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  1. Houston

    I hope this isn't a dupe. I looked for a Houston report thread.

    I am tired and in desperate need of a shower, but I wanted to say that everything seemed to go very well in Houston. Turnout was between 50 and 100 (I think it was much closer to 100 than 50). There were no incidents. Police was VERY cooperative (to my surprise) and some, after reading our various hand-outs, even said that they wish they were out there with us.

    The scilons hid inside their place, which was conveniently placed well off the street for them. There were some out and about and taking photos. I did not detect any infiltration. There were no agiteurs, at least.

    Meme-age was present, but I feel it wasn't too intrusive. Better than I expected. There were some anons who were doing a great job acting as liaisons for the police and media, as well as generally keeping everyone informed. I hope they are reading this. Thanks.

    The public seemed to overwhelmingly support us.

    For next time: More bold, visible signs. More signs in Spanish. Make hand-outs in Spanish. Someone for the love of all things holy, bring sunblock.
  2. HoustonAnon Member

    I posted my report in PostGame instead of Breaking news

    Way more than 50. I was on the SE corner and while I was there, there was always at least 25 on that corner alone, and at times I counted well over 30. The other corners looked pretty big too, only the NW corner would occasionally have as few as 7 or 8.
  3. elwood Member

    I posted my report over on OCMB. I was on the SE corner as well and you all did great. It was great to meet you guys and girls. 'til next time...
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