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    Hello everyone,
    Im a new member here,
    Nice to meet everybody and hope to receive help from people,
    Thanks for your time,
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  6. BlackJack21 Member

    Hi all,

    Attack me.

    Looking for flaws in my understanding - please attack my assumptions and offer solutions.

    I am new here. Looking for help with protesting censorship. I am looking for good advice on:
    * Anonymous hosting where contributors can post and US lawyers will have a difficult time removing content.
    - What I found so far is that keeping the domain name anonymous, and locating the server outside the US, or whatever country, is a good start.
    that is, the server need not be anonymous for most wordpress type news sites.
    but make sure the domain info is anonymous.

    * Good ways to protect contributors when they post and avoid lawsuits for libel,
    - by allowing comments without logging in, may solve this, as long as IPs are not tracked.

    * This protest is legal, but fighting rich people who want to censor the internet. Kinda like wikileaks but smaller.
    - again, I think the key is to protect the site from legal removal.
    - links from Goole are important, so links outside countries with right-to-be-forgotten laws are important.
    - also bombarding the site with links protects from censorship.
    - lastly - getting major media (Huff Post) to run story with links to site, makes a story findable.

    * Info on best ways to help whistleblowers protect themselves.
    - I may have solved this with the anonymous site plan.
    - not sure how whistleblowers get caught when trying to be anonymous.
    - other than being stupid, a whistleblower can post anonymously. But the info they may know, may have leave a breadcrumb trail.

    * Not seeking an army, seeking advice.
    - Where am I wrong. Assume you're a lawyer, how do you find the site, to server the order, to close it down. How does a Wikileak stay up.
    I see they just got served via twitter.

  7. Try reading the freedom of information section of the forum. When you're done there go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFF as it's effectively known.
    A further suggestion is Privacy International , like the EFF it's run by experts in the field whose experience and knowledge is second to none.
    Read The Snowden Files and the Guardian newspaper's guide to whistleblowers, from those sources you'll learn an invaluable amount of information in relation to what you're asking.
    All of the sources quoted above are experts in that particular field .
    Use it or lose it.

    If you read nothing else read this, it's educational and highly informative too and what's more there's numerous articles available on The Intercept that will help you make wiser decisions on your chosen path.

    Read about Edward Snowden and his whistleblowing story, it was handled by Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill , two journalists with experience and integrity.
    Providing a shelter for whistleblowers leaves you open to some serious legal complications and keep in mind at all times that the security of these people is a priority.

    Further, whistleblowers veer towards established and reputable agencies such as the Guardian newspaper because there's big money and massive legal resources available to them for fact checking alone, remember you cannot take a whisleblower at face value.
    His background and creds must be double checked before you establish any further rapport or you risk being taken for a ride.
    Anyone can say they have info but it's up to you and your resources to check everything as many times as possible to ensure that what is being leaked has some basis in fact otherwise you run the risk of becoming an internet joke.

    You're wandering into a legal minefield without too much thought about the complications accompanying whistleblowers, it's a long haul commitment and a dangerous one for all parties not to mention the expenses involved.

    Good luck with your endeavours but it's my guess you'll get nowhere.
  9. If you remove glory hunting and replace it with integrity you're making a first positive step and don't aim to be another Julian Assange .
  10. BlackJack21 Member


    I visited the sites suggested. I did not find any "how to" articles. That said, I do see there is a need to protect people who want to speak truth to power. I think it's best if I compile articles I found on other sites to make the how-to guide I'd like to have found.

    With the "right to be forgotten" laws, Google will allow wrong doers to hide their wrong doing by asking Google to remove links. Without links, important information can be censored.

    The Guardian has a secure drop server, which is great for their reporters. But not much help for the average person. So, it looks like I'll be doing this myself. I am sure I'll make a bunch of mistakes, but that's fun too.

    So I'm off to read a more about internet security and how smaller sites protect their posts.
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  11. BlackJack21 Member

    Been reading Kevin Mitnick's stuff. Good advice. I think that smaller groups, that want to protect their speech should do this:
    Get an anonymous hosting account - in a different country. One where YOUR target country has a hard time suppressing the host.
    Get an anonymous domain name company account. Again in a different country.
    This makes the site harder to takedown.

    Get a few domain names in case one gets blocked. There are companies that what will harass Google into removing links. Links are the lifeblood of speech on the net.

    Get an anonymous email address. It turns out, the anon hosting and domain companies will bill to paypal via this anon email address. So it looks like you purchased something on Paypal to a person with an email address. The Anon email I set-up, allows virtual or alias email addresses. This was used as the payee for my paypal credit card. Making it really hard for someone looking at my CC bill, to get any info from Paypal. And there is no hop to the anon site/hosting. This created a virtual straw-man. Anon email address was used to buy hosting. It's just a charge TO the anon email account. That account is NEVER used to do anything else than be a billing shill for the hosting / domain registration payment.

    The Anon (and yes, I know I am using "Anon" short for "Anonymous" and not as Anon- as in a group - just saving typing). The Anon Hosting company provides private credentials for the anon domain.

    This might not be perfect, but it looks hard to crack or tie the account to me. Once established, I never use the alias email account again. This really just saves the added layer of using Bit-Coin instead of paypal/credit cards. But a gift card/bit-coin could be used.

    The real protection is having the hosting outside the country of concern. Also, I paid for two years of shared hosting. That way, I could post, and destroy the credentials so there is no way to order takedown.

    This ends my first step.

    The second is to get posted in a major paper/blog/news site. One that fights takedown orders. Use them as a hat / cover. Getting them to run the main story, with a link to your protected site.

    That's all for now.
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