How do you know if ur doin it rite?

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by SquirrelBait, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. SquirrelBait Member

    When the $cilons call the cops, that's how! Santa Rosa cultists didn't know what to do with us. While we were out there last month, we learned that the "church" was only open Saturday mornings. So we went back this month in the early hours to introduce ourselves properly by dancing outside their window. It took them about at hour to finally close the blinds. Which, if that wasn't enough of a win, then then later called the cops on us in, what leads me to believe that Sun Pacific Real Estate & Mortgage is a Scientology business, this is still to be investigated. Pics to be posted when I get home.
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  2. anonymous612 Member this a postgame report? For what day, today? Santa Rosa is California, I assume?

    Srsly, lern2title.
  3. SquirrelBait Member

    Srsly, learn to deduce. In the defense of my title, I thought it would be amusing as we are newfags to the game and had a very successful raid. :p and, well, since you want to nitpick, I'd change it but I can't.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    When she shivers and cant move!!!!!!!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Would be interesting to know if that is a WISE business and who owns the actual building. Then you could post if there are ever any vacant units that its only funding the cult.
  6. Anonymous Member

    yeah baby
  7. firebug Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    How do you know if ur doin it rite?

    When newfags get the scilons to bawww and call the cops. Then newfags inform cops of bad cult. Cops say carry on. Win!
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  9. slobeck Member

    I see targeting the Santa Rosa org as an awesome thing. SR is sort of a redneck-y town 50 or so miles North of SF. They have probably felt relatively safe from Anon's and critics in general being a sleepy little town that most Bay Area people think rarely about if at all. They we're prolly caught relatively surprised.

    We (well, at least me) love videos and pix of scilons freaking out and employing curtain-tech and other avoidance-tech (even tho we've seen it a million times - it never gets old) and their lame-ass attempts to use the local police as their personal army can be really lulzy if caught on video. GOGO Santa Rosa Anons!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Well done op.
  11. over9000OT Member

    I always feel better when the cops show up. You know that you're enterbulating them. I mean, if there was any such thing as a clear, they wouldn't need the police would they? Every time they call the cops, they are admitting that Scientology is a joke.
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  12. firebug Member

    Lynn and her husband Forest have some experience with the police
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  13. xenubarb Member

    OMG what a bonus! Criminals running a Scientology establishment; this should def. be exploited locally. This thing is a mission, not an org, right?
    One of the little feeder ponds that eventually leads to the Big Org and the OT levels, woop!
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  14. slobeck Member

    ooo. the plot thickens. What is I'm supposed to do when a I spot a whale?
  15. moarxenu Member

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  16. Orson Member

    Santa Rosa added to the list of cities. Well done, SRFags.
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  17. SquirrelBait Member

  18. Mark Cabian Member

    This thread just became splendid.
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    So much win.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I just love that they have TARD in their surname!!!!1 LMAO
  22. SquirrelBait Member

    Yeah the "not scientologists" didn't like our warning message. Originally I thought these people were just ornery business people, but there attitudes towards us and the calling of the police were a clear sign otherwise.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Did you hear what sounded like a woman yelling "I'm NOT selling shit out of a trailer again!"?
  24. SquirrelBait Member

    No, but the first guy who came out and complained at us claimed to be a realtor, of course the only license's listed under Sun Pacific is that of the Tardibuono. But this guy looks like a scifag to me: (also not the guy who came out to yell at us).
  25. amaX Member

    Well done, newfagAnonSantaRosians!
  26. Ogsonofgroo Member

    'Oops there goes gravity!' (M&M i think)
  27. Anonymous Member

    Anyone care to match this up with their Service and Course Completions?

    What that I see?

    Your wife is a drug addict with "second dynamic" issues who flunked her Prosperity Rundown?
    She's run into further Ethics, leading to a condition of False Purpose against Scientology?
    Even so, she's made it to OT VI, while you're still struggling at OT V?

    Your kids aren't rocketing up the Bridge so fast, even though you invested what would have been their college savings in making them IAS Patrons?

    This doesn't look good.
    Run, Forest, run!
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  28. Loki's spawn Member

    Good work, Anons!
  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    "How do you know if yur doin' it rite?"

    Your balls glow and there's a check in the mail?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    It takes 3 hours to clean it up.
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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. MOOG Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Congratulations are in order. You cats n kittens are doin it rite.
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  34. slobeck Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    You know how to talk suave, Anon <3
  36. A9nym0us Member

    Nice raid! Splendid results for a first!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I lived in Petafuckinluma.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This!!!
  40. Ann O'Nymous Member

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