Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Relyt, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Relyt Member

    Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Just got back from the picket. We didn't have any handling this time, but Tim and Patty were there... they just didn't talk to us. I guess they went through some pretty heavy sec checking and were under strict orders not to communicate this time.

    However, Tory went off by herself at one moment, and some Scilons came by and kept trying to block her sign. When she would move one way, they would move along with her.

    Oh and some kid actually asked us if we're from B... was pretty funny.

    Video and more to come soon.
  2. Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    I just posted at 11:46 on the original thread, so am reposting here. Just got home from eating with fellow anons after the protest.

    I have not prepared a full report, but it was quite fun tonight. We were definitely seen by scilons attending the event. Tory and Roan will likely give a report of the 10+ OSA trying to get between them and people arriving for the FLAG World Tour. No fake anons came out to play, though :sad:

    But we did see Tim (the fellow who tried to grab The Anti's camera a few raids back). He seemed to have been out on duty just standing at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, watching our comings and goings. We said "Hai" every time we passed, as we are ever friendly.

    The place was crawling with a combination of scilons and PIs, standing on the raised walkways to see as many anons as possible. 2 anons said they saw the scientologist in this video Mark Bunker at the Celebrity Centre...the one who claimed Mark Bunker hit him. :wbmorly: I didn't see him, so hopefully it can be confirmed later.

    Some pics and video will be uploaded soon. Panda made my camera into a pandacam so I could be free to hold-up my sign, so I am sure that there are some interesting shots there. And I forgot to count, but looking at some pics I took, there were at least 15 of us there.

    All in all, a great day!
  3. Magoo Member

    Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood

    Tonight Scientology had their "FLAG WORLD TOUR" of course we (SPs,
    Critics and Anonymous) decided to picket there.

    It was at the Kodak center on Hollywood and Highland. If you're not familiar
    with this, it's huge, has 5 stories, and many entrances to it.

    So we began picketing outside the main parking entrance. Many Scios drove in, and either frowned, did the phony laugh, or flipped off Anonymous. It was a riot. Finally, I got a call from Roan, a critic from OCMB, and he said, "Look
    WAY up". I did..............and there he was, up on the 4th story walk way, waiving. He had told me, "We're not allowed on the 5th floor, but there's tons of security here.

    Curious---I headed up there. I Had my little stop sign Picket Sign saying,

    Because I was going into a public/private area, I held my sign down, with the sayings upside down. (I know from the past, people actually often look at your sign more if it's upside down, anyways :wink:)

    Ok, so I find the escalator going UP to THE I stand there, figuring, "Maybe I'll see a few of my old friends".

    OH MY GAWD! You'll see, Roan took videos and photos of it, but truly
    it was AMAZING to see.

    First this skinny lady stood infront of me, and knowing OSA, I realized quickly her intention was to block my sign. So I held it to the right of her.
    She moved right. Left---she moved left. Then more came, and more and finally there was a "Human Chain" of about 10 "OTs".

    Now get, I KNOW THESE PEOPLE! So I start saying, "What you are doing
    here tonight is WHY I LEFT SCIENTOLOGY".

    "Is this *honestly* what you got into Scientology to do---block people?"

    and my favorite:

    "IF there was no abuse in Scientology, you wouldn't have to block my sign, would you?"

    This went on for at least a half hour, if not an hour. Finally I moved right next to the escalator, and then there was no way they could block me.
    One fat guy tried to, and I moved one more foot to the right, knowing if he did---as it was an escalator---he'd be going UP. So I just said, quietly:

    ROAN continued to laugh, and film, which should be great.

    A few notable Scios I saw were Henning Helt and his wife, Mary.
    (He's one of the 11 that went to jail, years ago)
    One of the top FSMs and his wife, who said "HI" to me.
    A few of the auditors I who literally tripped on the escalator
    when he saw me with my picket sign.
    Many others who recognized me, and a few who said, "Hey hi". You could see OSA rush over to "handle them". Soooooooooooo sick, truly.

    Finally, after 8 pm, we figured the event started, so after a brief talk with security----we joined the other Anons, downstairs. Oh, and one of the security came up to me and said, "Hey! I know you from Youtube and shook my hand. COOL, EH? :cheers:

    We talked, and then decided to head
    to Mel's Diner for dinner. We sat in the back, in a totally different room,
    and were able to pull some shade, so we were blocked off from any
    Scios sneaking in. (Man these people are WEIRD!)

    As always, it was just a delight to sit with all the people and chat about real life, our lives, and what all went down tonight, too. Tasty food, deliciously lovely night............and thanks to ALL. I loved it!

    My best to all,

    PS: My 100th video is now UP :wink:
    YouTube - ToryMagoo44's Channel
  4. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    ^---I have footage of the alleged guy, I'll have to take a look so we can confirm

    Interesting day. Me and some peoples got lost at first and we literally were walking east towards the fucking life gallery when we get a call saying it was in fact near highland, so we trudge back and this is where it gets weird. We run into an older guy in blue shirt wearing a V mask. Maybe I was being confrontation but I started this whole Turing test thing, asking him why he was there. He answers "same reason you are" and I respond "and that is...."

    no response. I ask him what his thoughts on L Ron Hubbard are.

    "No comment"

    okay, this is getting weird. so he pulls out his camera and says "I guess we should just get footage of each other" or something in that vein. And we have a camera staring contest.

    Someone called the guy I was with and said he was cool though, which is doubly weird. Maybe I was a dick I'll admit but suspicions or not, you gotta be ready to speak up for yourself to whomever asks.

    Anyway we found our way towards the Hollywood-Highland shopping center parking entrance to the north end of Highland and that was kind of our staging grounds. We did wind up walking around the block couple times too. Now here's where things got interesting.

    For those of you familiar with the Hollywood-Highland shopping center, there's a sort of open air, multi-story complex next to the Mann's Chinese Theatre. We got word that Tory was enturbulating scis up top near the floors where the entrance to the swanky hotel ballroom was, where the flag event was being held. She can tell her side of the story, and in fact I and some others got footage of just that. In a nutshell, it was her and Roan up there with just a sign and literally I wanna say 10 handlers were up there doing basketball picks in order to block her from being seen.

    Anyway, since the area was private property and the security there was literally making a barrier to keep us out, we had to make a choice. Either we stay outside and continue. Or we go up and back up Tory, however we could only go up if unmasked. So it's important to have secondary disguises ready: hats, glasses, fake hair etc.

    Some people including Roan got footage so that should hopefully go up soon, however they would not let us up with HD cameras, that seems to be a rule of really big thumb when it comes to private property and cameras.

    We all had dinner later, good times.

    That guy Tim was literally being too cool for school, just flashed peace signs and said "whatever" to everything we said. Some lady he was with kept facing the corner like she was either pissing or on timeout.

    It's hard to say what the turnout for the actual event was, cuz the scis were intermingling with the public so it was hard to say. Nerve racking when you have to take the same elevator as them. I'd say at peak we had about 14
  5. Re: Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood

    I can't wait to see the video.
  6. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    He sounded like he was a $cifag.
  7. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood

    Sounded like a tremendous time.
  8. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood

    Incredible. To think being a high-level Scientologist amounts to nothing more than "being forced to stand in front of a piece of cardboard". I hope a few of them are having second thoughts after this.

    Also, can't wait to see the video! <3
  9. Magoo Member

    Re: Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood

    Me too...........Roan showed me part of it, and it's FUNNY!

    Truly, it was just the two of us, but then after we left, I told people about it, so they can post that, too, if they see this.


    Nite :wink:

  10. HeyNonnyNonny Member

    Re: Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood

    No school like the old school- keep on rockin', Tory! :mrgreen:
  11. Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    That lady was this lady:


    This pic was taken May 21, 2008
  12. Magoo Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Just curious: How is it when I start a thread, someone else takes it,
    ads their stuff, and then they change my title and are the first post? Can someone explain
    this to me? This isn't the first time this has happened.

    Thanks for the additions, just curious how that works.

    Best :wink:

  13. Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    I think both threads were merged by a moderator. When I first posted on this thread (which was the only one I saw at the time), Hieronymous was the third poster, and now he is fourth.
  14. Magoo Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Ok thanks for the explanation, Tequila! Great seeing you, tonight :wink:

  15. holdemm Member

    Re: Scientologys Human Chain in Hollywood


    I bolded the part that stuck out the most to me, you were at one point one of these weirdos. is it all that weird?
  16. Magoo Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    No, I wasn't "one of those weirdos". I always refused to do the OSA trip
    many people did back then, and did tonight. Granted, I did SOME odd stuff, but for the most part I was just myself, which was why I was more successful and why I was able to wake up! I used to tell OSA when I was "in":
    I would never do what they did tonight--------*I* would have talked with me, asked me what happened? I actually wanted to know when people left,
    and I knew just irritating them would ONLY make them stay longer, which it does! DUH! :shock::doh:


  17. Fanboy TGAT Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    EDIT: I suck... something, but nawt cawks, because I said what someone else did.
  18. roan Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    What kind of "church" needs a security detail of about 50 goons to swarm all over a mall, surveil, try to pic/namefag Anonymous and try to suppress one little ToryMagoo?!?

    I cased out the entry point for the Clam public to enter The Kodak Theatre, after awhile Tory came up and Scientology felt the need to block her, lone, upside-down sign with a Wall Of OT's!!

    Here's Part One of the video I shot:

    YouTube - Tory Magoo44, Roan & The Wall of OT's! Pt. 1

    I'll have the rest up soon... and it's ALL hilarious (in a sick, cult-like way)!!

  19. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Nice work all!

    Tory, you definitely enturbulate them in a far different manner than Anon does. All the work the ex members do produces one sort of effect while the masked Anons doing theirs creates entubr of a different kind. Sci cant say "disaffected ex members" when there are all these people in masks, because how could there be THAT many ex members (ahahah , the delusions of Sci)? But yet, Tory and the unmasked exes aren't college kidz and geeks living in their parents basement using their German psych industry paychecks to buy masks and sign making materials instead of playing WoW. Sci is confused. Tory is not our leader, who have no leaders (Okay we do, but they are in North Pole working with Santa and the Easter Bunny to bake caek for June 14), so why--how--what?

    No one saw Edie or John, two of our regular handlers. I wonder if they had other plans.

    I like when we dont have to engage with the Sci at every raid.
  20. sockpuppet Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    That's nuts, cockblocking tech in action.
  21. ZEB Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    roan: "this is your communications technology, jump in front of the sign".

    cracked me up that did!!
  22. cheat Member

  23. Voland Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Anon is common in this sort of thing. rather then have seperate things tellign similer infos they merge togethure in a symbiotic union to better the flow of information.
  24. Pelvidar Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Love the running commentary in that video roan :) Very lulzy!
  25. Daywatch Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Fucking Roan becoming a LULZ practitioner

  26. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    great photos! Wait--XENU was there? or just down the street? Shoot, I missed Xenu. I wish I had seen The Wonderous It I want a photo of me wiht every Xenu!

  27. Plups Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    This is hilarious stuff.
  28. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game


    cockblack-tech is FAIL. I can still see the sign!

    Love the running commentary.
  29. Amnon Nhymous Member

  30. nnemus Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    I almost feel sorry for those OTs. Almost
    They look so pitifully enturbulated and to think .... of all the money and time they've spent cumulates into a story about space aliens.
    Which makes me wonder, scilons officially deny the Xenu story but then when members hear it during the OTIII course then they discover that they have been lied to by their organization ... doesn't this raise their suspicion in the least? And if DM decides to change the story then he is "squirreling" the tech which is a high crime. After all, DM has changed Hubbard's writings before.
  31. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    We'll certainly be a lot stronger once we find out whether or not Xenu is still being taught. In any case, the two possible options - space aliens or DM squirreling - are more than enough to enturbulate Scilons with as it is.
  32. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game


    Redo this video with the HOKEY POKEY MUSIC! OSA put your butt in, put your butt out, put your butt in and shake it all all about. Do the Enturbulation and try to block the sign. That's what its all about!
  33. brvandal Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Also after the raid, we took the red line. As we were about to board (when the train arrived) several sea org members got out and realized we were directly in front of them and were COMPLETELY shocked to the point they didnt know whether or not to go left or right to exit. it was a "kodak" moment for me.
  34. Tay Zonday Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    Of course you answered that you were from eBaums right? lol
  35. Agent Strong Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    We were positioned mostly by the parking entrance. I saw large numbers of Scientologists drive in and found they could easily be identified by three outward expressions -- usually confirmed by the Scientology symbol stuck to the back bumper. I have to say that a lot of their cars are downstat -- old and dirty mostly. There were some good vehicles in the mix too, but many were clunkers.

    How to tell if the driver is a Scientologist:

    1) They look bitter and unhappy. They won't look at you or your sign, and if they are really brainwashed, they will hold their hand up to shield themselves from the onslaught of enturbulation.

    2) They look at your sign, their mouths lip synch the words. They demonstratively laugh -- overacting and making sure that you know they are laughing; a dramatic, knee-slapping kind of laugh. This sort of thing, probably coached by Milton Katselas, is not followed by a thumbs up.

    3) They flip you the bird. That's right, devout religious types from a real, certified church will flip you the bird. They know it's out PR, and they don't want anyone to see what they have done, so it's a quick bird -- put away immediately so the rest of the world won't see how vulgar and negative these fine religious folks really are.
  36. Snake Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    I hope Roan doesn't mind me posting the second one but it's SOOO MUCH funnier than the first one!!

    YouTube - Tory Magoo, Roan &amp;amp; The Wall of OT's! Pt. 2

    Special guests: Tom Burpee and Patty O'Furniture.

    Last night was massive win! I went in to go film and get Tory out after about an hour in there. It was me and 2 fellow anon, we took the elevator to the top, and a big black guy was standing there guarding the door to the elevator and knew we werent in the right spot. Once we got on the right floor and saw Tory, this one security who we have had issues with in the past, tried to get me and 2 other anon to go somewhere with him. I told him fuck no, and he responded with &quot;uuuhhh well ok just point your camera down.&quot; Then Roan started asking him why he could film with his tiny camera but I couldn't with mine. Once again the douchecock sounded like a real rent-a-cop, &quot;It's fine if you film but this is private property and I don't want HIM filming.&quot; I replied with &quot;Don't worry I won't film. Chill, bro.&quot; He responded with the massive lulz line of, &quot;I'm chill, bro. I'm chill.&quot; We finally got Tory out safe and back onto the streets with us.

    Great job for everyone who showed up! We had massive car traffic where we stood as well as foot traffic when we were in front of the Kodak.

    My favorite moments of the night were seeing 5 OSA people on each elevator entrance and exit in the H&amp;H mall (you could smell the blue asbestos in the air.), seeing Tim just standing in a corner all night, with nothing but that poor old Scilon woman who they drag out there to plant and fail with her sign. But the best of the best was seeing BUDDY!!!! Oh man, I almost came when I saw him.


    But ya, once again, I'd like to thank everyone who came out tonight, and encourage anyone who's never done a flash raid to come out. You won't regret it!
  37. Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    It looks like some of the OTs are cracking a smile at times, in response to Roan's commentary. Do they somehow realize the silliness of it all, yet are doing "what they think needs to be done under the circumstances"? Do they "mean well" (e.g. are you guys just pesky and silly, like children among grown-ups) or are they just robotically obliterating SPs?
  38. Magoo Member

    Re: Hollywood Kodak Theater Raid 6/7 post-game

    To tooooooooooooo funny! Thanks, Roan, for taking this, showing
    how absolutely weird Scientology is, in 2008!

    They stopped doing these weirdo actions in 2000, and have hidden inside for 8 years. Now they're reverting back to their old, failure
    ways of passing out black pr (TOTAL FAIL) and the human chain.
    (Just funny and shows exactly why people like me LEFT)

    Could they look worse? Would *you* ever join a 'Church" who does things like this?

    Great job, Anonymous! Yes, Scientology reacts more to me, in person, because I am OT 7----and that's a HUGE deal to them, as most people are below me, plus despite their snide remarks about me, many liked me when I was "in". They see an OT 7 out, and go: "HUH? Why is SHE out? She did OT 7". Thus they try to block me and the sign.

    Don't think for one minute Anonymous isn't freaking them out. The very fact that they're reverting to these old, feeble, failure ways is DUE TO ANONYMOUS. I'm sure they're getting orders from Davey


    And next week is Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    Yes! Come to the pickets! They are **very** fun, and you help people. Trust me, some of those people are wondering:
    "Why the masks? Who are those people? Why were those OSA people forming that human chain? What am I not seeing?

    That's the beginning :) :) :)

    GREAT JOB ANONYMOUS! Thanks to Roan Productions, too ~~

  39. brvandal Member

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