Hombre interviews an independant scientologist

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Hombre, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    I'll be interviewing independant scientologist Stefan Tunedal who recently published a book (link to his own site in swedish) about his experiences in the cult which he left in January 2010.

    I'll be asking him some questions about his experiences and where he stands in certain matters regarding scientology. But Chanology is a group effort so I'm looking for questions from Anonymous to mr. Tunedal. Your questions don't have to be regarding his experiences or his book, anything related to Scientology is fine.

    Video will be put on youtube.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Ask him if he still believes because you wear a mask and protest that makes you less than 2.0 and if he believes you should be removed from society without sorrow.
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  3. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    ^ Only 1.1s get removed and lord knows I aint gay.

    or am I wrong? About the 1.1 and below part and those above are cool?
  4. BLiP Member

    Ask him:

    . . . good luck with that ; )
  5. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    If you have dox that's relevant to your question, please add :)
  6. Anonymous Member

    No 1.1 are the Covert Hostility, they will put a knife in your back while they wear a smile. These are categorized by such things as homo sexuality and lingering illness like epilepsy.

    I'm pretty sure LRH marked. "Normal": at 2.5 and below 2.0 people have "a sort of resonance affect, they will bring down the cultural tone of society."

    Check 13 Heathens Video here for great Justice!

  7. BLiP Member

  8. THis^^ It's rather chilling to hear see that again. Those vids are really what got me into protesting. It was for the lulz at first, but seeing this tech explained illustrates exactly how dangerous the Cult is. This is also why I have little love for people that are out but still drink the cool aid. Marty and the like that still support such tech are still evil in my book.
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  9. sallysock Member

    Congratulations on this. I am very curious as to when/ why he decided to get out.How? Also what happened immediately afterward.
    Also- did he come into contact with anon or critics...if so- what did he think? more thing: Did the internet help him to become informed while still in and what went down? Has he been disconnected from his family (ugh- just writing that makes me let's hope: NO!)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    What support systems did he use while withdrawing from scientology? What helped him the most? What could help future departing scientologists? Does he have recommendations for effective protest action, anonymous or otherwise?
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  11. Smurf Member

    You definitely aren't.... to Graham & Michael's disappointment... :)
  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. sallysock Member

  14. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    I'll give this another 12 or so hours before compiling so pooost moooore
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Could you please ask him if he really believes that the only reason a person becomes sick or has an accident is because of a suppressive person in his/her life? I find the Xenu story easier to believe.

    Also, what does he think of those who blame Scientology's nastiness on David Miscavige but refuse to admit that Scientology was abusive under L. Ron Hubbard?
  17. Hombre,

    I would like to know his views on the Sea Org. Did he think it was necessary for Scientology to function? Did he think it was strange at all - Hubbards on fake floating navy, complete with uniforms and rank.

  18. Anonymous Member

    Has he gotten what was promised by scientology? Did he get what he paid for? Also, what has it cost him? Not just talking $!
  19. n3uromanc3r Member

    How did he get involved in Scientology? How did other Scientologists he knew get involved? Does he regret his former involvement, or does he consider it to be a "learning experience?"
  20. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Sent about 20 questions now, waiting for answers :)
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  21. Enturbulette Member

    Aww I missed out, anyway I'll put this out there...

    I want to understand something pretty basic. I would like to know what is it about the courses and written materials that keeps people coming back for more and paying for it? The ravings of a starkers drug addled butthole, written down, just don't seem like something that could suck so much money out of people, so what does he remember about having a hard on for more and more tech?
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  22. OhSah Member

    Ask him what it's like to be a moron who believes in a grown mans delusion that the lensman chronicles is real.
  23. Robocat Member

    Do you like/have any of these?

    1) Does a thetan have measureable weight, like Ron said?
    2) Are gays "covert hostility"?
    3) Can one gain an IQ point per hour of auditing?
    4) Do you go exterior at will, with full perception?
    5) If so, do you travel to other planets and times?
    6) If so, did you go to incident I or II? Where/when did you go?
    7) (A) How is it that counter intention or a PTS or SP can ruin people taking courses? (B) Do you disconnect from people?
    8) If you believe #7(A) is so, does this have any relationship to Ron's study of magic? It sounds like spell casting beliefs.
    9) Ron said he has no R6 because he's not from this planet. Did you find out what planet you're from?
    10) Why has no one died from reading or hearing OT III/IN II?
    11) Is religion implants?
    12) Have you ever exteriorized and examined the past like Ron? If so, did you go back millions or quadrillions of years?
    13) What do you think of clearing the planet? Is this sensible or even possible?
    14) Do you pay taxes?
    15) Do you use a legal e-meter? If so, did you make the label yourself?
  24. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    It's been a while and I'm releasing the interview in text form instead of video since Stefan has been very occupied with IRL stuff.

    Could you introduce yourself, who are you, what have you been
    through, what are you doing now etc?

    I'm Stefan Tunedal, born 1959 and living in Skogås, just south of Stockholm, Sweden. I live with my ex-wife and our son who is 14. I am self employed since 1985 and today I am a painting artist and have the ambition to become a writer. I read Dianetics in 1979 and joined staff at the Church of Scientology ((CoS) in Stockholm in 1980, worked in the Guardian's Office for a few years, was recruited for the Sea Organisation and spent a few years at Flag, Florida. I found conditions to be too poor, my life on staff was not what I wanted, so I left in 1984. Between 1985 and 1987 I did up to the Scientology level of OT VII and finished before OT VIII was released. I never did OT VIII. In the beginning of the 90:ies I started to seriously question where the CoS was going and by around 1998 I had more or less disconnected myself from what was going on. My main objections had to do with the no children rule in the Sea Organisation, and fund raising events. I finally found proof that the CoS management had been lying about statistics and that staff was abused. I publicly left the CoS in january 2010.

    1) How did your life change from before you joined the COS to when you
    were in and to where you are now? How has Scientology affected your

    Applying the philosophy has worked well for me. The group, the movement, is another story. I find that living as part of this movement has made my life more difficult. I made all the decisions regarding my life, but observably I went downhill financially and emotionally between 1988 and 1995 due to my involvement in the group. Leaving the group, which was done on a gradient, has been good for me.

    2) What made you decide to leave the CoS? Was it a difficult decision
    to take what do you think helped you the most?

    As I said, when I found proof on CoS management lying about statistics (the so called expansion) and about staff being abused at the international headquarters. I understood that the awkwardness I experienced with the group was not a local matter, but that it was a matter of bad management and that the whole organisation was infected. It was not a hard decision to make. It was the only decision I could make. I was helped by the available information on internet and my own demand of justice.

    3) What made you decide to write your book and why do you think people
    should read it?

    The CoS and members treated me and my family badly. This started for me personally already back in the 90:ies when I started to voice my concerns, and it culminated when I left. I wanted to tell the story. It's revenge. I sought redemtion for myself and my family. I wanted to tell on those within CoS who has been acting like jerks. That's my emotional motive. I believe that the book presents an insight in a group going bad, how a group psychosis evolves.

    4) Did you have to disconnect from any friends or family while in
    Scientology and have you reconnected to any of them now that you're
    out? Did you - while still in - approve of the disconnection policy
    and has your views of it changed since you've left?

    I had to disconnect from a few people in the 80:ies. I have reconnected with two of them now recently. Yes, I approved of the disconnection policy when I was in. Today I see it for what it is, a destructive system.

    5) What would you say is the biggest difference between an independant
    scientologist and a member of the CoS?

    An independent scientologist is free to speak his or her mind. They are able to investigate all aspects of the situation. A member is not allowed to look, unless he is prepared to oppose the management directives, this is the main difference, I think.

    6) If Scientology is indeed a religion and if scientologists believe
    in and defend freedom of religion, why are "squirrels" such a bad
    thing? Don't they have their right to believe what they want just as
    much as the CoS? What are your views of squirreling and have they
    changed since you left?

    My view has not changed. People will do what they want and they have every right to. It's a personal choice. Within the organisation it's another matter. If staff change the methods, the result will not be what was expected.

    7) Following that question, you might have seen where Marty gets a
    visit from the CoS Squirrel busters. Now as the video author states,
    both the CoS and Marty claim to deliver the tech that betters a man
    and can make him free from his reactive mind, go OT and be at cause
    over MEST. Neither the Squirrel Busters nor Marty appear in this video
    like calm, wise, reasonable adults. It really doesn't seem like the
    tech has helped any of them become better persons. What is your take
    on this?

    I will not defend the people you mention, but I can say that the tech will not save you from becoming upset. The tech will not make you unable to respond with anger, fear, boredom or any such emotion. You will experience emotions and you might express them openly, if this is what you're about.

    8) What do you think about the Fair Game policy? Why do you think LRH
    wrote it in the first place, what do you think of the "cancellation"
    and what meassures do you think is morally right to take against an
    SP? Follow-up: Have you experienced Fair Game by the CoS and would you
    blame a scientologist for following the LRH fair game policy handling
    a declared suppressive using dirty tricks or even illegal actions?

    LRH solved some of the problems he was facing, using solutions based on his own background. The Fair Game policy was a mistake, of this I am certain. We all have a right to defend ourselves against those who try do make nothing of us, but the CoS has gone nuts with this. They have lost the ability to really communicate - say listen. I have experienced Fair Game since I left and started blogging, and I don't take this lightly. I expose it, including the names of those behind it, and in one case I contacted swedish authorites.
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  25. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Apparantly WWP has a 10,000 letter cap on posts. Gay. Anyway, continued here:

    9) Can you describe your views on Suppressives? Do you believe that
    the only reason a person becomes sick or has an accident is because of
    a suppressive person in his/her life?

    No, I don't believe this. A person can live his or her life in such a way that he may become sick or have an accident. I have met just a few persons which I would label suppressive to the core. I keep them away because if I would let them into my life, my life would be harder to manage. This is obvious stuff. I believe most people have some sort of system of qualifying who to be friends with, do business with, marry etc.

    10) You were still inside the CoS when Anonymous began protesting
    around the world. What did the church tell you about Anonymous and did
    you ever feel like you should try to apply some universal solvent? Did
    you do any research on Anonymous of your own while still in? How has
    your views on Anonymous changed since you left? Are there things about
    Anonymous that you do not agree with or do not understand?

    I first became aware of the Anonymous when I left the church last year. Remember, I stopped attending church events around 1994 and I was not informed of the Anonymous protests, being busy elsewhere for some time. I believe that I have a fair understanding of the Anonymous, much thanks to some of your individual members. There are a few things about the Anonymous which I don't understand, but this is not important. My understanding will probably grow. I am a bit fascinated by the movement, what it manifests, where you will go from here etc.

    11) Many times when Anonymous is protesting we urge scientologists to
    communicate and discuss whatever the matter may be - disconnection,
    fair game, abuse, etc. Rarely does a scientologist actually try to
    talk about these things and when it happens it's almost always the
    pre-clears who are oftentimes called inside the building never to come
    out to talk again. What's going on in peoples heads when told by
    church staff to communicatewhich is one of Scientology's core

    Fear. Staff scare them. They basically say you're suppressive and this blocks any further communication. I understand how this could be frustrating for you. I experience a similar situation.

    12) What do you think about the stories that tell of abuse before DM -
    under LRH's command or even by LRH himself?

    The tough and abusive attitude of the Sea Org was surfacing early, maybe from its very formation. I have no certainty on that LRH was part of any abuse, but if he was then I feel sorry about it.

    13) What do you think of the Sea Org in general? Is the Sea Org at all
    necessary for Scientology?

    Today it's a confused and destructive organisation. It's unwanted and now parting with society. This is evident. We don't need it, no.

    14) Would you say the word "cult" is an accurate description of the

    It's ok. But I prefer to call it a confused group when I describe it to others.

    15) Tommy Davis, the CoS head spokesperson admitted in 2009 that the
    infamous Xenu story is part of Scientology's teachings. This has long
    been known among critics but nobody really expected the CoS to admit
    this big secret. What do you think about this development and what do
    you think about Tommy Davis as a spokesperson?

    It's not as charged a subject as it used to be, I think. I was earlier told by local CoS management that it was my duty to guard the stolen and published confidential materials for hours here in Sweden. I said no, and got into trouble because of my refusal. Once it was out they probably should have just let it be and avoided most of the confusions and upsets.

    16) Do you believe that non-heterosexuals are "quite ill physically"
    as it says in Dianetics (page 125 english version as of 2008)?

    Don't know, but I have no real knowledge in this area. One of my best

    friends is gay and he seems to be doing ok, and "quite ill physically" seems to fit many in western society. When I see people, especially if they are 40 years or older, this seems to be a common situation.

    17) Are these questions that would get you in trouble if you were
    still in the CoS?

    Yes, and so would my answers. :)

    18) What do you want to say to the scientologists that are still in
    watching this video?

    Scientology didn't take away your right to investigate.


    If anyone has any follow-up question, I've linked Stefan to this thread so maybe he'll answer them ;)
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  26. leafs Member

    Nice interview. I think one point that many non-CoS-Scientologists and outside critics can agree upon is that open discussion of Scientology and of the organization is necessary and that it is quite telling that the Church of Scientology is opposed to that. For that reason the existence of groups of scientologists outside of the CoS is an important development. Any kind of really free and open discussion, even if in support of Scientology, fundamentally undermines CoS.
  27. anonsparrow Member

    Great work Hombre! I enjoyed reading your questions and his answers. And in English!
  28. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    ^ Oh I would never make you have to use google translate, Sparrow <3
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  30. moarxenu Member

    Totally excellent. Good on ya, Hombre!
  31. Smurf Member

    I use it and you give me a hard time over it. Grrr..
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. koeig Member

    Yesterday I did a 20 min seminar about the book at the Gothenburg Book fair. The hall was packed - huge interest. A sound file will in time be available on my blog /tunedal
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