passed since you were born. Why would this change? I make the laws to oppress. Using fear. Bin Laden took away some of your civil liberties. (I can't spell., let's get that out of the way). The only reason you feel you have say in the laws, is because I am careful to keep you happy. Happy slaves make more money. I want you happy, controlled and working. The fact that your looking at us for reasons why the economy tanked, let's me know that I can now guide you to do whatever I want. I'll watch your reactions to Trump and gun laws at the NSA.

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