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Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Moezx, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Hello everyone i just signed up to this thread today. I wanted to make a call for help, I am asking for help from anyone who can help especially anonymous. The situation in Bahrain is dire, the people are living in fear. And freedom of expression is now non-Existant. Online bloggers and tweeters are all being arrested of all ages. People aged between 15 and 18 are being arrested and jailed as political prisoners. Doctors are being arrested for treating wounded protesters, Reporters are being arrested and deported for showing the truth, Footballers (soccer players) are being jailed for participating in the protests. Labourers and other people are losing their jobs if they have any connection with anyone who joined the pro democracy protest or even attempted to speak against the government brutality. I am a freelance reporter that carried out interviews with random people in bahrain and human rights activist and all told me the situation is terrible. Early morning raids on houses arrests on people is indiscriminate, And the arrested are turning up dead. I ask anonymous for help, PLEASE HELP THE PEOPLE OF BAHRAIN.
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    We would like to but apparently no humans can go up against Gulf oil wealth.

    The Sunni Saudi/GCC sheikhs are ruthless bastards willing to use every trick in the book.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I think a fair number of people are in agreement with you, but be aware the US Govt will never, ever, ever take military action against the govt of Bahrain.

    I can't say I know what the political stance of the other countries are, though. UKanons? Care to chime in?

    Now...if what you're talking about is more along the lines of what we did during the Iran election protests or Tunisia...that's another story...
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Interesting how anonymous posters are coming out of the woodwork asking anons for help with the various Mid-east countries... a foil to distract their efforts away from Scientology, perhaps?
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    Go fuck yourself. Scientology has never been our only target, newfag. GB2ESMB.
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  7. Moezx Member

    I understand what your saying, i am just one person trying everything i can to help but nothing seems to be changing i managed to tackle the media blackout. Gathering news photos and videos from bahrain and publishing them in daily press releases it worked but the world is still silent. Media awarness dont seem to be helping. I dont really know what the next step is.
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    Get over yourself.
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    Ahlan, Moezx! I have been Mahmoud's Den from Bahrein for a while. A very cool guy. Sorry to hear what's happening and am glad you joined WWP.
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    I don't wanna.
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    Welcome to the Freedom of Information section. If your looking for the Scientology-related section. Its here:

    Good luck Bahrainfags.
  12. Smurf Member

    Shit, this reminds me of the genocidal campaigns the Serbs perpetrated on the Muslims during the Balkan Wars.. shooting & maiming someone is not enough..

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    So much hinges on Libya. A lot of the world is waiting to see what happens there. Most Arab leaders are not insane, are not willing to murder their own people but this is a sequential thing; it has to run its course.
    Bahrain will be free before the year is over.
  14. Smurf Member

    Wanna place bets on that? Bahrain, unlike Libya, is ruled by the Alkhalifa royal family of whom U.S. officials will never officially challenge because of oil and strategic interests in the region.
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  15. lulzgasm Member

    Not to mention a certain deal that got made (or so a poster said in the Libya thread) so the Arab League would agree to participate in the NFZ in Libya (not that the Arab League actually kept their end of the bargain, of course).

    Tunisia and Egypt had the element of surprise on their side. That advantage is now gone. Freeing the rest of the Middle East is going to get a whole lot tougher.

    But, it can still be done. It'll take perserverence, and a lot of it.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to to get the media's attention on Bahrain? Or is the media still too fixated on Libya to care right now?
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  16. Moezx Member

    Hello everyone, Bahrain is much more difficult to free than other countries. Its due to the shia muslim sect in bahrain is greater than the sunni sect. These rulers always say that shia muslims are terrorists murderes etc for the people who dont know to make them more fearful of them. And in this case they also used iran, suggesting the movement is backed by iran. All those who hate the shia stuck to that and are spreading Countless lies across every known source of information while the people live in feat, arrested, killed. They dont want shia to rule or be a majority, specially right next to saudi. Iraq is a thorn in saudis backside now because its democratic and ruled by majority shia. Hence the suicide bombings. Its so very complicated. I believe if saudi goes, all the middle east will be free
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    Not to mention the fact that we need them to like us in order to have our big shiny Navy base.
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    L@@K, faggots: this is the fucking CIA.

    They run the Saudi oil biz and to fight them will be hard.
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    Bahrain Bans All Protests in New Crackdown

    Citing recent episodes of violence, the government of Bahrain on Tuesday banned all public rallies and demonstrations, a move that drew swift condemnation from human rights groups and opposition activists who said it was intended solely to stifle criticism of the ruling monarchy in the tiny Persian Gulf nation.

    In a statement, Bahrain’s interior minister said protests were banned after “repeated violations” by rally organizers, including riots, attacks on property and calls for the overthrow of “leading national figures.” Legal action would be taken against anyone attempting to organize a rally, the statement said.

    A government spokesman, Fahad al-Binali, said in an interview that the ban would be temporary and was intended to “calm things down” after the recent deaths of protesters and police officers.

    Instead, though, the move seemed likely to inflame the already dangerous standoff involving a protest movement that has been unable to wrest freedoms from a government that opposition activists say is methodically blocking all avenues for dissent. In recent weeks, activists have been prosecuted for postings on social media, and doctors, charged with illegal gathering and other crimes after treating protesters, have been sent to jail.

    “They don’t want people to express their opinions, their anger,” said Sayed Hadi al-Mosawi, a member of Al-Wefaq, the largest opposition group. “This will not take the country to stability.”

    Since the beginning of the Arab uprisings almost two years ago, Bahrain’s government has struggled to contain the protests, which are focused on the ruling Sunni monarchy’s chokehold on political power and fed by persistent complaints by the island nation’s majority Shiite population of systematic, apartheidlike discrimination.

    Backed by powerful allies, including Saudi Arabia and the United States, Bahrain’s government, its critics charge, has faced little pressure to change. The Fifth Fleet of the United States Navy is anchored in Bahrain.

    More at
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    Dude, TWG, this thread was from 2011. It's a year and a half old. Really, you can make a new one.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    I go out of my way to use the site's search and then add to existing threads so that people following a thread on a topic won't miss an update, and also to provide people who are researching a topic with as much relevant information as possible all in one place without them having to search for it.

    TL;DR: Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Thread necro is dickish and you've been on forums long enough to know that.
  26. Stigmata88 Member

    I read it for first time since A year xD
  27. Anonymous Member

    Blimey, you have an opinion instead of just Copypasta! Shocking.
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    For the longest time, I thought he was some sort of particularly pointless forum bot designed to grab and repost news articles. True story.
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Anti-protest: Bahrain bans import of plastic Guy Fawkes masks - The Independent

    The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Industry and Commerce Minister, Hassan Fakhro, issued an unusual decree this week: he banned the importation of a plastic face mask. Anyone caught importing the V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask now faces arrest, as anti-government protesters in the country have been using them to stay anonymous.
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    Cameron forced to explain defence secretary’s encounter with Bahrain lobbyist at fundraising party

    By Nick Mathiason, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

    David Cameron was asked in parliament today about revelations uncovered by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism that a representative of the Bahrain government sat with Britain’s defence secretary at last year’s Conservative Summer party.

    Yesterday, the Bureau revealed that Lord Clanwilliam whose firm acts for the government of Bahrain headed one of the more prominent tables and hosted defence secretary Philip Hammond at the Conservative fundraiser last year.

    The seating plan showed that intended guests on the table included Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby, the CEO of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce whose job includes fostering UK-Bahrain trade links and Conor Burns MP, chair of the UK-Bahrain All-Party Parliamentary Group.

    At the time of the fundraiser, Bahrain was being accused of torturing protesters. Mr Hammond had just returned from an ‘operational visit’ to the Gulf state.

    At prime minister questions today, Labour shadow foreign minister, Kerry McCarthy asked the prime minister: ‘At the Tory billionaire Summer ball, the defence secretary was sat with the lobbyist for the government of Bahrain.

    ‘Can the prime minister tell us whether they discussed the country of Bahrain is still regarded by the Foreign Office as a country of human rights concern?’

    David Cameron responded with an attack on the funding of the Labour party: ‘What I think will be discussed is the fact that why the Labour party have to get one trade union to give one cheque for £14 million.’

    Last night the Bureau released details of those who attended last year’s Conservative summer party where supporters with a combined wealth in excess of £11bn paid up to £12,000 a table to dine with cabinet ministers including the prime minister, home secretary and defence secretary as well as the secretaries of state for health, transport, culture and justice.

    The Bureau revealed that of the 449 guests, 73 were City financiers and there were 19 lobbyists and public relations specialists.

    Party funding experts have reacted with concern at the latest evidence of how big money secures secret access to senior policymakers.

    Continued here:
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