How To BOOM March 15

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Magoo, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Magoo Member

    How To BOOM March 15

    There are a few thing I've been thinking of that will help really kick March 15th Protest up a few notches.

    IF You've done them, excellent. IF not, see if you can use a few of these.

    1) Invite all your friends to come. They may not get why---just tell them it's a Party for Freedom
    and we already did one--and it was **Hot**. (Show them the Feb 10 video).

    2) Do a PSA on radio. PSA's are public service announcements---where each radio station HAS to do so many, and
    they're free. "We of Anonymous would like to invite anyone to join our March 15th Party which will be held
    from these hours to these hours, at _________Location. This is a party to celebrate Freedom, and expose the
    abuses of the organization known as the Church of Scientology. Come one, Come ALL! Bring a sign, wear a costume,
    and if you can, bring your party gear". We welcome you!"

    3) Make flyers and post them around your town in public areas, colleges, places where you know activists often go.
    Healthy food stores are often good places for this.

    4) Invite more friends, invite your family. Show them my video on Scientology and Death many people have said it will help them get people to understand what
    they're doing, and possibly come.

    5) Set up any and ALL media to come to the event. Invite them, send links to the video---if you want someone to
    speak---ask myself, Arnie or WBM, for starters. There are a few others who will help, too. MEDIA IS A HUGE WAY

    6) If you have a local, free paper--see if you can put an add in there---either for free, or very low cost. Again, this gets to TONS of people.

    7) Invite churches to come. I'd contact ministers, show them the video---if they have questions, have them go to or my you tube site just to see a taste of why they may come.

    8) Invite your neighbors :wink: (Hey! They have to already know you're kooky---may as well bring um along!) :alien:

    Ok, well, that's a few ideas --even if you only do one or two, it will help increase the volume of who comes.

    ROCK ON ANONYMOUS! :eek:hyeah: :rofl: :anon:

    Magoo~~ 8)
  2. anonoblong Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    yeah because nothing screams I am part of Anonymous than telling everyone you know

    choose wisely people
  3. Beed9 Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    No need to involve/mention Anon in getting them to join.
    Anon has to rely on the masses, in numbers we are strong, divided we fall etc.
  4. anonoblong Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    I am bringing a few friends/family I trust

    but I sure as fuck am not knocking on the neighbours door, that is foolhardy
  5. DrMummy Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15



    Sorry, I had to.
  6. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15


    Bam! Let's kick these heah protests up a nahtch heah, with a little Bam! from my spice weasel. Bam!
  7. southernstate Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    I've already contacted three papers from the Tampa Bay/SE Florida area. Do we have a running list of papers that have been, or need to be, contacted?
  8. Magoo Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    Oh Gawd you're right! I keep forgetting the "Anonymous" deal--re no one knows you.

    You have to understand I've been speaking out since I left in 2000----so for me, I still honestly forget

    you wouldn't tell your neighbors or maybe even your friends, or your family. DOH! :doh:

    Well, sorry about that---and thanks for the reminder. I'll get it once *I* get my Guy F mask---

    which IS on it's way :guyfawkes: :anon: (although I doubt I'll ever really be Anonymous, just due to leaving

    publicly on the Net--in 2000). :alien:

    My best,

    Magoo~~~ 8)
  9. MollyBloom Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    S'OK Magoo, we love you...

    No problem with inviting people we know, no prob letting the press know that there will be more protests/pickets.

    It is important, because of the CoS tactics of picture taking and dirt digging, that everyone is informed to protect their identity as they see fit.
  10. Magoo Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15 I said, I'm learning.

    M :flowers:
  11. anonoblong Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    not a problem

    As I have said before. The Ex-Scis like you, the FZs, the Insiders, the long time critics. You all have something to bring to the table here. But we have to keep with what has worked for us. And I don't want people losing sight of that. We as, dare I say, "original" anon have to digest the information you guys present and evaluate and adapt it to our personal piece of Anon.

  12. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    I've been actively recruiting at all my internet hangouts for some time now. I'd hit up r/l friends, but I don't have many of those locally.

    Some places I'm having better success than
  13. Magoo Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    Totally! We *all* can learn from each other. One of THE most impressive
    things about Anonymous is how fast you all learn, and can change. It's wonderful! I appreciate you all,
    greatly--and I do agree---we both can help each other.

    I got my mask today!!! :cheers:

    Magoo~~ :guyfawkes:
  14. avatar2008 Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    Pics or it didn't happen! :twisted:
  15. Bournemouth Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    Requesting: Magoo video with masked Magoo.
  16. Daywatch Member

    Re: How To BOOM March 15

    I was waiting for that LOL
  17. Re: How To BOOM March 15

    I got alarms going off in my head. Something tells me that while we appreciate that you support Anonymous, you wearing a mask is a bit risky considering our early stages with the illegal stuff. I'm just afraid since the Co$ definitely knows you, 'joining' us might harm your reputation somewhat.

    This goes for every prominent critic out there. How do I put it... You are the scalpels of fact while we are the sledgehammer of the body politic. Scalpels however sharp, can be chipped and dulled, but the sledge just flattens any damage with each strike.

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