Help Please - Scientology has taken files down from my blog. How can I restore them?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by onceborn, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. onceborn Member

    I write a blog about Scientology. Not having the money to pay for Gb of server space I used the cloud service 'Mega' to store downloads. Scientology has complained to Mega (on copyright grounds) and 18 files have been taken down (almost all from the category of 'Secret Scientology Texts and Media'.

    These include Scientology's 'security' checklists, the blue, green and red volumes, OT levels, the Assists Handbook (which includes the tragi-comic 'bring back to life assist) the Hard Sell Pack Rons' audio account of 'the wall of fire' and 'Revolt in the Stars'.

    Think about that: Scientology, which claims to be religion, is so afraid of what the general public might
    think if they can read Scientology doctrine, that they use copyright claims to prevent you reading it. It's rather like Christians trying to suppress all knowledge of the doctrine of the Trinity outside of the Church. What is
    Scientology afraid of?

    It seems to me that they have revealed the very material that they are most afraid that the public should become aware of, and it would be a shame not to press this advantage.

    I still have the files, and I don't intend to fold. .. can anyone please suggest a cloud service out there which is less amenable to takedowns, or some other form of work-around?
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  2. anon8109 Member

    Are these available on wikileaks?
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  3. onceborn Member

    Thanks for your reply

    If I got the files from wikileaks there will already be a link to that site in the appropriate post.. I just like making it easy for the less computer-savvy punters by providing a simple, direct download link as well.

    Most of the affected files came from TPB, However, they either are no longer available from that site after its recent difficulties I can't re-upload them to a torrent site either, as most of these are blocked in the UK, and many people don't know how to work around.
  4. onceborn Member

    I have now restored all of the affected files in a more-or-less robust form, and posted about it here.
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scicrit @Scicrit · 2 hours ago
    New Links to Scientology Doctrines that the Church is *so* Ashamed of That it Tries to Suppress Them

    New Links to Scientology Doctrines that the Church is *so* Ashamed of That it Tries to Suppress Them

    Yesterday, I discovered that the Church of Scientology had forced Mega (the cloud service which I use to serve some files) to remove 14 files available as downloads from this blog. You can read one of the takedown notices here.

    These files have now been restored, and are available for download again.

    They contained scans of Scientology documents which, since they were written by L Ron Hubbard, are official Scientology doctrine. Why did they do this? It’s rather like Christians trying to suppress the sermon on the mount. You would think that a real religion would want to spread the word, not censor it.

    The Church of Scientology acknowledges that these documents are genuine – if they were not, why would they claim to hold the copyright?

    Having read these texts, I can only conclude that the Church of Scientology is ashamed of its own doctrines and practices, and want to prevent the public finding out about them.

    So, here is a list of the 14 files that Scientology particularly wanted to stop anyone seeing – complete with new download links (clicking on the titles of each section will take you to the original post – the new download links are at the bottom of the page).

    Continued here:
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  6. Kilia Member

    You have one fine website there, onceborn. Bravo!!
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  7. Pekka Mäki Member

    Is that PDF-book the bible? In Sweden television showed yesterday a great documentary about them! I hate them!
  8. Pekka Mäki Member

    OMG!! Thank you very much for all this material! This is outstanding! :) MEGA seems to be a very good cloud.
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  9. Kilia Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Kilia Member

    Thank you!
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  12. onceborn Member

    Thanks all for the promotion on Twitter, the kind words and the helpful advice.

    The money and effort that Scientology put into suppressing those few files has had the result of bringing not only the OT materials, but a lot of other critical stuff to the attention of a wider audience (the number of people viewing my site peaked for days). Whenever they CofS try to censor something they only seem to succeed in bringing it to a wider audience.

    They never learn - and I hope they never do.

    The only recent exception to this rule seems to be their behind-the-scenes support for the strange situation which prevents the Alex Gibney film "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" being shown in the UK. If you are being censored in this way, the film is available here.
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  13. alexjorge Member

    I when to you site and Download some Volumes. and Videos.
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  14. Hedorah Global Moderator

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  15. sceptical Member

    I neither have the time or desire to try and compute the stuff that is on these downloads. Its seems like such nonsense, obviously it isn't to the Scientologist who has reached these levels but its just madness! How much would a person need to spend to reach these levels?
  16. The Wrong Guy Member bridge Scientology

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