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Discussion in 'Anonymous Iran Archive' started by gr88iran, Jun 30, 2009.


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  1. Burrito Member

    Alright gentlemen, I think what we need to be effective at DDOSing is to COORDINATE our attacks. Lots of people DDOSing independently does nothing. So, let's start brainstorming how we can get enough people hitting these websites at once to cause them to go down.

    Can you imagine the sort of message that would send, both to the protesters and to the regime? Ashura was a turning point, and it's critical that momentum be maximized at right now. Bringing down their websites would provide a morale boost to the protesters (They know that the world is with them, and that we're involved enough to be willing to do something about it) and show the regime that even foreigners thousands of miles away are so pissed at what they're doing that we've come up with ways to hurt them. A successful DDOSing will contribute to the sense of the coup government being submerged in a wave of people power.

    So, let's do it. We have the tools. We have the numbers (I hope). We just need the organization. How do we organize?
  2. 363445 Member

    Exactly, we need organization. We can't go about just DDOS'ing randomly/individually, it's not as effective. We need to designate times (throughout all the timezones) and Dates as to when we should all fire up Nedasites. But, that's not as simple as I make it sound. We need to spread awareness about this program. And, the way to that is The Internet Hate Machine, aka, 4chan. 4chan is one of the most active sites on the web, and we should take advantage of 4chan in order to get more attention, and if it's one thing 4chan is good at, it's attention. And the more people we have using this program at said designated times, the more likelihood we have of success. If we start spreading the message about this amazing Program, and this amazing Website. (sorry about my english, I speak a little off, self-taught here)
  3. Burrito Member

    We need Anonymous's help. I know Anonymous isn't really any strict group or anything, it's so amorphous, and that 4chan considers us "moralfags" but they are an extremely strong ally. We need them to hit Iranian websites (possibly using nedasites) with the same level or organization they had on the Habbo Hotel raids.

    So if there's any Anon's out there, I know you're not our personal army, but if you guys could help out that would be all sorts of awesome.

    If anyone with some power on this site is reading, please could you guys try to get eyes to this? Any DDOS effort will fail unless we get lots of people to do it. The critical moment will not stay around forever.
  4. 363445 Member

    This. There isn't a unified "Anonymous" per-say, but if you can actively have 4chan somewhat involved (like they did with Kenny Glenn, the Cat Abuser), then who knows what will happen..

    Maybe there should be like a Calender thing on the front page, marking dates as to when we should Launch attacks on their sites?
  5. Burrito Member

    Yes I know Anonymous isn't unified at all, that's what makes it so hard to get it involved. Also they tend to get a little angry if you go asking for their help for a personal cause. But I think the main issue is how the hell DO you get the vast amount of Internet users known as Anonymous more involved than they already are? A comment or two on 4 chan? I can't see that having much of an effect...

    A calendar is a great idea, but if we make the information public the regime might use it against us.

    I don't want to shoot down ideas though. No idea is ever going to be perfect. We have to do SOMETHING, there's a time limit on what we can do, and if we don't have organization nothing we do will have any effect. That's what I'm trying to do here. We've gotta have organization, and we need mass participation. I don't know how to get this message in front of enough eyes is what I'm saying. But what we can do:

    -Hit up 4chan. If anyone here frequents /b/ (I don't but I'm familiar with the culture) please post on there with links to here and to the nedasites website. Try to get Anons involved.

    -Hit up Twitter. Post links to here and to the nedasites site on #iranelection; spam it. Include a little bit in your tweet indicating that we're DDOSing.

    -Develop a system for maximizing users hitting at anyone time. We need a schedule for when to do this; it doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as "everyone start at ___________ and keep going for at least 4 hours." I suppose we would have to account for time zones.

    -Distribute that system. How can we make sure people know when to activate DDOS? the admins of this site can help; Stickying a thread with the schedule (once it's developed) would be nice. The information can be distributed through 4chan and twitter. People will have to pass it on. Basically we need to get this crowd sourced.

    Any ideas? Anyone willing to do anything? Is anyone even out there?
  6. Burrito Member

    To get around the problem of Time zones perhaps we should just have everyone start at the same time GMT?

    I would encourage picking a time where we would get good participation from the US and if possible Western Europe, because that is most likely where most of our participants will be.
  7. 363445 Member

    Burrito has many good idea. C'mon people, let's get some of this together.. This thread hasn't been very active.. :(
  8. Burrito Member

    Thanks a lot 3634...I feel like could really make an impact, but it's pointless to start anything unless we know a lot of people are on board with what we're doing.
  9. Sidewinder Member

    I'd give it a shot but more folks need to be involved...
  10. Zeta Metroid Member

    I'll help

    I run Nedasites 24/7, but I'll try to get many more people involved with this. Especially 4chan, though I don't use it...
  11. Burrito Member

    This is good. We got replies. I think we should choose a time, based on GMT, to all start using Nedasites tomorrow, then we can distribute that time through Twitter, 4 chan, and on here. Hopefully it will pick up a little momentum.
  12. Burrito Member

    There are others at work out there hacking. Ahmadinejad's personal site went down not long ago: Ahmadinejad’s Site Gets Hacked

    There's a battle going on out there on the Internet right now. The Iranian government (or someone claiming to be "The Iranian Cyber Army") hacked Twitter and ranted in terrible English about American imperialism. This is a back and forth thing.

    So what I'm saying is the best way for all you arm chair revolutionaries to tangibly help the Green Movement is to participate in cyber warfare.

    Please read my earlier post on what needs to be done, and indicate interest, and perhaps we'll have an effect and overload some of these sites that are hosted outside of Iran.
  13. gr88iran Member


    Hey people.
    We are back! :) A new version of Nedasites will be released with your help. (this calendar thing is at the top of the list!) :p
    If you have any suggestions, feature-requests, bug-reports, please write here or send an email to
    If you are a Java programmer, we need your expertise.
    Peace for all,
  14. I'm having problems getting Nedasites to run on a Mac OSX 10.5. I have the latest Java update Apple provides installed I set my defaults to Java SE 6. However when I installed Nadasites and clicked on the icon the application opened but there no window opened and nothing unique to the program opened. What am I doing wrong?
  15. gr88iran Member

    NedaSite requires Java 6, but java 6 is not the default one in OS X. To set it as your default you need to run the Java Preferences application it is under: Open -> Applications -> Utilities -> Java -> Java Preferences or just simply look for it in spot light. Once you have chosen Java 6 as your default java then you can start nedasite.

    Ref: Help (Nedasites)

    That is what we learned from other Mac users trying to run Nedasites. did it help?
  16. hash browns Member

    hello guys i'm new
    how do i remain anonymous while DDoSing?
  17. anyone still doin it?
  18. Ersatz Global Moderator

    This is an old thread. We do not allow the planning of illegal activity on this WWP. We practice legal forms of protest. Please take a look around and perhaps you will find a way to help with one of the legal means of protest? If not you may want to find another forum.
  19. Dragononymous Member

    go for option #2, that's all he cares about afain
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  20. spaz926 Member

    While I agree something needs to be done with the Iranian websites. I don't agree we should be DDoSing the sites. DDoS is a temporary solution. Plus they can blame it on things like power outages if they didn't want everybody to know they were attacked.

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