Hollywood Christmas Parade, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Smurf, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. RightOn Member

    Thanks Smurf!!
    for the commentary and the vids
    your video shows Owen did nothing wrong
  2. Smurf Member

    Of course not. It was obvious that Doug was falsely arrested after LAPD officers were lied to. This is nothing new to these moonbats. What is so sick about all this is that the LAPD has been around long enough to know what kind of crap the Scilons engage in, and they continue to do their best to appease the Scilons until they realize their actions are going to garner the kind of scrutiny & attention that puts them in a bad light, then they back off.

    Aside from falsely detaining Doug, officers were seen continually shoving Doug into the wall (you can hear his reaction on video). This why the LAPD is considered one of the worst, if not the worst police department, in the U.S.

    Just like the actions of the LAPD last night at LA City Hall with the OccupyLA protesters. The riot police showed up at 12:01am, announced the protest was an "unlawful assembly", the protesters stood their ground (with a few being arrested for throwing objects at cops), but they eventually backed off. The LA mayor & Chief of Police backed down from their plans to evict protesters at noon today after the National Lawyers Guild filed a lawsuit against the City.

    Many suspect that the police will hatch a plan to surprise the protesters later today & implement the eviction order. The National Lawyers Guild has warned them against it.
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  3. the anti Member

    i was at winter wonderland wondering where everyone was. i got a few photos but i'll post them later. also moxon was by HGB? sounds like he was trying to avoid me
  4. Smurf Member

    "Everyone else" was not at Winter Wonderland, ya loser. :p Moxon was at the HGB because all the big fish SPs were there.
  5. subgenius Member

    $cientologists were inflating the balloon with L. Ron's left-over hot air. Trufax.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    the LAPD were probably extra edgy as many had to go to OccupyLa after midnight the same night. They were really out in force. But if they had actually tried to clear the would have been bad. Too many people and too much media.
  7. Smurf Member

    All my videos are finally up after alot of aggravation. Thanks, YouTube.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Moxon owned at 03:30

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  10. subgenius Member

    For easy reference:
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  11. Xenu Is Lord Member

    The pigs were afraid they got caught on camera and they did. Frank needs to be sued and the officers reprimanded, this is a clear case of false arrest. Even if they thought you broke the law they had no right to attack you like that unless you posed a reasonable threat.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I just filed a complaint with the LAPD Tipline on the web. I listed Officer 1 Farrell 36164 and the perpetrator. Lets see what happens.
  13. subgenius Member

    The "Jolly Coppers on Parade" (Randy Newman) are paid to be in the parade. They don't want anyone messing with that sweet gig.
    Prove me wrong.
    Oh, and all the cops on duty getting sweet time and over-time. For a parade.
  14. Xenu Is Lord Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Not in the Hollywood Parade... cheap ass spectacle.. celebretards LaToya Jackson, Montel Williams and one of the Housewives of Orange County??
  16. Anonymous Member

    Parades are probably one of the only times the LAPD cops can get some love.
  17. Smurf Member

    Dox or STFU. Seriously.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I meant, the only time they get looked at in a good light by the community.

    I didn't mean scoring hookers, though I'm sure they get freebies.
  19. the anti Member

    good times. just wish someone was around last year when i mentioned that time he almost went to federal prison in his face.
  20. Smurf Member

    I would have if a certain dickwad hadn't run a red light and whacked into my poor car.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Frank could be his father brother
  22. the anti Member

    watching smurfs videos.
    first. andy is saying he is glad no one is out protesting anymore. I guess it was really causing problems for them but i very much remember some other scientologist posting how much of a god send the protests where because it got floods of new people in.
    and watching andy, what a little bitch, you guys might of needed me. i can make him cry and scream.
    asking when the last time you helped someone? does anyone really keep track of when they do that?
    I like how some is recording the arrest, clearly what he was waiting to do
    moxon is going bald, what a loser

    also my photos are up

  23. Smurf Member

    Doubt it. I never seen Andy cry nor scream. When I'm not filming him, we can have some decent conversations. Before the parade, we chatted off-camera for a good half-hour and he was very polite & pleasant. He opened up to me about his family, why he joined Scientology in 1998, and his unhappiness with my investigating & doxing, on the Internet, his background down to the car wash place on the opposite side of the street where he lived with his first wife in Houston. He's also a bit pissed that I had conversations in the past with his sisters in Texas.

    He admits missing the family he has not seen in years. He told me why he joined the cult which I won't divulge here. Though he doesn't access the Internet himself, he is quite informed by OSAbots what I have said about him on WWP and the videos I have of him. I am saddened with Andy's involvement, but the Sea Org provides him a safe place with alot of structure & rules, as if he was in the military, and it's something he thrives on. I've tried to encourage him to look at the opportunities flying by outside the cult.. saying he'd do well in a police or military career and get decently paid for it, with benefits. He acknowledged this as true, but went back to proclaiming how much he loves the Sea Org.

    If you watch my videos, how often has Franck constantly approached us when we were talking, or radioed Andy to break up our conversations? Someone in OSA's not happy I'm chatting with him.
  24. the anti Member

    last year i kept calling him princess and he kept yelling at me to shut up
  25. Smurf Member

    Questioning his manhood? LOL. Did you see Odo when you were at Winter Wonderland? Photos?
  26. the anti Member

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  27. Smurf Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    What the fuck is that freak??
  29. Smurf Member

    Odo Huber. He's not a freak. Yes, thoroughly midfucked and full of himself, but not a freak.
  30. the anti Member

    i'm sorry, but if i knew everyone was at HGB i would of also went over there. and i got there sometime before 7:30.
  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. xenubarb Member

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  33. RightOn Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Walks like a freak, talks like a freak, looks like a freak with those dead eyes and zombie expression - I'm calling it out as a freak.
  35. ....and ram their heads into a granite building, LAPD, Scientology wants you to do this, so do as you're told.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    What a clusterfuck. I say Socal gets the band back together to go say "Sup dawg" to Andy.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Which video has Doug being man-handled by the LAPD? That would be helpful.
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  38. xenubarb Member

    On the upside, it's now easy for him to balance a beer on his head.
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  39. Smurf Member

    The location was posted on the Facebook page you created.. Lynn knew where we were going.. why not you? Also, tardiness is out-ethics.
  40. Smurf Member

    Whatev. I like Odo.

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