Help.. I think I am a fair gaming target

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonymous, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. anonchap Member

    It might be good to read this booklet: David Lawson, Cause Stalking, 2009 (amazon U.S.).

  2. anonchap Member

    There is a book review by Eleanor White of Lawson's booklet. By the way, they fair game even longer than 19 years - it's a matter of one's abilities to survive.
    Surfing Paulette Cooper's Looking over my shoulder (subtitle) can also be recommended.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    They do fair game for years....CIP, a friend of mine (ex GO with bodies buried info) has been harassed off and on for over 20 years since he left, and until his elderly mom passed this year, they would harass her too..but it wasn't more than phone calls, and even they were occasional.

    If OP was never a clam and does not know any clams, I call troll or schitzo....the clams will not waste all that tech on someone who does not even know where bodies are, hell my friend didn't get all that treatment and HE KNOWS where the bodies are. So bug pix or GTFO. Thanks for playing.
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  4. anonchap Member

    They also fair game those who are no exes. It sometimes takes these years to find out what is behind all this if they don't have enough background information on the subject. When they do have enough background information (thanks to anonymous and other sources) they begin to understand.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Not an ex, not a critic, why would they fair game?
  6. anonchap Member

    People might realize that they had cultists among their relatives or that they were divorced from one without knowing because long duration of separation or that administration in some states is highly infiltrated and a lot of other things. Better not to go into too many details here. Plan to write a book about methods and types of stalkers that fairgamed and are still fair gaming.
  7. Anyone who feels they are being stalked should...

    1. Do a threat assessment, asking...

    a. Who is stalking you or having you professionally stalked?

    b. What is their motive?

    c. Who has the means? Private Investigators can charge hundreds of dollars a hour, therefore nineteen years of stalking would've cost someone millions.

    d. If you can't come up with the answers to the above questions, then you're most likely having mental issues.

    2. Get a hand held video camera (as someone mentioned earlier) and keep it on you at all times.

    3. Know thy enemies.

    a. Read literature on surveillance and counter surveillance tactics.

    b. Practice the tactics. Once you become proficient in Surveillance Detection (SD) and Counter Surveillance (CS) you can make the professional stalkers react to their own training. Hence, burning your stalkers becomes much easier.

    4. Finally, don't go around saying "I'm being followed" without being able to answer the questions from your threat assessment. Society as a whole (except for the rich) is mostly ignorant of the fair game tactic and will almost always you are cuckoo.
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  8. Looks like OP left some time ago, guize.

  9. Anonymous Member

    Are you wearing a tinfoil hat so that they can't hear your thoughts? If not, perhaps you should.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Maybe we should track him down and follow him to make sure that he's okay?
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  11. 724596204_6a4432f74e.jpg

    I actually did laugh out loud at that. Which possibly means I'm not a very nice person. But still.
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  12. anonchap Member

    Click on the profiles of the one who wants to know whether he is being fair gamed. He quotes himself and answers his own questions. Always registered on the same day,
  13. Anonymous Member

    Penny's dropping? What? Please, we've got enough moonbat on this page of this thread, refrain from adding to it, ok?
  14. Xinjifar Member

    If you find bugs in your house the best solution would be to sell them to a pawn shop. Or maybe Ebay.
  15. anonchap Member

    If somebody is new to the forum, if s.b. writes his first posting, if s.b.'s mother tongue is not English, mistakes can happen. And if you are being stalked by extremists which is surveyed by state professionals and if you have been
    advised on the matter by high ranking police detectives there might be reasons why you don't write more. Besides,
    critics have always been treated in certain ways.
  16. anonchap Member

  17. anonchap Member

    This is a good piece of advice. Thank you.
    Using the searchword 'terrorist stalking' (Google) >>I found a good video: Hemet Police face terrorist stalking and gang stalking
    By the way, if your are being stalked by the Scilons (+by those that they hire) they will look for you in any forum - they will find you in any forum -and they will attack you in any language.
  18. RaidTriple.gif
  19. You've got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Those bitches have been playing me for years. My vagina hurts from all the pounding. But they did find the "g" spot. HELLO.
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  21. anonchap Member

    In some states those that are stalking me are being surveyed by the Offices for then Protection of the Constitution
    and believe you me, they are keeping an eye on the matter. It's a case of organized data abuse and of organized stalking
    Since my technical know how is not very good yet could somebody else please link the above mentioned video abot terrorist stalking?
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  22. I've got ya covered.
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  23. You can never have too much moonbat.
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  24. Demented LRH Member

    We are not trying to diagnose you here. But we need some specifics about your case. Since you are using the "Anonymous button", you should be able to answer these broad questions:
    1. Did you give an interview critical of CoS to a newspaper?
    2. Did you sign some kind of agreement with CoS before leaving the cult?
    3. Do you have relatives in CoS who were told to disconnect from you?
    4. Do you have first-hand knowledge about physical and sexual abuses by CoS?
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. anonchap Member

    Thanks for downloading the viedeo.
    I also found two examples in literature for this kind of thing: James Thurber (fables): The Peacelike Mongoose and The Very Proper Gander.
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  27. [IMG]
  28. anonchap Member

    There is another book which I found useful and which has a chapter about cause stalking. Captain Snow (an Indianapolis police officer), Stopping a Stalker: a Cop's Guide to Making the System Work for you, 1998.
  29. Tabata Member

    I'm not an ex scientologist however had some issues with close friends and have also been hacked and not sure if it might be related to some kind of scientology people, if that the case im terrified!
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  30. There's a lot of this going around.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists don't have a monopoly on being cunts and fucking with people. However, they are trained to do it and have rules on how to do it so they're particularly good at it in a predictable, methodical sort of way.
  32. Tabata Member

    i can't take it anymore!!! they're constantly hacking me and the idea of it being some kind of scientology retard is petrifiying ! how do i know ? does anybody have any ideas ?
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  33. Tabata Member

    im going to need one of those!
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  34. Tabata Member

    wut ? are you saying ? in other words they have a certain way of having most be boring let me tell you, as it is they're very methodical.
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  35. Tabata Member

    I have been hacked long enough already.....and i have no idea why and i don't have the time to do all that research, i just take a wild private inverstigator is going to sit down and hack somebody 24hrs a day, besides they are probably computer illiterate, im being hacked by somekind of computer freak! unfortunately maybe he's a not cukoo and im not going to video tape anything and go cukoo about this...i refuse!
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  36. Those are only to be used if your phone, computer, home etc. are bugged.
  37. You are perfectly justified in feeling this way, keep in touch with the FBI!!!

    Most of them (FBI) are Mormons but they have given up on trying to secede and are very loyal US citizens now, indeed one of them is running for President!!!
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  38. Anonymous Member

    First, why so terrified? OSA's basically a clown car these days. Getting "hacked" can be a pretty common occurance. Scientology isn't exactly on the cutting edge when it comes to that sort of thing. Getting botted by some 12 year old girl in Korea, much more likely.

    Mind your patches.
  39. Anonymous Member

    It's nothing personal, but I lolled.

    A new paradigm. Amirite?

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