helium filled balloons

Discussion in 'Projects' started by G9JZJL, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. helium filled balloons

    just a suggestion, i saw the card idea (tasty) and thought hmm
    could set off loads of em at once, its quite spectacular seeing them flying about all over as u go about ur business, and theyre pretty cheap if u buy enough of them

    u could get them printed too, with thetans !
  2. Briar Member

    Good idea but it could be construed as littering. It also hurts the enviroment and your never sure if the message hits the intended target.
  3. yeah youre right
    my bad, i def dont wanna cause any trouble 4 any1, ive seen people do it for things like car races and such, no one got in trouble, but i guess lawyers etc

    you could always project tom cruise onto the scientology building

    i dunno maybe theres no law against using projectors
  4. Briar Member

    haha. If anything, that last idea is really funny. It would be cool to project the whole youtube video actually, but with copyright law, that wouldnt fly either.

    Keep trying though! Ive had a few ideas shot down too. Its just cool to bounce them off of someone else =)
  5. Atomosk Member

    You got some great ideas, but sadly, they may not fall into the realm of infallibly legal. Keep them in mind for later, though. If we stage a second mass protest, we may have time to have better legal consultation.
  6. donotstalk Member

    I actually kind of like the helium balloon idea, guys.
    Just not at the actual protest itself, but as an awareness campaign for the protest.
    Also, who cares about littering? Nobody is getting sent to jail for littering. How would they even trace it back to you anyway? Finding the source of the helium?
  7. Atomosk Member

    If they have you holding the balloons on film, then that would be a way to track it.
  8. donotstalk Member

    I highly doubt anyone is filming all the stores where you can buy tanks of helium or get balloons filled, or the surrounding area.
    If you're incredibly worried, you could wrap a scarf around your lower face on the way home, but I don't even think there's a law in most countries about helium balloons.
    If you've got the money and the inclination, I say do it a few days before the tenth.
  9. Atomosk Member

    I meant if you were releasing them as part of the protest, they could (will) be recording the protest at the same time.
  10. donotstalk Member

    It appears we have reached an agreement, then.
    They will record every single second of the protest, and probably the 12 hours on either end of it to be safe.
  11. Atomosk Member

    With all the publicity we've been giving 2/10, they just might
  12. donotstalk Member

    I would be a little surprised and disappointed in them if they didn't.
    Back to the subject at hand :
    My opinion is that balloons are a great idea in the days leading up to the protest, but not at the protest itself.
    Heck, I think balloons are even a great idea before the protest, but far far away.
  13. ICanHasThetan Member

    Hmm. We could use balloons before events as ads, certainly - just walk around in anon gear holding them, giving them out, or tie them to street posts and railings.
  14. Anon883 Member

    I like the idea: set off dozens of balloons with a card on it that says "" or some other anti-Co$ thing. It's creative and I think I'll do it. Perfect.

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