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Discussion in 'Anonymous Iran Archive' started by gr88iran, Jun 30, 2009.


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  1. gr88iran Member

    Thanks for your support! Well, basically the team is rewriting the program so version 3 is not just another improvement. It's a new program. The point is that on the first few days when I called my friends and discussed the idea, Mehran instantly created the program just within hours. We were satisfied because our only aim was to produce something faster and more effective than browser-based attacks.
    But little by little many of you send emails and requested features. The team also added many ideas. So the code was bloated and needed to be rewritten because the first version's architecture was no more flexible for such huge changes.
    Now Mehran and 0x0FG (babak) are working on it, but I have another idea: calling the web hosts. That is more effective. I'm particulary against wasting bandwidth of Iranians (thought I know that ordinary Iranian citizens are not going to take advantage of it anyway!)
    But thanks for your opinion. If anyone else has an opinion, we would be glad to hear.
  2. _gator Member


    please supply or direct me to info on one host and its sites. I will try to push it on to US lawyers, and get them to "call on" the host.
  3. gr88iran Member

  4. I find all this pretty baffling tbh.

    Back when there was a lot of concern about conventional bandwidth based DOS attacks (slowing up Iranian webspace as a whole), you were producing a product that did exactly that. Then later on in this thread, you suggested that (pretty much the no.1 target at the time,) wasn't worth wasting our time on (for reasons that frankly seemed pretty spurious); and now, you're saying - in a thread entitled "Help for DDOS" - that you think it'd be better for us just to contact the hosting companies and talk/pressure them into taking sites down.

    I've no disagreement with this last one, save for the fact that people have been calling US/Canadian (and similarly sympathetic) hosts, since the beginning. However calling hosts located in Iran will have zero effect...which is where the DOS attacks come in.

    I really don't understand you, or your intentions, and frankly it leaves me feeling pretty baffled, after all the effort you've put in to developing NedaSites (a DOS attack tool).

    Anyway, back to the original thread topic.

    Two more tools: the first of which is ideal for carrying out a comprehensive check as to whether a site's down (much better than Down for everyone or just me?, as this attempts to access the site from multiple locations around the world). The site is: WatchMouse

    The second tool allows you to monitor a site's uptime over a period of days (also from multiple worldwide locations):

    SiteUptime - Website Monitoring Service

    If you register for a free account, it will monitor one site's uptime for you on an ongoing basis. [There are other sites/tools that offer this though, so if you know of better ones, please post ITT.]

    EDIT: I've setup a monitor for with the second of these tools. Whilst you can't view the full reports that you get if you set up a monitor yourself (if you want that info, just do the same as I've done), nonetheless, the public link gives a fair bit of basic info: SiteUptime - Website Monitoring Service
  5. PS Anyone up for some new attacks? :)
  6. I am up for it. I have been DDOS on and off since this whole thing started, and I have people I can contact to join in. After Facebook and Twitter got hit today I decided that we must respond. I was thinking of just using Nedasites; anyone else going to join in?
  7. Not only that. Actually, we need to get a whole lot deeper into their system to effectively destroy governement communication without putting whole of Iran without Internet. I'll DDoS a bit too tomorrow, but then I leave it to the big shots. They need access...
  8. Hi,
    Thanks for your opinions. I'm one of the developers. We actually had the same discussion a few week ago when adding huge features which made the redesign inevitable. But maybe we should add a pre-designated list of sites along with their hosting info and how to use alternative methods to break them.

    Version 3 is a huge step forward but some of the features have to wait for version 4. This revolution takes time! ;)

    Anyway, back to the original thread topic.

    It would be great to integrate those services to Nedasites, too. Have to check it. Java HTML parser which is related to my section of the software is a handy tool for analyzing the response from such websites.
  9. gr88iran Member

    NOT related to Nedasites

    Please be informed that this tool is not developed and tested by developers of Nedasites. We cannot guarantee its functionality, security and usefulness.
  10. gr88iran Member

    All of us are here to help each other. Back then when I suggested creating this program, pagereboot and refreshpage were being used which are both very inefficient. Actually that's how Farsnews developed a counterattack putting a code in their website to load for every attack that people made to farsnews. Nedasites was created to be a more flexible and efficient alternative for DDoS which was more secure and used less CPU/Memory so that the users could run it conveniently in background while having control on how much bandwidth they want to dedicate to the task.

    And now I'm not saying that the team should stop working on the project, neither should people stop attacking the sites. We are actually rewriting the application and that's why it took so long to release the new version. Meanwhile I'm inviting people to pick up the phone and make a NEW TYPE OF attack.
  11. Version 3.0 just released

    Version 3.0 is released. There's a lot of change under the hood but hopefully the user interface is as simple as before!
    You can download it here: Home ‎(Nedasites)‎

    NOTE: This version doesn't have the Add/Remove URLs button. That is because of the new Site-specific attack methods which will soon be added to the interface.

  12. Just a quick note, in my previous post, I linked to a tool that checks a site's accessibility speeds from around the world.

    The direct link is: WatchMouse

    Hope this avoids any confusion. [I'd linked to the the site's homepage instead.]
  13. Thanks! It would be great to integrate into the application functionality. :) For example when users click on a link, they should be able to see the effectiveness of their attack online.
  14. @Nedasites

    Thanks for the new version of NedaSites. It's up and running...and spreading...

    Reading on your homepage, I feel like warning about underestimating gerdab. Not that I have any exact knowledge about their capabilities, but please notice that they haven't made a single change on the two pages with pictures since at least july 7. It tells me that those pages are not about getting information any longer, but more likely about scaring. F****** A*******. Still, that's reason enough to take it down.
  15. Of course it's about scaring ppl! hahaha! But it indirectly shows that [just like any other Cou De' Ta] they are afraid even more. ;)

    Gerdab swallows a lot of governmental budget to find "online criminals" but most of their methods are based on social engineering rather than technical knowledge. For example did you know that is hosted on the same server as! That's how they trapped the "pornography criminals" and later those people were executed.

    You can check for yourself on Netcraft:
    Soroush Interactive Network (page 1 of 1)

    The list of sites on Soroush Interactive Network is quite funny! Take a look and try not to insult them! It's really hard ;)
  16. thanks

    Thanks for reply. And no, it doesnt look very sophisticated. If they doesnt hold some capacity hidden (such as the Nokia Siemens monitoring central?), then it looks like they havent been able to recruit anyone with an education.
  17. farare maghz ha ham bi tasir nist :D :D :D ali mundo hozesh! :D
  18. gr88iran Member

    Important > warning!

    Another developer(s) have created a fake copy of Nedasites and claim that it has been downloaded 43000 time in a few hours. Please don't run that program as we cannot test its legitimacy. Here is a small open letter that we wrote on their website condemning this fake activity:

    این نرم افزار احتمالاً تقلبیه و از روی ایده کار ما کپی شده. من یکی از برنامه نویسای نداسایتس (نه ندا سافت) هستم. نرم افزار ما که احتیاجی به نصب نداره و کامل مستند سازی شده و تو ویندوز و مک و لینوکس کار می کنه، از 25 جوئن تا حالا فقط 1000 بار دانلود شده اونوقت چطور این آقا ادعا می کنه ظرف چند ساعت 43000 دانلود داشته؟
    واقعاً متاسفم همکار عزیز. برنامه نویسا معمولاً آدمای منطقی و صادقی هستن و فکر نمی کردم تو شرایطی که برادرا و خواهرامونو دارن سلاخی می کنن از بین ماها هم خیانتکار پیدا بشه. اینم بدون که تا آخرش هستیم. بچرخ تا بچرخیم. شناسایی میشی به زودی. تاریخ کشور ما پر است از خائنینی چون شما که به دستگاه جاسوسی جمهموری اسلامی خدمت می کنند به خاطر یک مشت حوری و شاید جیره ای از بیت المال وگرنه آخوند ها سواد این کارها را نداشتند و از عهده مردم بر نمی آمدند. روز متلاشی شدن قدرت در ایران نزدیک است ولی متاسفم که با امثال شما هم حرفه هستم

    Check their site (through an anonymity proxy)
    مردم ایران صاحب سلاح سایبر شدند � ندا

    Original news on Nedasites website: FAKE COPY! (Nedasites)
  19. Is there anyway I can know how many other people are running nedasites or if it is at all effective?

    Are any of these sites going down?
  20. gr88iran Member

    As it is mentioned before for security reasons there's no tracing feature in Nedasites, so it's impossible to know how many people run it. It's more effective than conventional browser-page-refresh attacks in terms of memory consumption of processor usage and flexibility.
  21. Irvington deniers

    I suggest putting the source code online. It has several advantages:
    * We original developers don't have to do all the stuff
    * Experts can look up the code and help spread it more
    * More people will trust if they know that we don't have anything to hide

    But the main disadvantage:
    * Spies and government agents can change it and spread a malicious version of the software

    Please everybody, give us your suggestions about solving the disadvantage.

  22. gr88iran Member

    And they can also see our attack method... But since it's nothing special, it shouldn't be a problem to expose the code. If Basijis are intelligent enough to understand the code, they wouldn't follow Khamenei like sheep!
  23. I wouldn't make the code publicly available. The Revolutionary Guard has a unit specifically for cyberwarfare, there are all sorts of things they could do with it I am sure. Like someone said they could spread malicious versions of the software or possibly use the code information to develop a way to counter it.
  24. tory barous

    Reading the comments of the fake copy of your program (Neda Soft), I believe many people do not download your program just because it is not open source. Even if you don't want to expose all of your sources at least produce a small but still effective version of the software that people can download its code and see what is inside.
  25. Zeta Metroid Member going slow for anyone else?

    Is this just happening for me, or are the hits accumulating for far slower than they used to be?
    Then again, I seem to be getting plenty of bytes from them, so it could just be something that takes a while to load on their page...
  26. gr88iran Member

    Version 4.1L is just released.
    Good news for Macintosh users: JDK 5 compatibility!
    Site specific attack list
    Prioritized URL list
    Simpler user interface
    Lighter download size

    Official announcement: Version 4.1L released (Nedasites)
  27. This program would be great if the fucking start button worked.

  28. gr88iran Member

    Did you select the websites by ticking their name in the list? Then the "fucking start button" should work!
  29. Zeta Metroid Member


    Is it just me, or is this new version way faster? I mean, if the other one was counting right, this thing is 1000-2000 times faster than version three! :eek:
  30. gr88iran Member

    Really? :( That must be a bug then!
    As you may have noticed the bandwidth limit is different from the instant speed. For example if you set the limit on 100KB, the speed limit is usually something between 40-80KB right? I'm not sure if this is really a bug, but the speed is different in these two versions and YES, we rewrote the attack mechanism, so it can be faster but not that much sensible (like 30 times faster).

    Don't hesitate to ask questions about any issue you may encounter.
  31. Zeta Metroid Member


    I don't think it's a bug. When I set the limit to 10.0MB/s, the speed fluctuates from 1.7MB/s to about 33KB/s. With the other version, I'd typically get between 17 and 2 bites per second...if anything, I think the problem may have been the old version.

    Regardless, excellent update and excellent work!
  32. gr88iran Member

    Yes we rewrote the attack algorithms and that's why it took so long to release version 4. Thanks for informing us about this issue, though I can guess the reason for that in our algorithms.
    Peace for Iran
  33. _gator Member

    no interface

    hi & thanks

    when I try to run the latest version on mac the name "nedasite" appears in the menu line, but I get no interface, and monitor shows almost no activity.

    It's the same both with and without java 6.0SE as first choise. Any suggesions??
  34. gr88iran Member

    Your short answer is: we are working on this issue. But the program should work on JavaSE 5 (or JRE 5 whatever name it has on Mac)

    Long answer: we are aware of this issue. Actually just for Mac users we downgraded to JavaSE 5.0 but I don't know why it still doesn't work. Unfortunately we don't have a Mac to test the software while developing, but it at least had one good lesson for us: Java is not as portable as it claims to be!!!

    Kv3 suggests to write the application in .NET since only Windows users are using our application. But I still believe we have some Linux users.
  35. _gator Member

    Ok, thanks
  36. Can you release a newer version of this, but this time integrate TOR(the onion routing service) into it, so when we open the program we can choose to use or not use TOR. If we choose to use TOR we just click on 1 button and then TOR is connected to a random TOR server.
  37. Stardust Member

    @gr88iran: Many thanks for clearing that up. I'm new to this and don't wish to do more harm than good...

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