Heather Morris "sexy" "battered woman photo" and the media coverage of it

Discussion in 'Media' started by CarltonBANKS, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. CarltonBANKS Member

    the tl;dr of this is that the controversial artist's agent is a clam, who brags about being able to generate free art press, as a 'specialty'


    I am a Scientologist: Fraser, Art Gallery Owner

    (He no longer owns this gallery i.e. it no longer exists)


    Heather Morris "sexy" "battered woman photo" and the media coverage of it

    Did you see the title and wonder what this has to do with Scientology?

    This is Fraser Kee Scott's client, Tyler Shields!

    (Fraser Kee Scott is a London clam, who has a new job to aggressively make artists rich)

    Fraser brags about being able to generate free art press

    - so, is this not exactly what he wants?
    - So, by doing this, the Daily Mail is unwittingly doing Fraser Kee Scott's bidding, and supporting Scientology as a result?

    further reading: more about Fraser Kee Scott here :
  2. Anonymous Member

    that second one would be a lot sexier if she wasn't smiling like a goofball
  3. CarltonBANKS Member

  4. CarltonBANKS Member

  5. Someone should punch him in the face for real and take pictures.
  6. Miranda Member

    But please, please, please use the report button. Mods don't magically know when people request stuff in threads.
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  7. CarltonBANKS Member

    Please excuse me - I am stoopid.
  8. Miranda Member

    Aww, no. I'm sorryyyy.
  9. CarltonBANKS Member

    Let me try to reiterate the point: the people who made the photos are trolls, and their aim is to generate press coverage. Which they have done. At no cost. In turn, this is to generate sales of thousands of £££. For $cientology(!)
  10. What better reason than that do you need?
  11. CarltonBANKS Member

    oh, you said 'he'? I thought you said 'her'. (again, cos i'm a retard)

    I could never condone violence :D
  12. Don't you know me some by now.
    I has a sad :(
  13. kernowanon Member

    Has also been associated with John & Ted
  14. Random guy Member

    So, how do we throw a spanner in this?
  15. CarltonBANKS Member

    1. Harpoon Daily Mail article writers?

    2. Create Google Alert for each of these: "Tyler Shields" & "Maximilian Wiedemann" and "Cynthia Anzini" --> keep up to date with all this free art press they're generating

    3. Research this GGGallery he says he was headhunted for. Seems a wee bit suspicious that he had already been using that venue (15B Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill,London, W11 2EE)
  16. CarltonBANKS Member

    Fraser's claim that he was head hunted to open GGGallery

    - GGGallery is just a rebranded/renamed version of


    So, Fraser was already there?

  17. Anonymous Member

    Has he? He is a Clam but wasn't selling Ted's work through his gallery.
  18. kernowanon Member

    worked for johns "newspapers" selling ad space lol!!

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  19. CarltonBANKS Member

    Fraser is just the guy to

    1. Make you famous
    2. Sell your work for 70,000 USD
    3. ?????
    4. Profit!!

    I just sold this Os Gemeos painting, through PRISM Gallery, the hottest gallery in LA, for $70,000!!! (I don't get $70,000, but that's what I sold it for :) BANG.


    I just sold this Os Gemeos painting, through PRISM Gallery, the hottest gallery in LA, for $70,000!!! (I don't get $70,000, but that's what I sold it for :) BANG.
    46 people like this.
    Greta Scarpa go go go!!
    16 June at 16:32
    Jo Syster Blake Juicy!
    16 June at 16:54
    Michiyo Fukushima Wish someone could sell my work for that much! lol
    16 June at 17:55
    Fraser Kee Scott Then you must become famous Michiyo. Read and use this:
    16 June at 18:19
    Christine Barnett wow!! congradulations!!!
    16 June at 18:34
    Bayou Bennett WOW! WAY TO GO!!! :)
    16 June at 18:36
    Michiyo Fukushima Thank you, I think I'm on the right path! :D
    16 June at 18:38 ·  1 person
    Kerri Kasem THAT'S AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
    16 June at 19:35 ·  1 person
    Fraser Kee Scott Thanks Kerri. I just hung out with your brother for a couple of days. On the first day I said - hey, do you know Kerri Kasem? I think you'd really like her. Him and Josh couldn't stop laughing!
    16 June at 19:36
    Fraser Kee Scott ‎(that was before I found out he was your brother...)
    16 June at 19:37
    Rebecca Pierson Grant Awesome!!!!!! x x x
    16 June at 19:57
    Fraser Kee Scott how's your show going Rebecca?
    16 June at 19:59
    Claes Sorensson That's pretty damn cool!
    16 June at 20:10
    Rebecca Pierson Grant really good! So busy and so many people coming! A little stressed to be honest x x x
    16 June at 20:22
    Grant Gannon wow! Congrats!
    16 June at 20:23
    Nitsan Simantov awesome!
    16 June at 20:42
    Alexis Corey GO FRASER!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!
    16 June at 21:45
    Fraser Kee Scott Hello Alexis! Were you evesdropping on my Facebook page?!! (not sure if u will get that joke...)
    16 June at 21:52
    Alexis Corey Hee hee! Yes yes!!!
    16 June at 22:17
    Fraser Kee Scott hahahaha
    16 June at 22:20
    Lioness Tais Waw! I better get painting! And doing bussines with u! How's La??? ;)
    16 June at 23:15
    Fraser Kee Scott Yeah, get painting! U can always send me pictures of what u do. LA is great. I wanted to move here for so many years... This time I'm here for 3 months, so it feels good
    16 June at 23:16
    Janet Cole Valdez Congrats to you!!!!! :)
    16 June at 23:30
    Jay Mason BONUS!
    17 June at 01:39
    Vicki Lee Dillard So happy for you!!!!!! Way to be a successful artist!!!!!!!!!
    17 June at 01:55
    Anna Lovering ‎: ) CONGRATULATIONS!
    17 June at 02:44
    Maximilian Wiedemann Magic biz, rock on !!!!
    17 June at 05:19
    Maximilian Wiedemann go and see Fabien now !! lol
    17 June at 05:19
    Bula Barua That's amazing, Fraser! Well done! I love the link you posted for Michelle :) I"m going to repost it!
    17 June at 06:03 ·  1 person
    Patricia Micaela Brackett Alright Fraser!!!
    17 June at 08:25
    Hannah Rodmell Well done Fraser!!!! :) x
    17 June at 15:25
    Mark Nickels Great Painting. Congratulations!
    17 June at 15:29
    Edward Goss so cool
    17 June at 21:34 ·  1 person
  20. xenubarb Member

    All this whole hoopila made me think of was Gibson's 'Neuromancer,' in which Japanese ladies of a certain class used makeup to simulate physical abuse and facial bruises.
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  21. CarltonBANKS Member


    Emma Brumpton Fab!!
    01 November 2010 at 17:18
    Fraser Kee Scott Max Wiedemann at the MTV offices with an MTV Award - his work is being displayed in the Green Room and After Party for the Europe MTV Awards in Madrid on Saturday - with GGGallery.
    02 November 2010 at 00:22 ·  1 person
  22. CarltonBANKS Member

    {just an aside}


    In this photo: Pamela L J, Roz Bennetts, Guy La Brusciano, Denice Duff, Fraser Kee Scott, Tamra Meskimen, Carol Espinoza, Michael Duff, Tracy Sorrentini

    Fraser is on the OT Committee for Celebrity Centre London:

    OT Committee Celebrity Centre London
    An Exec on the Public Committee for Celebrity Centre London · March 2008 to present · London, United Kingdom
    We are building an Ideal Celebrity Centre in London to help artists -
  23. CarltonBANKS Member

    I don't suppose Duncan Williams owns a title called the Notting Hill Independent?


    Maybe Fraser really is a hugely talented sales/pr man? zOMG Surely this is proof: the tech works.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Fraser with Tyler Shields, celebrity photographer and attention whore.


    I'll just leave this here, in case Sponge wants to play with it, sometime. ;)
  26. Anonymous Member

    why don't you bitches all shut your mouths and get back to the fucking laundry
  27. CarltonBANKS Member

    because trolling, works, and it helps people.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Um, why hasn't he mentioned this on his linkedin or wikipedia article? is it because wikipedia uses of them use these papers as a citation?
  29. Anonymous Member

    I want proof of these death threats.

    I think they're made-up by Fraser Kee Scott for free fake PR.
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  30. CarltonBANKS Member


    Fraser throws wild hissy fits. If we burst his bubble, he might spaz out, like IRL.
    • So don't solo raid (protest) like ZeroC does (or did, before he went missing) and take cameras
  31. Anonymous Member

    I've been trying to comment on Daily Mail reports on the bashed woman story but my crappy computer can't register.

    I think a few comments highlighting the fact that Fraser Kee Scott the agent for the photographer is a liar, a Scientologist, and he is probably making up the death threats story to generate free publicity for his clients, which is what he boasts he can do all over the internet. Definitely a good thing to make sure any Google searches of the terms Fraser Kee Scott are prominently linking to the fact he's a scientologist.

    If people want to work with him knowing he's a clam, it's up to them. Most wouldn't.
  32. CarltonBANKS Member

    The Daily Mail probably won't publish/moderate comments that could get them into libel trouble(?) [I'm guessing] Sadly.

    All of Fraser's associates know that he's a Scientologist; he's proud of it and it even promotes his standing, because they swallow this PR BS:


    ^ yes, even to this day, people still fall for that. Even Associated Press "journalists" who send me solicitors threats, because she they thinks i'm being a meanie.


    Just to clarify, I know that you don't mean people might doubt his character because of his beliefs, but because of the immense pressure placed on recruits to give more & more money, by Corporate $cientology.


    random anecdote: I interviewed a lawyer a few months ago, she is from the States. She used to live in LA and she was telling me that her perception of $cientology is positive. So, that's a US woman in London. Who is still ignorant. (We were drinking and I found her annoying, so ended the discussion. Couldn't be arsed to explain it to her)

    Take home message: You have to remember that the masses-are-asses.


    Google search results need to point to his scams, his dishonesty and lies, not his beliefs. (I know that's almost certainly what you mean, but wanted to clarify, because Freedumb Magazine fgts will try to spin this)

    Just to reiterate to Brit people - I'm not kidding, this guy is volatile and does not respond rationally and calmly to criticism of Elron (etc). I'm talking from first hand experience here. He's probably the most fundamental $cientology person I've spoken to.

    (1) Fraser is one of the faggiest fags ever
    (2) To this day, there are even gullible journos and lawyers who think $cn is benign.


  33. Anonymous Member

    Fuck him, love to see the cunt get volatile.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Create those Google Alerts, faggots. And keep your ears to the ground

    Fraser is doing his PR shizzle in both London and Los Angeles.

    Londonfags are aware but what about LAfags.
  35. Ukraine Member

    why aware?
  36. Herro Member

    And we should care because?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Because Fraser Kee Scott is happy to assault protesters of the cult and thinks he can get away with it.

    And those who like to see justice enjoy watching Fraser Kee Scott's name appear on Google searches that lead people to these forums and not to his shitty fake PR stunts.
  38. xenulondon Member


    for info.

    feel free to clone to other places.
  39. Anonymous Member


    ELITE or DELETE - Exhibition - ArtLyst

    Imitate Modern's launch show, ELITE or DELETE by Maximilian Wiedemann, will be opening with an exclusive party.
    Start 09 Mar 2011
    End 09 Mar 2011
    Times 6pm - 9pm
    Venue Imitate Modern
    Address 27a Devonshire Street, London, W1G 6PN.   UK
    Phone 07969639585
    Contact Email
    CostRSVP essential. Guestlist only.
  40. Anonymous Member

    I hear he has DM engram that makes him want to follow male protestors home.

    But he does respond very well to being told to "sit" and "stay" like a dog.

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