Help get information out of Iran

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Jun 14, 2009.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    cyber component of the 2009 Iranian Revolution continues: Greens bring down website of government news agency in cyberattack in response to the government blocking of twitter, foreign sites, jamming BBC, jamming cell phone.
  3. Mutante Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    It's a good thing we're all relaying Tor.
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Help get information out of Iran? Sure. I'll hold it, you tickle its feet with pages from Dianetics. We'll make it talk.
  5. Consensus Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    The idea that a government can shut down massive chunks of the internet on a whim to control both information and people offends me deeply - for precisely the same reasons Scientology offends me.

    I vote YES on Anon involvement. But, y'know, don't do anything you don't care to - nobody has any authority over you.
  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    This is what the news and news agencies is about.....................
    Why ask here? Not exactly whats going on is it? Oh wait, I'm gettin' mai spai ticket and run over thar............. GAH!

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    journalists are being jailed and expelled, that's why

    Plus CNN were not prominently reporting it, starting a #cnnfail campaign. (Remember how the CNN admitted that they kept quiet about abuses by Saddam Hussein so they would get access to Iraq. Same problem in Iran.)
  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Yeh, I know, but this isn't what this site is about. What others do elsewhere is up to them, so in that light its fine to ask, but still......... it seems liek another distracting-type thingy. Agree that thread is in right place, but as far as I've seen it is sort of plea, earnest or troll, still is not what most are here for. Could be wrong, if so, cox etc.
    There are many, many, other places for this sort of endeavour.
    Someone said NYPA. I agree.

    Nuff said imho.


    Nao back to our regularly scheduled program.

  9. Consensus Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    One way governments like Iran have maintained control is to control the media - as a previous poster pointed out, they can go so far as jailing or expelling journalists to achieve this.

    With the internet, ANYONE can be an 'embedded journalist.'

    So Iran has shut down access to twitter, facebook, etc.

    The OP is asking that anyone who knows addresses for open proxies do what they can to get those addresses to the people in Iran, so they can communicate with the outside world - and fill the vacuum left when all the journalists are 1)jailed, 2)expelled, or 3)sucking Iran's dick for future 'access.'

    I don't know any open proxy addresses; but I know many on here do. I also don't know where I would post them, if I had them - any help on that OP?

    Without better instructions, this is gunna be a failtard slacktivism campaign where we wear green shirts in 'support.'

    Get on with the hacktivism!
  10. saerat2 Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    The best thing to happen in Iran is happening... the people are rioting, lets hope they fuck the place up enough for all of them to realise that they are being used
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Register on twitter. put #iranelection in your twitter post, and it'll show up in the iran election feeds.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Plus you can join them in the less than legal aspects of their campaign, but I won't discuss those here since this forum only allows legal things.
  13. Mutante Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Western governments don't need to use bombs and bullets. If politicians refuse to give interviews then CNN has no content. That's how it works right under your noses.

    Sometimes it's worth stepping back and asking yourself if being fed bullshit is any better than a news blackout.

    This is why.

    Anyway, Iran is being very naughty so it's Captain Chaos tiem.
  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Good gravey, there is a world of fuck-uped-ness out here, anyone with any interest will know where to look. Many countries are control freakz, dictators, closed societies, etc., what has this got to do with this particular site?
    Not a whole lot imho, but we all do what we feel is the thing to do, its each individual, that however does not make us a conduit (here) for information regarding strife in (whatever) countries having difficulties.
    I may be way off base in this but it is my honest opinion. I participate in some other sites that are activist in other parts of the world but I'm not bringing those arguments or dramas here, but this is me. There's a lot of horrible crap in this world to deal with, but not everyone can be everywhere and fight everything, its just the way it is.
    My opinion, screwed up as it may be, I await my beatings......XP

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    I'm all for bringing down Iran and [not even going to bother to look up the faggot's name to spell it rite]'s regime, and maybe if the 20,000 registered users were also active, we could do some shit. As was said above, the same crap that Iran's pulling is the same crap that Scientology pulled which pissed us all off in the first place.

    But this is pretty much the last place anybody who's srs bsns about taking down a tyrannical government should put out a call.

    Besides, even though they're largely doing it wrong, most major world media outlets are reporting on the chaos in Iran and their fuckwittery -- that wasn't the case with Scientology. They didn't start paying attention until we fucked up their shit (and then they got bored within a week and pretty much forgot about us).
  16. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    If we start helping Iranian citizens, will there be Jihads at our pharma offices?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Yes fatwas at our pharma offices, and hordes of green Iranians protesting against Scientology.

    Seriously though, see the stickies in this subforum. Plus the site owners do intend that freedom of expression online, net neutrality, the odd cat rescue and the odd trolling of Hal Turner are allowed to be discussed on the site, even though the main focus is on Scientology until it's no longer in the form it was in January 2008.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    I feel our /b/rothers in /i/ran need our proxies to keep up the fight.

    I don't mind a 5-minute distraction that, days from now, will have helped bring down a totalitarian religious regime.
  19. Consensus Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    I understand the idea that different protest movements are distinct; and yeah, infighting in one movement over another can cause disunity.

    Nonetheless, this is following EXACTLY the formula I've been outlining for a few weeks now (and I didn't 'discover' this formula, I've just been made aware of it recently) re: the coming 'internet war.'

    Freedom of Speech is awesome. We've known it's awesome for well over 200 years. But we didn't know just HOW awesome it was until we got addicted to this 'internet' thing. And when we saw a threat to the internet - Scientology - thousands of people around the globe stood up and protested. And for those that couldn't make it to the protests, they could follow it live on youtube, facebook, internet radio, etc.

    Now the exact same thing is happening - in larger scale, and with significantly more violence. It's a government claiming Legitimate Authority, and shutting down the internet in order to 1) exert that authority and 2) ensure that authority is not questioned.

    So it's the exact same fight, though it involves completely different people and organizations. If the people of the world unite strongly on this point - on the point that free speech cannot be compromised, and that we will ALL fight if we see that happen - the world will be changed dramatically, and for the better.
  20. Mutante Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

  21. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    They don't need open proxies....well they do but that aint what is shut down at the moment.

    They need uninterfered with routes (ie pipes where DNS and routing cannot be government controlled). This can be done with satellite connectivity (ie steal some "westerners" internet phone).

    Chances are that's too pricey and I would recommend once they get access back to myspace and the like have them start creating something akin to LowFER - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and put it on a mobile platform so it can't be triangulated easy.

    I'm all for helping our jihadist brothers out in Iran...not sure this is the place for it though but I appreaciate the request.
  22. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    we can't do much
    but WE can

    only sand niggers though so meh
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Bloody uncivilized sand niggers - how can they ever expect the world to trust people with attitudes like this!

    Obviously they are irredeemably incompatible with the rest us.

    Iran election protester details encounter with riot police, militiamen - Los Angeles Times
  24. moarxenu Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Good suggestion. I will pass along to Iranian contacts.

    I always look at these breaking news items with the question, What are the opportunities for Chanology?

    My conclusion is: not much right now, but we have overlapping interests that can create opportunities for us as the Iranian Insurrection enters Day 3 and beyond.

    Here are some overlaps and potentials:

    - we have one Iranian anon that I know of. He is one of our best trolls evar.

    - There is a huge and wealthy Iranian diaspora, particularly in Hollywood and the UK. The cult is making its inroads in this group.

    - Anons have been trolling a UK scilon Azadah Shahbazi who is denying she's a sci fag.

    - OSA is bound to do something moronic like deliver 100,000 copies of the Way To Happiness to the streets of Tehran

    Here is another reason to support the Iranian insurrection:

    It is likely to be the second Web 2.0 social networking revolution after Chanology.

    The Anonymous Revolution is underrecognized by just about everyone except Consensus. Anons couldn't give a shit about being recognized or not recognized. Nonetheless, Chanology is hands down the greatest achievement of the millennial generation. It is unique, and it is totally the product of the internetz.

    The Iranian insurrection looks like a tipping point. This has been building for years with the hanging of gay teenage boys and the stoning of teenage girls. There have been riots here and there, but nothing like this.

    When blogging was just for emos here, Iranians developed a huge blogosphere that has kept on developing with Facebook and Twitter. If this is the tipping point, the Iranian insurrection is sure to be the first Twitter Revolution. Maybe Chanology was the first Image Board Revolution.

    We will look like morons if our only response is NYPA and GTFO.

    The Iranfags are up against worst than OSA and they are raiding and trolling the shit out of the totalitarian mullahs.

    Our greatest solidarity as /b/ruthas is on the issue of freedom of the internetz. Freedom of speech on the internetz is no longer optional. Either it is free or we are all slaves. The greatest freedom is to troll tyranny like the totalitarian religious regimes of David Miscavige and Ayatollah Khamenei.

    The issue of Anon and its relationship to other internetz free speech insurgents is going to come up moar frequently. It has been an issue in Germany. It is now dormant and will continue to raise its head under Child Protection and Anti-hate speech attacks in Germany and elsewhere.

    So the issue with Germany and Iran is to what extent should Anon support these other free speech movements. It's not a big issue right now, but it will keep coming up, particularly if this is a tipping point in Iran.

    So I think the best thing we can do is pass along our best technological practices. That, and keep watching how this unfolds.
  25. chrisanon Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Consensus is not the only person who's recognized the overlaps ;-)

    The overlaps moarxenu writes about so well are the reason I think this specific appeal is appropriate to this board.

    We are focused on bringing down Scn. We are also part of a much larger battle against attempts to censor the free flow of information.

    That someone concerned about Iran's censorship would come here says we're recognized as allies in the fight for free speech. I think that's great.

    People who aren't interested, just don't respond.
  26. moarxenu Member

  27. muldrake Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    The jihadist motherfuckers aren't the ones using Tor at the moment.

    Plus this is the FoE forum specifically created for this shit, so if you don't like what this subforum is for, get off it.
  28. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Maybe it's time to let loose the chans of war. I imagine there are a lot of lulzy Iranian government website that are desperate for a nice makover. Anonymous declares war on Imeanajihad?

    I personally think that the Iranian government is simply going to shoot the rioters. Peaceful protests don't work when the other side is armed and you're not and they're willing to kill you. Nazitech beats Gandhitech.
  29. Re: Help get information out of Iran

    WWP might not be the best place to come with this type of request.

    We're the most willing, but likely the least able.
    And the most able anon's are likely the least willing.

    Try some of the less douchey chans. Maybe 4chan's /g/ or 888's /i/ or /t/ ?

    Maybe something here?

    Good luck.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    whats the point of getting access if you dont get the info out? ...

    anyway, some foreign journalists had to leave the country, in some cases materials were confiscated
  31. Apotheker Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    When I read the news, I think that a lot of the irans like us. They wanna free speech and cake. I salut to every Anonymous, if he fight in iran or in israel or in usa or where ever. Boarders are old tech in time of internet.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Problem with that is that they might overload the internet into Iran and make it harder to get information out.
  33. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Last I checked, was down. That's totally not cool, whoever did that. D: Not cool at all.
  34. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    Most incredible bit of video I've seen out of Iran yet - watching the mob transition from determination, to fear, to power and fury, and then to compassion all within three minutes (of video - a few more elapsed) is ... well is better left to the video.

  35. Consensus Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    That's an amazing video, thanks for sharing it
  36. Consensus Member

  37. Apotheker Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    There is another reason too: The iran goverment will say, that they attacked from the USA or other countrys who are against Iran. And that isn't real good for the protests...

    Post comments to the vids with support or wrote them. I think, they will be happy about it.
  38. Re: Help get information out of Iran

    I'm InternetHatMachine, and I approve of this operation!
  39. Consensus Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    I've been glued to the twitter feed all night.

    It's showdown at the OK Corral.

    Basically.. from what I've been able to piece together...

    There was a rally scheduled for 4pm (which is an hour from now)

    Early in the night, they announced it was cancelled. But, of course, that was Gov't propaganda.

    Rumors of a split in the military, possible coup

    Rumor goes out that protest is ON

    Supreme Leader goes on TV, says he met with one of the minority candidates. Says he'll investigate the charges of voter fraud. Tells the minority candidate he's responsible for what happens, that the rally is illegal, and that he'll be held accountable.

    Rumor goes out that the candidate cancelled the rally.

    Rumor goes out that the Supreme Leader authorized live amunition.

    Rumor goes out that both minority candidates will attend the rally.

    Rally is at a holy site, any bloodshed would be bad for the regime.

    Roads to the protest site are all blocked.

    Nobody knows now if the candidates are going to show or not; everyone is spreading rumors, but I'd wager none of them actually know - it's just a propaganda tool to try to increase or decrease attendence. Same with the threat of live ammo.

    So it's a matter of who blinks. I'm convinced people will show up. I don't know if they'll get shot at. I don't know if their candidates will show up with them.

    This is fucking intense.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Help get information out of Iran

    For those with a passing interest:

    Things hotting up - opposition rally called for 4pm local (1 hour from now) - rumored to be canceled for safety, then not, then that opposition sites hacked to say cancelled.

    Assorted tweets (gah - I failed in my promise to myself to never sign up to twitter!)

    "Khatami & Mousavi say they will join protesters to provide protection. we march today."

    "Supreme Leader Khamenei has threatened Mousavi on live television"
    "State TV right now: rally is illegal and Police will use iron fist against law breakers"

    "there are now rumors of mousavi's site being hacked and the whole rally is IRG's trap. gun placements at azadi square confirmed"

    "government is now playing a masterpiece mind game, all people here are so confused about what is real and who to trust"

    "it's worth taking the risk, we're going. I won't be able to update until I'm back. again thanks for your kind support and wish us luck"


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