High-Res Headless Suit & WikiLeaks Image

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by carrion, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. carrion Member

    i would like to add this image in support. If you want a hi-res version, send me a line.

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  2. WMAnon Member

    Sexy. As. Fuck.
  3. Anonymous Member

    ^ this
    also assfuck
  4. Anonymous Member

    Why is the earth dripping goo? Also; liek!
  5. WMAnon Member

    It's the top half of the wikileaks logo
  6. Anonymous Member

    Can we get a version without the text?
  7. sooleater Member

    wohh this rox
  8. Anonymous Member

    Caught post too soon. Quote amended.
  9. sooleater Member

    and/or some /hr/
    higher res.
  10. Fuckeye Member

    Shouldn't you be able to see the inside of the collar going around?

    Just sayin'
  11. carrion Member

    yup, i was torn on that, but hey
  12. carrion Member

    correct - nod to the wiki
  13. xenubarb Member

    Here ya go matey...I'll throw you a line!

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  14. Miranda Member

    Wow, very nice.
  15. carrion Member

    fixed collar - just for u lol
  16. carrion Member

  17. carrion Member

    heheh - thanks but I have updated THE COLLAR!! lol
  18. sooleater Member

    can someone make the tie in red????
  19. carrion Member


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  20. carrion Member

    hi-res version (with collar adjust haha)
  21. Anonymous Member

    why is question mark backward?
  22. carrion Member

    when i was creating the image. in my mind, i thought that the "anonymous dude" was represented as a reflection. like in a mirror
  23. TinyDancer Member

  24. Miranda Member

    Everyone's a critic.
  25. Bipolart Member

  26. Kilia Member

    Well done!
  27. Sponge Member

    It is probably just excess amounts of win.

  28. MeatPuppet Member

    I intend to print a Duratrans of this image for use in a portable lightbox. I think that this would look awesome backlit and am making a wearable lightbox for use at rallies and protests.
    Expect us!
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. MeatPuppet Member

    Lightbox made. Will bring to Rally in Boston today in support of Egypt. Photos coming soon. And yes, it is totally awesome and full of WIN!
  31. Silly433 Moderator

    Am I the only one that gets the impression anon is gonna squash the earth?

    Hey, just saying. The image is awesome!
  32. awesome

    i like the image, but i think it looks a little bit like anon is squash the world ^^
  33. MeatPuppet Member

    Err . . . that leaking Earth in the palm of Anonymous is part of the Wikileaks icon. And Yes Anonymous will reform the world. Squishy is good!

    Rally today in Boston in support of a free Egypt was full of win. Many Egyptians, Palestinians, and global citizens were present. The Media took notice. There was shouting and chanting. Drums were beaten to within an inch of their lives. The police were forced to work on a Saturday protecting us from the horrendous traffic of Boston as we took over the streets. NO donuts for them! Artwork lightbox got much attention. Expect us!
  34. MeatPuppet Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Could we get a hi-res of this one?
  36. Herro Member

    Collar should be popped.
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