Help spot sites to be taken down! need of farsi readers !

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by cyberwar4iran, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. cyberwar4iran Member

    I received this list of potentially pro-governement sites anonymously. It is not checked.

    farsi readers should check if they pose a similar threat as ""

    Then we can take action.

    I propose this thread to be the place to post links to suspicious sites . (if there is such a thread already, please point me to it)
  2. They are all related to Basij...

    All related to Basij in one way or another but they don't seem to be directly involved with the current situation.

    I say fuck 'em up nonetheless.
  3. Actually that last one is reporting on the recent "confessions" and other general misinformation. It blongs to the student wing of the Basij.
  4. Angelraven Member

  5. gr88iran Member

  6. maybe more readeable like that :

    "" .. images hosted there (complaint on its way):

    "" .. images hosted there :

    "" .. images hosted there :

    "" hosts images itself

    "" ... images hosted there :
  7. gr88iran Member

    Our experience from Nedasites shows that in order to have an effective attack, we should all focus on a few high priority specific servers. Otherwise DDOS will not be effective. We have reduced the number of sites in our program to Gerdab, Irna and presstv.

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