Hispanic community in Nashville

Discussion in 'Español' started by juche, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. juche Member

    Hispanic community in Nashville

    The Scientologists in Nashville have REALLY been going after the Hispanic community here. They have the Bilingual Society holding events at their building, have been holding Hispanic community-based Haiti aid collections at the Org and have had interviews on the big local Spanish language radio station, La Ley. The problem we have is that no Nashanons speak Spanish but want to let the Spanish-speaking community know what they're getting into if they continue to work with Scientology.

    Can anyone recommend good fliers or information that we could send to them? Or maybe could someone write something up that goes with our situation?
  2. andonanon Member

    Re: Hispanic community in Nashville

    Here is an old flyer.*LsqV7Vg/Flyerspanish1.pdf

    It contains a couple of sentences that might not work for you "habla con alguna de
    las personas que te dieron éste volante. Estaremos felices de hablar de ello y discutir
    nuestros puntos de vista." (speak with any of the people that gave you this flyer. We will be happy to talk about it and discuss our points of view)

    Here is a cell of anons in Spain. I know at least one visits WWP.

    Anonimos Espana

    Here is another from Mexico.

    Anonimos México - Anonimos México

    If you write up what you want to say, I will try translating for you.
  3. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: Hispanic community in Nashville

    Well, i am also available to translate... but i am in the process of purchasing another laptop... so i might not log on here for a bit. I will recomment leaving such fliers in locations where there might be hispanics, such as lavanderias and ofcourse hispanic restaurants... or whatnot...
  4. andonanon Member

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