how can i make a website for anonymous for free or cheap?

Discussion in 'How To' started by anonymous-weirdo, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Basically I thought of a idea that I could make a website for file sharing 5 tabs,
    1. Active anon YouTubers / videos
    2. Free downloads / music, pictures, art, video effects etc.
    3. Live chat room
    4. News feed for recent changes
    5. Support and maybe a donate button etc.

    But not sure where to start?

    P.s. not sure if its the right place to go.

    (I have Twitter @AnonimousWeirdo, youtube account: UnidentifiedWeirdo)

    *website at the moment is:
    (Nothing on it yet)
  2. Anonymous Member

    It all sounds fine, though the free downloads would probably cause you some trouble.
    You could try an 'anon radio' and stream and maybe do quizzes or something + music...
    Or you could sneak in a tool bar that searches for torrents, after all, search engines aren't illegal.
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  3. Enturbulette Member

    It never ceases to amaze me how a non thread like this manages to hang on the what's new page. wtf?
  4. what's that suppose to mean eh?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. WMAnon Member

    WP with mibbit on your "chat" page pointing to a room on AnonNet or AnonOps

    Also good luck with that.
  7. WP stands for?
  8. World Power
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  9. Anonymous Member

    WP = WordPress.
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  10. O yes silly me Ima bit slow.
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  11. WP = wimps pee (in their pants)
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  12. I hosted a radio before so I can easily do it again plus I ment if people requests me to add files i will add my self.
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  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    While these are good ideas, I am not so sure you can find a free web host site for all of that. Most free sites will restrict your bandwidth or are very sensitive about file sharing.

    You probably are better off going the pay-per-hosts sites.
  14. WMAnon Member

    Your header image is really pixelated and I'm not sure about the purple background (green is a more typical color for these kinds of sites, although I'm partial to blue as well).

    For your free downloads, dig around the production studio some more, we've got a lot of good stuff in there people want to have spread around.
  15. AnonSpectre Member

    Try Its free and you barely notice the "webs" part of the URL. This looks more professional. You could try downloading Kompozer and getting some HTML templates for a website. Then run a quick search for free web hosting, there is some out there, I've been there before. This will be better because you will probably be better for making a chat room, will give you grief for that.
  16. I was actually making background and header, for the time being im using the header and background I chose randomly.
    Plus I tried webs hosting and didn't give you much options to Wordpress
  17. WMAnon Member

    You can always buy a domain too, they're p cheap
  18. Malory Member

    You'll learn as you go along, the important thing is you're taking the first steps.
  19. thanks that means allot.
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  20. but the good thing is yearly i pay $25,
    dollars is about £15 for me which is great XD
  21. Enturbulette Member

    sorry, I had a bad day and grumbled out loud. It didn't have anything to do with you OP. I like the design of your page, it is soothing to the eye.

    You might enjoy the free real time tool which you can add to your page as a gadget and gives you a modicum of info about who visits and for how long, what pages they view and how they exit.
  22. veravendetter Member

    /r/ OP streams episodes of Kojak.
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  23. ok will do.
  24. Anonymous Member

    For your live chat you can look at either Subway or qwebirc which are both web frontends for an IRC server of your choosing.
  25. woa looks confusing i'll look at a youtube video when i have time.
  26. ok now i don't have a header picture and the background looks coolish.

    P.S. i cannot upload plug-ins till i have paid for domain or other settings, so i won't be able to do that for a while.
  27. Anonymous Member

    How will this help us fight Scientology?
  28. WMAnon Member

    This is the Cross-Initiative section, OP may not be here for Chanology.
  29. Anonymous Member

    WP = Warm Piss
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  30. It's now going to have a go at irc chat next, if I can.
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  31. Thanks for all the help guys.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    How will THIS help us fight Scientology?
  33. WMAnon Member

    Well, unless you're in Clearwater or LA most people don't give two fucks about Scientology any more, and in many cities rightfully so. Having strong political positions and being involved in active movements (such as the anti-acta/sopa/pipa crowd or occupy) gives us a foot in the door with more people than we would be working with otherwise, and the oh-so-exploitable opportunity to inoculate said people from the cult.
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  34. Stranger13 Member

    hi im new here. try really nice. i use it alot personally. but it is watched. so careful ;).
  35. Stranger13 Member

    hey bud its really nice but dark its kinda hard to see. just a tip.
  36. AntiVirus Member

    I use for free unlimited web hosting. Works great [;
  37. Honigdachs Member

    check dis

    Online Cell Organisation

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