Help translate SOLIDARNOSC into the Farsi equivalent.

Discussion in 'Polska' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Perhaps one of our Polish-Persian friends can head over to the translation forum to lend a hand translating the term SOLIDARNOSC to Farsi.

    Big hint: The late Catholic pope John Paul II, a polish man named Karol Wojtyła, penned the Vatican encyclical document SOLICITUDO REI SOCIALIS, in which he called for a "Solidarity" between governments of the world and their own poor.

    If you can help with this effort, please slide on over to:

    multiThanks, and (Wouldn't it be great if it went down like...)
  2. Yes, JP2!
    A great quote from that document:

    "In order to be genuine, development must be achieved within the framework of solidarity and freedom, without ever sacrificing either of them under whatever pretext. The moral character of development and its necessary promotion are emphasized when the most rigorous respect is given to all the demands deriving from the order of truth and good proper to the human person."

    What? Did the Ayatollah Kameinei missed that day in Sunday school? No matter what your religion, you have to admit at least basic human rights to the people you claim to lead.

  3. From the same doc:
    " 'Sin' and 'structures of sin' are categories which are seldom applied to the situation of the contemporary world. However, one cannot easily gain a profound understanding of the reality that confronts us unless we give a name to the root of the evils which afflict us."

    Iran's terroristic regime is that Structure of Sin, as the Persians have been diligently pointing out to us.

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