Helena Kobrin blows?

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    ^^This. And should happen quick if it is truly false Kobrin is out.

    altho FWIW, I'm leaning towards the inclination that the admin error was on the flipside slant...

    IF someone like Kobrin did blow, they would pull the apostate files on everyone requesting a refund she was working with and look for connections. So lots of room for slapping the wrong name/address on her dox by mistake. But if she was actively involved in Gary's refund and not blown herself - why in the hell would they even pull Kobrin's dox?

    Plus - she aint been seen attending big events in ages(?), and Ava was spotted once or twice during the earliest socal protests if i recollect rightly(?)
  2. RightOn Member

    well well well
    looks like things are getting a little bit more sticky more quickly then anticipated?
    Or has she been slowly distancing herself from COS for a while?
    Her last recorded course was only 5 years ago.

    hmmm well, I bloody doubt she will be spilling her guts any time soon
    but you never know.
    and her leaving makes COS look even more lame
    and Eastgate's case right around the corner?
    oh the wins! be still my heart!

    drat! untill someone confirms
    Please say this is so!!
  3. Anonymous Member

    Having to sit opposite fat miserable bucket of shit Moxon must surely be incentive enough to blow..
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  4. ^^^^This. I read through them several times and believe it was a mix up.
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  5. subgenius Member

    A pretty lulzy one though.
    Someone RPF bound?
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  6. Honestly, from the churches perspective, I wouldn't care about this (unless it actually was real) because "the enemy" has spent time blogging and writing about it and not other things. In other words they might look at it as something that is distracting us.

    Whatever, I might just have the Mondays.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Either she blows, or she continues to suck.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    "Refund" and "repayment" in scientology are not equivalent. Sorry, not doing the research for ya this time :)
  9. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but that's a administrative error that would carry a HEAVY ethics penalty for the clammy responsible, up to RPF. There's no question a mistake was made, but which one?
  10. Anonymous Member

    The mere fact that this is even under public discussion is WIN.
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  11. tikk Member

    I didn't notice a thread on this so I wound up posting on ESMB, so I'll just mostly paste what I said there:

    [What probably happened was] someone at FSSO was told to send Lerner's releases and waivers to Kobrin (which would make sense, probably to check over for accuracy) and mistakenly created a release packet in Kobrin's name (even helpfully researching the account balance) and sent it to Lerner. This is the kind of mistake that could easily get a paralegal fired, especially as it discloses confidential information to distinterested parties (and indeed, the world), but seems far more likely to have occurred than for them to have mistakenly sent over Kobrin's actual release forms to Lerner. If Kobrin was going to leave Scientology my guess is that it'd involve more than boilerplate legal forms given what she does for Scientology.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Someone gonna get the hot seat on this one.

    Was almost lulzy while it lasted...
  13. subgenius Member

    Still lulzy for the release one has to sign to get out of this club.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Helena Kobrin must have pulled this mixup in!

    Maybe she'll end up in the RPF as well?
  15. Lurk more. Only Sea Ogres get RPFed.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I had wondered about that.

    Guess you can't be both a scilon attorney AND in the SO, for reasons of plausible deniability up the line.
  17. Diablo Member

    when you are using free slave labor fuck ups will occur...A LOT!
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I want a refund -- for this thread. :(
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  19. xenubarb Member

    In a way, it's even moar lulzy than a blown lawyer. Thanks to a retarded mistake by a probably sleep-deprived SO chump running on empty, we know that the cult has $17,500 of Kobrin's money. And she's not one of those $600 / hour lolyers like Elliot Abelson. Nah, she's a Moxon type true believer awash in Kool Aide.

    DM is probably not happy about this.
    Helluva Kobra is probably not happy about this.
    And the fuckup guy is REALLY not happy about this.

    Butthurt clams. A win-win situation for us.
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  20. Enturbulette Member

    Such a good name for a band.
  21. Well, copies were a nice addition to SCICO.R8.ORG (which by the way, got a face-lift...)
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  22. AnonLover Member

    and ya know, based on other ex-sci accounts on how many hoops they have to jump thru just to find out how much they have on account when their fighting to get their unused monies bak, i cant halp but wonder if Kobrin had any idea thats how much of money she had invested in the cult bank.

    Nice facelift! i liek what you do up in thar /SALUTE
  23. Random guy Member

    Nice to have this all in one place!
  24. An observation - if you actually go through with that routing out shite and all of the hoops they want you to jump through, they're probably right about you not wanting to leave.

    If you want to blow, then blow. And if you want your money back, get a lawyer to write a letter to them demanding it, or start court proceedings right away. Fuck that - you must have this form in your hand and report to the following people bollocks.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. subgenius Member

    Nice observation.
    Reminds me of the advice to door-to-door salespeople.
    If there is a sign saying "No Soliciting" its an easy mark.
    If they need a sign to keep themselves from buying what they don't need, they'll give in once you get past it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    I thought there should be a title change for this thread,
    but since it looks like she is still in? :(
    the title is still appropriate lol
  28. Disco Necked Member

    And opening for them with interpretive dance & poetry:

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  29. Smurf Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Never mind. They can postulate a new one.

  31. AnonLover Member

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