Heather Morris "sexy" "battered woman photo" and the media coverage of it

Discussion in 'Media' started by CarltonBANKS, Sep 6, 2011.

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    They've put up a sign above the shop now - saying 'Imitate Modern'

    Did you know:

    For the visually impaired, I shall write it out in full:

    WELL HUNG by Tyler Shields and Maximilian Wiedemann

    WELL HUNG by Tyler Shields and Maximilian Wiedemann
    Wednesday 12th October 2011
    at Imitate Modern
    6.30pm – 9pm

    For all press enquiries please email
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    Warning: do not turn up this wednesday, or Fraser will flip out. Do not protest, or he will have the biggest mother-fuckign hissy fit.

    It's right by Marylebone High Street, a short walk from Oxford Circus.
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    Those two photos of "battered" woman are crap. They don't carry any message or any impact, their a woman with a black eye that even if you did believe it fails to convey any real emotion. The poses are also terrible.


    The 1st, above, is probably trying to imply some kind of subjugation but completely failing to carry it off because of the almost camp and complete contrived pose. All it says is "I have a black eye but I can still pose (badly) on this ironing board". It's plastic and lacking emotion.


    The 2nd, above, I'm completely lost with, may be woman rebelling against subjugation but it looks more like she's rather in to the whole bondage thing and even there it's a abysmal example of sub / dom art. Again no obvious message, no subtle message either for that matter.

    I'd like to say both pictures fail at achieving the potential of what may have been a good idea at the time but honestly I don't think the idea was that good even then. Get me a model, an ironing board and an iron and I'm sure I could do better. Again plastic and lacking emotion.
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