Help.. I think I am a fair gaming target

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Anonymous, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Tabata Member

    I can't take this anymore...can somebody advise me on how to get rid of this hacker? this is INSANE, for God sake...i don't want him in my life anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is like non stop 24/7, it must be somebody bipolar i guess....who cares, i just want to get rid of him already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Tabata Member

    Well thanks for the info, i really don't need this right now! being hacked as often as i do is not fun at all, especially when you have no clue who the f*ck it is. I can't do anything in peace on my computer, i really do not need this auditing, this does not work for me at all. I need to get rid of him, please!
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  3. Tabata Member

    It's not that funny, it's like non stop EVERYDAY, you have no idea!
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  4. Tabata Member

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  5. Tabata Member

    I was a joke! ha,ha, ha
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Your issue is your computer security and lack thereof. If you are continually hacked you are your issue.
  7. Anonymous Member


    You are in need (assuming you're not just another troll) of what is known as a Firewall. Ask your Internet Service Provider about their services in this regard. If they can't supply a fire walled service, find a service that does provide this.

    I'm looking at my Console now, and see several of these:

    12-03-19 2:44:24 AM Firewall[95] Stealth Mode connection attempt to TCP xx.xx.x.xx:52193 from
    12-03-19 2:45:14 AM Firewall[95] Stealth Mode connection attempt to UDP from
    12-03-19 2:45:22 AM Firewall[95] Stealth Mode connection attempt to UDP from xxx.xx.x.xx:53
    12-03-19 2:45:24 AM Firewall[95] Stealth Mode connection attempt to UDP :52998 from

    I have X'd out the IP Addresses but none of these are getting through to my OS because of the Firewall.

    I think you should lrn2internet.
  8. It's definitely Scientologists!!! Have you reported it to the local police and the FBI?
  9. Anonymous said:

    If this is what the original poster is having, these "unsolicited bits" are the "background noise" of the internet. You'll never stop them, and they are virtually never harmful.

    When you surf to a web page, you request the text and pics that make up the page. When you use BitTorrent, you request bits, and they come to you. When you check your e-mail, you request the mail server to send the text and files/attachments people have sent. Because you requested these bits.

    I suggest geting a router. It has a hardware firewall inside that blocks "unsolicited bits" and unsolicited connection attempts like the ones Anonymous has listed. But the stuff you request -- web pages, e-mail messages, BitTorrent etc. sail right on through. If the OP is a troll, he/she already knows that. Routers have been as low as $10 or even free after rebate a couple of years ago, cheap ones should still be easy to get. Older units that don't have the latest "N" wireless speed standard are probably still PLENTY fast enough. Go for it.

    And see all your doctors regularly. Later this month I'll see my oncologist -- I'm looking forward to seeing his Harley-Davidson (he sold his BMW motorcycle).
  10. Anonymous Member

    Mmmmokay, what precisely does all of this 24/7 "hacking" entail? How long has it been taking place? What is the general condition of your computer? Is the operating system up to date? Are your patches kept current? Virus/trojan scanner? Firewall?

    If you haven't made the effort to stay on top of these things, and are instead metaphorically crawling around the Internet with your pants down, the real question is not who's "hacking" you but who is your computer "hacking". You have a sort of responsibility to determine that lest it come back and bite you harder than your "hacker" ever could.

    It's quite rare that any specific individual would be taking an interest in your computer. There are just too many automated tools available for handling that sort of drudgery. Getting botted isn't nice, but it can be a worthwhile learning experience that if taken advantage of, will go a long way towards taking the mystery out of the experience as well as minimizing the chances of it happening again.

    This thread probably isn't the best place to go into all of the details on solving your problems, but a little basic info regarding what is actually happening could help to get you pointed in the right direction.
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  11. Tabata, this^ sounds like a Scientologist from Canada!
  12. Tabata Member

    and how im i suppose to do that ? are you asking me to learn on my own ? nice!
  13. Tabata Member

    Okay now im very worried, my computer hacking ? , so now i need a firewall! great. whats next ? how can we talk more privately about this, do you mind if i message you in private ?
  14. Tabata Member

    NO! please ! he is from canada, but his not a scientologist...please don't call him that! lol, because he will get very mad and then do something weird to my computer....actually he's french canadian.
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  15. Those are the worst kind of hackers.
  16. Tabata Member

    Well yes , was already planning to order a router with verizon this week and will most defenetly do that. thanks for the info, this will help with threats from people that are actually looking to harm computers , but this is soo weird !. However will still take the precautions necessary to avoid some other kind of problem.
  17. Tabata Member

    why do you say that, please educate me ?
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  18. Tabata Member

    No, because it's not a scientologist, that's why im in a speechless mode ! like i can't open my mouth and talk ...thats how i fell....maybe he hypnotized me or something..
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  19. Tabata Member

    like i said, i feel like i can't do that, sincerely i feel like i could never do that, because of who it could be...that's the problem. I can't ! and trust me i called the police on my ex, i don't know this person, but i can't do that! i just can't.
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  20. Tabata Member

    so if i protect my computer he might stop hacking me...that would be nice...i can't stand him anymore!
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  21. anonchap Member

    C.A.T.C.H Canada might be a useful website.
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  22. Tabata Member

    Anyways, where is the best place to post about "school carding" to santa maria's highschools as they are now enrolling students for LR Hubbard College with a deadline of April 1st. ?
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  23. Brazil
  24. French Canadian Scientology Hackers are evil.
  25. Pique Member

    Give it a rest.
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  26. Tabata Member

    im in trouble then...:oops:
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  27. Tabata Member

    Brazil? wut?:confused:
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  28. Tabata Member

    educate me please ?
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  29. TorontosRoot Member


    Download the CD image, burn it, install it. Get rid of windows and you won't have to worry about getting probed, hacked or anything else. It has it's own firewall.
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  30. TorontosRoot Member

    I also want to say, if you do want to raid/protest the org in your area, make an event, be prepared to have a sign made, see if there are any anonymous cells/sectors in that area and then, go for it! Big mumbers work best, it'll show the clams who's boss.
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  31. anonchap Member

    I googled 'organized stalking countermeasures' and found some useful sites there. - From my experience a scilon does not stalk alone, there is always a network. - I downloaded 'Clam Nanny Cracked' - they're supposed to get pneumonia or something else when they read the words.
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  32. LouLou Member

    Why did George Bush never become a Scientologist?

    He's too smart for that crap.
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  33. The mod was trying to derail me from helping you but as long as they don't ban me I will always be here for you.
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  34. Santa Maria, Brazil or California?
  35. anonchap Member

    The cult works with covert hypnosis (and self hypnosis). That's a thing one can make use of.
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Use it to our advantage!
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  37. Tabata Member

    Santa Maria, CA
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  38. Tabata Member

    the CD image ? and get rid of windows ?
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  39. TorontosRoot Member

    I guess so tabata. It's easy to do if you've burned a CD before.
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  40. Pique Member

    No my dear, the mod was trying to encourage you to take a much-needed break. "You owe it to yourself."
    Fly and be free.
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