Help.. I think I am a fair gaming target

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonymous, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I have been experiencing targeting for approx 19 years that sound very like the fair gaming techniques sued by scientologists. I have not known who is responsible but I believe that the one person from my past who openly participated in the harassment of me is a scientologist.

    1. I have been the subject of an organized campaign of slander and harassment designed to harm my reputation and create obstacles to my livelihood, and the raising and supporting of my family. I have written about numerous instances of this and can provide examples later.

    2. I have been followed, surveilled, intimidated and threatened as have members of my family, including my children.

    3. I have found bugs in my house and have had ample evidence of hacking into my computer.

    4. I have had conversations said in private repeated in front of me and to me by strangers, which validates my accusation of surveillance. The purpose of repeating these conversations to me could only be intimidation.

    5. I have been stalked.

    5. I have been put in a position where all of the above have at times caused psychological harm to me as well as created barriers to my freedom and human rights guaranteed in the Charter (I am Canadian).

    I believe that the goal of this harrassment is to destroy my life, livelihood and opportunities.

    That is only scratching the surface of what has happened to us, and I have often been made to feel like I was living in the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

    Can anybody help me? There has been constant hacking into my computer for years. Is there anyway to find out who is responsible/gather evidence? Does anyone have suggestions for me?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Well what do the Church of Scientology have against you that would cause them to fair game you so much for so long?
  3. Anonymous Member

    I understand your need to keep things vague but it's hard to help you when you aren't specific about the harassment. First, I would make sure you have a video cam on you at all times ready to record at a moment's notice. Second, I would go to the authorities and start a paper trail. It's a bit strange that you had this go on for 19 years and are just now wanting to do something about it. Not that your story is not real, it is just a bit odd. Remember that sunshine is the best disinfectant so coming out and showing the world about the harassment may be the best way for it to stop or be "handled".

    You'll find very useful information here:

    This is going on wordwide.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    if this is on the up and up...
    I hope you are keeping a daily log and go to the police and report everything
    if you haven't done anything for the past 19 years, then I am afraid I do not understand
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  5. Anonymous Member

    You may or may not understand that the ultimate purpose is to attack your mind. Planting bugs in your house is a good example. (And I believe they do that, for the small time scilons.) You have to consider the actual harm, eg, in their harming your reputation in a particular social circle, against the psychological harm it cause you to worry about it all the time, and to defend the attacks without knowing where, when and how.

    You are playing THEIR game if you try to bring the responsible person to justice by wishing to collect enough evidence one day. This is a good way to stop the fair game, but is also the hardest. You can stop some harassment easily. Record your telephone conversations, all or on demand. Do call screening using Google. Carry a tiny video and sound recorder at all time, they provide hours and hours of video, costing next to nothing now. Use that or those motion triggered cams, auto overwrite, around the house and you never need to touch them. And also go to the police for stalking etc.

    Attack is also a good defense, it was said well before LRH. You are in a good position to know what scilogy do to people, to you and to your ememies' mind. Why not protest them at their "church" or join some other efforts anonymously? It only takes a few years to bring down their top inner circle. It's better than waiting for another 19.
  6. grebe Member

    Just throwing this out there ... have you considered that you might have a mental disorder? Or maybe, someone really is keeping tabs on you like a crazy ex girlfriend or the cops AND you also have a mental disorder? Cuz 19 years is along time. And the strangers repeating private conversations -- that's a pretty classic symptom of schizophrenia.

    If people on the radio or TV repeat private things from your own life, I would definitely look into something like Risperdal. But I'm not a doctor, so don't take me too serious. I just know a few things from experiences with family members.

    Apologies in advance if I'm way off base.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Dear OP, This question is going to sound unsympathetic I'm afraid, but please be assured that I am open to the possibility that the harassment you're describing is real. However: is it possible that you are experiencing the symptoms of mental illness? Plenty of good people have in the past been unlucky enough to suffer from delusions which fairly much match what you're describing. 19 years is a long time for any person or group to harass you with no obvious motive. Perhaps you could provide some evidence, or an example, of the type of thing which has been going on.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Thank you. Those are some helpful suggestions.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Its not a delusion but thank you for your reply. It is hard to provide evidence of these types of things without someone investigating.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Well since I found bugs in my house, strangers repeating conversations to me that I have had in my home can no longer be considered delusional. In my situation you do have to consider the facts. Additionally, since people tell you you are crazy when you explain things that have actually happened, it causes you to keep them silent and try to go about your life. I do not need an anti psychotic, I need an investigation. Because people target you in a way where they would like you to look crazy, does not make you crazy, and if the police are keeping tabs on me there's a problem since I am a lawful citizen.
  11. Anonymous Member

    I have gone to the police numerous times, and I do understand that their purpose is to attack my mind. Thank you for understanding as well, it helps. These are some good ideas and I have not stopped, but avoided a lot of harassment by finding ways to keep myself in public situations most of the time. But it is not a solution, and I do hope I can find justice.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Call the police and give them the bugs you have collected.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I have done many things, what I have been able to while trying to live a normal life and provide that for those around me. The police, for whatever reason are dismissive and have not done what I consider to be an investigation. I have not kept a daily log since it would drive me crazy to do so, and when I have kept a log the police just tell me I don't have proof (since I can't investigate myself). Believe me, I am on the up and up, and wish I wasn't.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Take a photo of the bugging devices and upload it to Imageshack. Then copy the forum code from Imageshack and paste it in a comment box here. There are some clever Anons who will understand the devices and maybe, who is behind this nightmare.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

  17. James Spader Member

    OP, if you are sincere then any documentation you can offer here (without identifying yourself) will be helpful to those who wish to help you. The images requested above are one possibility. Another might be your general location (country, state, whatever you feel comfortable offering).
  18. Anonymous Member

    There are anti-stalking laws in every state and LE wouldn't let it go on for that long if there was any merit to your case. 19 yrs suggests to me some undiagnosed mental illness and if you're suffering from delusions, they will seem real and thus you won't be able to self-identify them as delusions. The best advice is to seek professional help so your next 19 yrs can be much happier.

    Wish you the best. Take good care.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    If she has bugs she should call an exterminator not the police.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Critiquing scientology + bugs = Win Win Scientology footbullet!
  21. Anonymous Member

    PS. maybe not if the story is not true.
  22. Anonymous Member

    As far as I know, when Scientology fair game you they make quite clear they are the ones messing with you. There is no such thing as Scientology Steal Fair Game...
  23. WogDoc Member

    IF Scientology is already stalking you, then revealing details here will not do any harm. Indeed, they are counting on the fact that to talk about it makes you sound crazy.

    The truth of the matter is that you should collect as many pictures, videos and other cooborating evidence in order to support your case. After gaining evidence, go public, as loudly and as frequently as possible; BUT ONLY WITH SOLID EVIDENCE TO BACK YOUR CLAIMS. Find sympathetic ears to talk to. Find a local reporter who will listen to your story. Contact Tony Oretga at the Village Voice for help in this.

    The louder you are, the more damage they will be doing to their own reputation. Indeed, if you have been involved with Scientology, do all you can to let the local Public to know. Force them to confront the evil their donations are continuing to do. Make them choose whether or not to condone such evil by donating money to the CoS.

    Also, I would contact Marty Rathbun on his blog. He and Mike Rinder were in charge of such operations, as well as enduring such operations. Their advice would be invaluable.

    Above all, remember to stay strong. They can bark and harass, but it is ultimately your choice whether to let it get to you.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Come one, people.

    19 years?!?!

    No way - troll or someone who needs help.
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  25. Tangerine Member

    I agree. The cult wouldn't Fair Game anyone for 19 years. If you indeed have evidence, like hidden devices in your home that you've recovered, then call the FBI if the police haven't been helpful. You have problems, but they are not related to the cult of Scientology. Get all of your 19 years of accumulated evidence together and call the FBI in the morning. You need professional help, that's certain. Thanks for asking about your situation here, but I'm sure there's nothing anyone here can do to resolve your situation. Best of luck.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Those who are mentally ill with a paranoid delusion often do not have the insight to realize that they have a mental illness.

    OP could very well have a mental illness and not know it or realize it. The only way to tell is dox on the harrassment.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    OP is from Canada. No FBI there.
  28. Tangerine Member

    Sorry for missing that. Then the equal.
  29. Anonymous Member

    What if she is a practise case? for new recruits?
  30. timthephoto Member

    i can't see anyone asking what was going on 19 yrs ago.
    so what on earth was going on at that time to trigger the clams hostility ?
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  31. bAnon Member

    At first I was like
    And then I was like

    "Now let me bring you up to speed .. we know nothing! You are now up to speed." - Inspector Jacques Clouseau
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  32. rEVOLution Member

    Guise, I'm not saying it is true, but OP could be an ex-high ranked scientologist or something.
    That's the kind of information he couldn't reveal and that would explain harrassing for a long time.

    Still though, 19 years...
    OP's probably a troll anyway, no answer since the 17th...
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  33. Tangerine Member

    If you want this moved, say the word.
  34. rEVOLution Member

    Want to give OP a few days to prove he's not insane?
  35. Anonymous Member

    I had a friend with the exact same thoughts and he turned out to have undiagnosed schizophrenia. I'm not trying to say you're nuts at all but the similarity between what he would say and what you're saying is incredible, right down to the "I know there are bugs and my computer has been hacked" and "strangers repeat parts of private conversations".
  36. Anonymous Member

    I don't want to be too repetitive, but if you were never a Scientologist or haven't been criticizing or protesting the cult -- and have no other connections to it -- you can rule out Scientologists as being the cause of the harassment.

    you say:
    Scientology steals all of its ideas from other stuff, so no doubt OSA stole all of the techniques, too, from other professional harassers.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Phone company van UPS trucks Fedex Salvation Army Santas
    prove me wrong
  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Fine, I guess I´ll have to say it then:

    Dox or GTFO
  40. from this article:

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