Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by RovingAxe, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. RovingAxe Member

    Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

    Though I do not have any imagery available, there was a 3 member cell presence maintained at least between 1330 - 1600 hours.

    1355 - 1405 hrs: Gary is outside smoking cigarrete, while looking at Anonymous cell.
    He is later joined by a white male with medium length dark hair in his 20's.

    1420 hrs: U.S. Postal Service makes two separate deliveries to the Scientology mailbox.

    1421 hrs: Houston Police Department Helicopter approaching from the North flying at aprrox:250m altitude flies overhead and lowers to approximately 75-100meters. The helicopter makes one complete circle directly over 2 block radius with Scientology Outpost/Fondren/Westheimer as epicenter.
    After failing to observe massive terroristic riots, HPD Helicopter Unit returns to its original heading and altitude...(Due South)

    1425 hrs: A white male child 8-10 years of age with short brown hair is seen moving around behind the iron ramparts.

    1427 hrs: White female 40's with light hair approaches outpost, recovers mail, and enters the building.

    1432 hrs: The same white female returns to the parking lot and transports several cardboard file boxes by dolly into the outpost. (Audit records?)

    1440 hrs: A second trip to transport file boxes into the outpost is made.

    1442 hrs: A group of 3 adult white males, and one white female in 20-30's arrive and enter outpost.
    From a different location in the parking lot, a white female in 50's also approaches and enters outpost.

    For approximately a period of one hour there is no observable activity.

    1546 hrs: A male/female hispanic couple (time of entry unknown) in early 30's are seen exiting the outpost.

    During the period between 1430 - 1600, a tan colored SUV parks in the lot in such a way as to block view of Scientology outpost from Anonymous remote viewing location. The Vehicle remains occupied at all times with a single (Hispanic?) male slouching in the drivers seat with face hidden from view.

    The vehicle license plates are identified as R392JE from the State of Florida.

    Anonymous is seen leaving the scene at 1600 hrs, however, Anoymous cell returns to location after a period of 5-10 minutes. The SUV from Florida with "Mystery Man" is gone.

    Is it possible that Gary has received "reinforcments" or support from Clearwater in anticipation/fear of the ongoing presence of Anonymous?

    The rain was not too bad. Looking forward to Next Week 21st !

    "De Oppresso Liber"
  2. Sativa Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    [ame=]YouTube - Feb. 14th, 2009: Scientology Protest Houston[/ame]
  3. Re: Houston, TX

    Nice video Satty!
  4. SRQanon Member

    Re: Houston, TX

    NICE! glad to see you finally came ot a protest and there was a relatively good turnout
  5. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

    You scare my customer! You go now! Me use finger point at you!

    Good job guys! I lol'd.
  6. AnonFlash Member

    Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

    I lol'd. Pretty great video. I really want to go to the next one.
  7. anon0004 Member

    Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

    how could I miss this detailed report?
  8. Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

    I wonder if Gary blew? will find out next week.
  9. Sativa Member

    Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame



    As /r/'d
  10. Domtar Member

    Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame

    Sup fags. It's been too long since I've seen all of your smiling mustachioed faces. Glad to see some 'turbulation. Great video Satty
  11. AnonRobot Member

    Re: Houston, TX 14. feb 09 postgame


    We should have a party to celebrate each win!

    :D What do you guys think?

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