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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Bubbles, May 22, 2013.

  1. Bubbles Member

    There is a rumor going around about the cult and its vast wealth.

    I'm not sure I believe it ... but... well, you decide...

    The rumor goes ...

    that in order to hide its vast wealth from governments, the cult decided it needed it's own vaults. Deep, impenetrable, buried vaults, hidden behind fences and guarded by its own armed guards 24/7.

    But in order to build these vaults, and not raise suspicions, a shore story was needed. A shore story that was so ridiculous and so outlandish, that the public would laugh, and laugh, and laugh... and shake its collective head, and say those crazy scientologists! And never give the vault(s) a second thought.

    Finally, one day, a bright idea regarding a shore story occurred to *************. Why not tell everyone what was in the vaults! Brilliant! Tell the public and parishioners, that the old mans writings were SO VALUABLE, that they needed to last millions of years! And the only way to do that, would be to imprint them on platinum plates, and store them in titanium boxes.

    The fact that these same writings, in paperback or hardback form, were being thrown out in the trash daily by thousands of librarians, made the story that much more outlandish. Those crazy scientologists!

    Now here's the interesting part, did you know that platinum is also a precious metal, and is currently priced at $1469/oz (compared to $ 1366/oz for gold!). Another words, platinum is worth more than gold.

    Here is an expert explanation:

    Today, platinum is a widely-used although extremely rare metal, critically important to the auto industry, the jewelry trade, and the chemical, electrical and glass manufacturing industries. Far rarer than gold, it is estimated that all of the platinum ever mined throughout history would fit into a cube less than 25 feet on each side. The vast majority of platinum mined today comes from just two parts of the world: The Bushveld Complex north of Pretoria, South Africa and the Noril'sk-Talnakh region of Siberia in Russia, which produce, respectively, about two-thirds and one-quarter of the world's platinum supply each year.

    Platinum's supply/demand fundamentals are tight. In fact, according to some estimates, if platinum mining were to cease today, there would be only about a year's supply available to industry. In contrast, above-ground supplies of gold would last nearly a quarter of a century.

    So that's the rumor. Those crazy Scientologists!
  2. Anonymous Member

    your conspiracy theory is worthless without dox
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  3. rickybobby Member

    No dox, true, but this is worth a little bit of inquiry. Regardless, we know that they are using precious metals in these fortresses, and if they are amassing appreciable quantities, they could affect the prices and availabilities of these metals, a la the Hunt Brothers. They have the capital, they are arrogant enough to do this, and lord knows the little sociopath is cunning enough to try it. The money is going SOMEWHERE, and we have been speculating for years on offshore accounts, but perhaps they ARE putting a goodly chunk into precious metals stored in their own vaults. This would fit in with the little midget's obsessive need for absolute control and micromanagment. By engraving "religious" materials onto these metals (at a negligible cost to them given their slave labor), they then can claim some sort of exemption if it comes time for them to liquidate their assets involuntarily. Not only would it serve as a shore story for the world, but also for the sheeple inside.

    Even if it isn't a brilliant asset hiding scheme, the fact remains that they do have a stockpile of precious metals.

    One of the good things we can do is dig until we find out where all their assets are, because our goal is to force them to liquidate their assets for bankruptcy, payment of taxes or lawsuits. They will not voluntarily disclose these assets, and creating these very expensive "religious artifacts" may be one way they "bury" (ha double meaning here) their assets and keep them out of reach.

    So how do we follow up on this? Where would we look for metals trading on their part? I would love to hear Mike Rinder's or some of the other higher up insiders on this.

    Hmmmm..... I am going to give this some serious thought.....
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  4. Your 'logic' is fail, because there is no way to get dox, without breaching the security of the vaults.

    Ever heard of Ockham's (Occam's) Razor?

    Also: cawks
  5. WWP is the source for the platinum story. Other source say the plates are made of stainless steel and their boxes titanium.
  6. Anonymous Member


    The IRS records show that the "Church" of "Spiritual Technology" spent $13 million in 1992 to preserve "scripture" on 1.8 million stainless steel plates and his lectures on 187,000 nickel records that can be played back with a stylus as crude as a thorn in the event of some future cataclysm, The Associated Press reported.
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  7. It DOES sound like a Scientology shore story, as it deflects wildly from what would be a more plausible truth.

    I was at a Scientology event in the 1990s when Norman Starkey presented one of these items. It's possible just one was produced, to properly edjamacate the flock… lol

    I'll bet Normie's just loving his time spent in the Hole, declared SP.
  8. Anonymous Member

    The story teller is more ridiculous than the story if he/she doesn't know that platinum is worth more than gold. Since the Internet, even drug cartels know to launder their cash into electronic currency so they can take it and use it anywhere with Internet.
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  9. Apparently, you've never heard of a bank getting hacked.
  10. The vaults are for storing Diamond and Platinum Excalibur Trophies that are made out of fake Diamonds and Platinum!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Apparently you haven't watch any James Bond movie, where money only exists on notebooks.

    Bank hacks? Oh no, should I close all my bank accounts right now?
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  12. Fail troll is full of fail.

    I did, years ago, and I don't support the banking syndicate with interest payments, or deposits for loans. Then again, I'm off the grid. YMMV.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Before I forget, diamond hold it's value against all the technology advances because of it's portability. You can hide most of your worth in a tiny safe in your house. If you need to run for some reasons, you just put them in your pocket. It's easy to get cash for it too. It doesn't set off any metal detectors. You have to be stripped searched to find some small stones you carry. For true hiding in plain sight, you can wear them as large crystal fashion accessories. An anonymous account number in a Swiss bank is evolution. Building a vault is not wise, unless you rule the whole country and never need to run, and you have an army to protect it - Fort Knox.
  14. Agreed; however, David Miscavige has NPD, megalomania, and dipsomania, the combination of which probably tends to cloud his judgment just a tad ;)
  15. Bubbles Member

    Interesting article about CST - the super secret organization in charge of the vaults. Seems there are quite a few, 17 were in various stages of construction in 1988 - there are probably 2 or 3 times that many by now. Here's the article:

    Why build so many, with vaults like banks? with time locks? Really........mmmm......I think they are used to store something much more valuable than LRH's crappy writings.
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  16. Quentinanon Member

    I think so, too.

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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Interesting information on the CST vaults - a particular name appears. Let's pull that string...

    From website:

    CST Vaults

    From Wwpwikibackup


    [edit] Locations

    <p>Some of these locations are referred to in Scientology's and critics' documents under various names. When it's clear that the same location is being discussed, the names have been combined. The expenses, where given, are not the total spent on the project, just the largest individual outlay.

    <a name="Sunset_View_.2F_Eureka_.2F_Petrolia.2C_California" id="Sunset_View_.2F_Eureka_.2F_Petrolia.2C_California"></a>
    [edit] Sunset View / Eureka / Petrolia, California

    In 1988: The planned usage for the property is to build an archival document storage repository there which will store religious documents preserved by CST.<a href="#cite_note-rtcirs1988-1" title="">[2]</a><a href="#cite_note-Petrolia-2" title="">[3]</a>
    • Expense: $2,106,725.03 to International Ground Support Systems (IGSS).<a href="#cite_note-Expense-3" title="">[4]</a>
    • Vault: Two levels, each 372 feet long.
    <a name="Rock_Springs.2C_Wyoming" id="Rock_Springs.2C_Wyoming"></a>
    [edit] Rock Springs, Wyoming

    On land purchased by International Ground Support Systems,<a href="#cite_note-4" title="">[5]</a><a href="#cite_note-Expense-3" title="">[4]</a> work was begun in this location in 2008,<a href="#cite_note-5" title="">[6]</a> but apparently stopped in early 2009 and later abandoned when local authorities objected to the lack of permits.<a href="#cite_note-6" title="">[7]</a><a href="#cite_note-7" title="">[8]</a> The current status of the site is unknown, but no news of continued work has surfaced.
    <a name="Trementina.2C_New_Mexico" id="Trementina.2C_New_Mexico"></a>
    [edit] Trementina, New Mexico

    The site is about a 2 1/2 -hour drive east of Santa Fe, near the small town of Trementina. The Trementina location is supposedly a store for material written by L.R. Hubbard, as shown in 1998 on ABC News's "20/20.":
    "Buried deep in these New Mexico hills in steel-lined tunnels, said to be able to survive a nuclear blast, is what Scientology considers the future of mankind," ABC's Tom Jarriel said in his report. "Seen here for the first time, thousands of metal records, stored in heat-resistant titanium boxes and playable on a solar-powered turntable, all containing the beliefs of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard."<a href="#cite_note-8" title="">[9]</a>
    The site is marked from the air with Church of Spiritual Technology double diamonds.<a href="#cite_note-9" title="">[10]</a> A runway for smaller airplanes is located on CST owned land in connection to the site. The original short strip was expanded in the early 1990'ies on land acquired by a land swap deal between CST and neighboring land owners in 1992.<a href="#cite_note-10" title="">[11]</a>
    [edit] Lady Washington Mine / Tuolumne, California

    The Lady Washington Mine and two houses on 26.23 acres<a href="#cite_note-11" title="">[12]</a> were purchased in 1988 by William and Donna Daniels. In 1988, the Daniels gave the property to Norman Starkey, trustee of "Author's Family Trust." Starkey gave the property to the Church of Spiritual Technology in 1993. Digging began in 1997. According to The Los Angeles Times, the CST "is using state-of-the-art technology to protect Hubbard's writings, tape-recorded lectures and filmed treatises from natural and man-made calamaties, including nuclear holocaust."<a href="#cite_note-12" title="">[13]</a>
    • Vault: 250 foot tunnel, 15 feet wide.<a href="#cite_note-13" title="">[14]</a>
    [edit] Mile High / Lake Arrowhead / Twin Peaks, California

    As of 1988, this property has 15 buildings totaling approximately 22,000 square ft, including a three-story administration office, dormitories, dining halls, residences and other buildings and offices.<a href="#cite_note-rtcirs1988-1" title="">[2]</a><a href="#cite_note-Petrolia-2" title="">[3]</a>
    <a name="References" id="References"></a>
    [edit] References

    <a name="Notes" id="Notes"></a>
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  19. Anonymous Member

    So pulling those loose threads:

    (1) Who are William and Donna Daniels? Are they still in?

    They purchased the Lady Washington Mine, in Toulumne, CA (in 1988)- then transferred it (in 1988)to Author's Family Trust (Norman Starkey), who transferred it to CST.

    (2) Who is International Ground Support Services (IGSS) and their officers Fernando E Valencia (Pres) and John Pye (VP)? Are they scientologists?

    They purchased the Rock Springs, Wyoming site and began working on it in 2008. They were required to stop work in early 2009, when local authorities objected to their lack of permits. It was abandoned in 2009, current status unknown.
    IGSS was also involved with the Petrolia vault site. Principal officers are: Fernando E. Valencia (President) and
    John Pye (Vice President) - both have addresses in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    International Ground Support Systems, Inc. has a location in Santa Fe, NM. International Ground Support Systems, Inc. has no known officers per Dun &amp; Bradstreet. The company's line of business includes Engineering Construction.

    Filing Date: 02/13/2009
    Entity Type: Foreign Profit Corporation
    File Number: 2009-000566047
    Filing State: Wyoming (WY)
    Qualifying State: Colorado (CO)
    Company Age: 4 Years, 3 Months
    Principal Address:
    2521 Camino Entrada
    Santa Fe, NM 87507 1ptrans.gif

    Mailing Address:
    2521 Camino Entrada
    Santa Fe, NM 87507

    Fernando Valencia
    2829 Vereda Poniente, Santa Fe, Nm 87507 1ptrans.gif

    John Pye
    841 Gilmore St, Santa Fe, Nm 87505 1ptrans.gif
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  20. rickybobby Member

    OMG, I just threw up a little in my mouth.
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  21. rickybobby Member

    Question: Is English your first language?
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. A government faction known as the Loyal Officers finally overthrew Xenu and his renegades, and locked him away in "an electronic mountain trap" from which he has not escaped.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Funny, but during ww2 this saved alot of people. (No dox, just memories.)
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Bubbles Member

    OMG! Are they keeping Xenu locked up in their Trementina vault???

  27. thesneakster Member

    Distractor-bot, I reckon. I'm sure you all have figured that out, right ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  28. Anonymous Member

    Why is the sword stabbing Teddy in the head?
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  29. Anonymous Member

    a little distraction is part of the fun

    Is there something specific going on that we should be paying attention to beside the usual crimes and abuses of the Scientology corporation?
  30. rickybobby Member

    Yup. Wonder if we hit a nerve here?
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Yes, you are indeed a distractor-bot… but, guess what? The focus of Anonymous is a laser.

    Also: lay off the pork-rib a little.
  33. #99, please go fuck yourself. You are being the derailer of this thread. Go post elsewhere, like closed fb groups lol
  34. yup, i think we did. Anonymous = 1; Hobson =0
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    Karen de la Carriere
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  40. DeathHamster Member

    Gah, what a mess! I can't tell if that's the latest version or if all the references are intact.

    I'll take my backup copy, and put it up on that site. Besides, I think its template support is probably better than the twice-dead WWPwiki, so I can fix up the formatting.

    (Not tonight. Right now I can only think to two potato, and I'm losing spuds fast.)
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