How far would Ahmadinejad go in order to cling onto power?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Cattypuss, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Cattypuss Member

    Ahmadinejad and the hardline Clerics that back him will be the ruination of Iran. Just read what this man is truely capable of in the article below:

    Matthias Kntzel: Ahmadinejad's World

    This is the 21st century and a stand must be taken against tyrants, dictators, warlords and religious fanatics that infest this planet.

    Iran's people need support from those that cherish freedom....and it's time that governments grew a spine in standing up to these despicable regimes.
  2. Lynx Member

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  3. How far would he go?
    *Say the protesters aren't Iranians, they're "dust".
    *Get a good night's sleep while Neda and other peaceful protesters are killed in front of their friends and family.
    *Charge the grieving families 611-9000 pounds to get the bodies of their sons and daughters out of the morgue.

    How's that for a start?:eek:
  4. Is Ahmadinejad really a Ph.D.?


    I hold Iranian academic institutes to quite a high regard.
    I understand Ahmadinejad supposedly received his doctorate from IUST in 1997.
    Now, the man, to put it mildly, is not really the epitome of wisdom, from what I've seen of him. How is that possible that he received his Ph.D. from such a prestigious institute then?

    Is there anyone here who's been a student of his and can tell us about him as an acdemic?

  5. Runa Member

    Isn't Ahmadinejad an engineer?

    Y' know, I've read some authors who claimed that the reason countries like, for instance, Cuba and Iran, have so many medicine students (Cuba's famous for its doctors) or engeneering students is part of a well-planned strategy by the govt: they purposefully encourage the young to study in the science field to keep the from the social/humanistic orientated careers. Why? Because activists are usually lawyers or sociologists, etc. Also, universities that offer a degree in social studies are a melting pot for social movements, political parties, etc. And dictators/regimes do not have any love for social movements that could disrupt the socia order. So they resort to subtle strategies like offering scholarships for those who enter the science field, etc.

    Sure, in Iran you have the Oil factor, but still.
  6. Cattypuss Member

    Has anybody noticed how most tyrants and dictators are SHORT in stature? Do these guys suffer from 'little man' syndrome or what? Kim il Jong is a short little weasel too. Anyway, I sincerely wish the Iranian people well in their quest for open and transparent government. Every time the West tries to help oppressed people we get out fingers burnt by trying to remove these cretins. Intervening in Iran would be disasterous - we would in effect create another Iraq. Obama is wise to choose his words carefully. Btw - where is the UN in all this mess? Oh, I forgot - it is crawling with the political representatives of these morons in power! People of my generation genuinely thought that a post WW2 UN would prevent people like Kim il Jong, Mugabe and Ahmadinejad arising - how wrong I was. What a monumental mess!
  7. Kruge Moderator

    I highly recommend reading the above article, it's more than just scary, it's horrible what's going on in the minds behind the regime...
  8. He did work in Iranian intelligence though often that's a misnomer.
  9. Cattypuss Member


    Sorry for repeating my thoughts here - but for those that want to truely understand the making of Ahmadinejad you need to read the article written by Matthias Kuntzel. It is a little long....but well worth the read. Fundlementalist Islamics are destroying peoples lives around the globe. You only have to look to Afghanistan and Pakistan to see how these people instill sheer terror amongst the masses. Hitler and his brownshirts used the same tactics. Decent people have to find inner courage to fight these ideologies. It goes without saying that I found Iran's protestors latest tactic to be very effective. They were shouting from their rooftops at night "Down with the Dictator", and "Our people have been cheated". Keep up the pressure....if your candidate is brave enough to defy the authorities and place his very life on the line your people need to stand by him. You opposition use intimidation & brutal force to silence dissent.

    Also, the UN has a LOT to answer for! It would have to be the most useless,inept,corrupt organisation in existence - yet we dumb sheeple in the West keep paying them dues. Rwanda & Cambodia was a massive failure of the UN to protect innocent beings - how many other massacres does this earth have to endure before we say enough is enough!

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