Hilary Duff and Scientology

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hilary Duff On The Rebound … With Xenu? Actress Spotted Hanging With Young Hollywood Scientology Crowd & Rocking Scientology Symbols Post-Split From Mike Comrie | Radar Online

    By Radar Staff

    With Hilary Duff’s three-year marriage to Mike Comrie in limbo, is she looking to the Church of Scientology for comfort? The actress has been spotted hanging with the Young Hollywood Scientology crowd in the weeks since announcing her split, has learned, and even rocking a temporary tattoo with Scientology symbols!

    Duff recently hit up the Coachella music festival with longtime friend — and super Scientologist — Alanna Masterson.

    Rumored to have recently dated Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise, Masterson has been a member of the Church most of her life, along with her brothers Chris Masterson and Danny Masterson.

    According to Scientology publications, she completed her first course, the “Objectives” course at the age of 15 in 2003, and proceeded with several other courses each year including the “Seamanship” course related to the controversial Sea Organization, in which members sign contracts pledging their service for a term of one billion years.

    Masterson’s dad, Joe Reaiche, has since left the church, and recently spoke out about his concern for how deeply Masterson is enmeshed in it.

    “I paid for my kids to go to private Scientology school but it’s a total fraud,” he said. “…Recently Alanna gave them $25,000 because they told her they could give her superpowers. That’s on top of the normal 50 to 100 grand a year she pays in fees.”

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    Hilary Duff sports temporary tattoo 'with Scientology symbols and hangs out with Hollywood's Young Scientology crowd' | Mail Online

    By Marc Andrews


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  2. Random guy Member

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  3. Django Member

    Another one for the "Future Remini/Haggis/Beghe" list...
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  4. BlooAnon Member

    Run Hilary! Run!
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  5. I don't see her 'temporary tattoos' containing Scientology symbols. Or am I missing something here?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    There's a lame description/decoding of the temp tattoo in the article:
    Hillary Duff Tattoos.jpg
  7. Well, they may suggest Scientology to some thetans people but they don't really look like Scientology symbols; unless you think that any equal sided triangle is a Scientology symbol.
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh ffs, talk about creating stupid shit about nothing. iya. For what its worth, if thats the tatty up there^^^ the stupid is even more stupid than the usual stupid, oh that cresent moon? Yup, she's Turkish too.... :p
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  9. Kilia Member

    Twittered her:

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  10. I guess the REAL question with the alleged Scientology tattoo pic is......What is really going on with the boob grab?
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  11. From what I can see it doesn't look like anything sci.

    I'm guessing she is more likely into astrology and was perhaps 'trying on' a tattoo. Looking it up,
    her moon is in sagittarius (symbolized by an arrrow). The upside down triangle can also be shorthand for the feminine and the goddess.

    Or she just took a biro to her arm and thought it looked cool.

    But I don't read sci in the 'tat'.
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  12. Anonylemmi Member

    That kinda got my attention also. Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hilary Duff Shuts Down Scientology Rumors, Explains Tattoo | Gossip Cop

    Duff took to Twitter to shut down the speculation, explaining the tattoo’s actual meaning.

    “My favorite moon is out tonight which is what [my] arm tattoo actually stands for in case anyone was confused,” Duff posted on Thursday.

    Hilary Duff Debunks Scientology Reports, Explains Temporary Moon Tattoo | E! Online
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  14. vaLLarrr Member

    Duff is wise enough to know any connection with the cult is career cancer.

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