How can I setup a Tor relay for the Iranians?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. I've tried setting up a proxy for hours on end yesterday through Austin Heap's method but no luck. Tor seems easier. Can anyone help?
  2. Bcoat Member

    try this for proxy. it's pretty self-explanatory. you just need to download config file and forward ports, if needed. that's it.

    UPD: sorry, haven't seen you talking about Tor first. anyways, those instructions on proxy is useful as well. here's Tor settings.
  3. donjoe Member

    Is Tor still being used much? Do they need more bridges/tunnels or rather more relays?
  4. Bcoat Member

    afaik bridges are more of a use
  5. Swift_Stealth Member

  6. echo-IRAN Member

    bridge to nowhere?
  7. Fancy Member

    I unistalled it myself.
  8. echo-IRAN Member

    Mod, should proxies go into Stay Anonymous thread?

    OK the borup is obvious bull shit, against what you can find in the TOR website and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Others are just wrong. I know it's obvious troll, but anyway...

    TOR relay works on Windows XP, the only config you need is to choose to run a relay. With a pnp firewall, you only need to check autoconfig and press the test button. And if you play games or torrents, you already know how to deal with your ports. See the TOR relay thread here and links to elsewhere.

    If you think it interferes with your email or anything, probably you should not do anything. Even if you allow the highest bandwidth, it's nothing by today's home broadband standards. You can choose a very low bandwidth. You can see how little your network resources is used in the Task Manager.

    TOR and EFF has many info about legal matters. Nobody ever had any legal trouble because of running TOR relay. The EFF is happy to represent you in US and find help for you in other countries.

    What "wire tap statue" and "illegal content" is totally rubbish. If there is any truth in it TOR would have been closed down years ago. The only possible legal problem is that you look at the content at the exit node, which violates the term of use of TOR. But you have to get caught doing it, which is pretty useless because people are smart enough to use https in gmail for really private matters.
  9. donjoe Member

    No, it's not a "bridge to nowhere", at this time there are more relays than bridges out there. The biggest problem is getting the bridge addresses to the people without making them public, 'cos the regime will find them and block Iranian access to our IPs.
  10. echo-IRAN Member

    Nobody actually knows anything.

    Freegate again allows Iranian access just before the election, but rejected them again because server overload. That would be millions of Iranians using it, but nobody mentioned the status of it. And they wanted squid.

    I saw a video of the girl that showed the net is dead slow and ultrasurf didn't work. That means millions of Iranians could have ultrasurf on their laptops and PC's. And they wanted squid.

    Nobody actually claimed that TOR is blocked in Iran.

    Delays have to be shared globally and only Iranians needed bridges. Do your arithmetic. And also use it and see the speed yourself. If it works in Iran it must be a lot slower still.

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