How to build a VoIP Cheese Box for anon communication

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  1. A Cheese Box is a remotely placed device (box) that will accept two separate incoming calls and connect them together. You never have to hang up, the box owner just listens for the next caller. You can advertise the number, then use it to organize protests, give information where to find medics and for news. You won't be caught, because when the cops eventually track the box down they'll find it either in a vacant apartment building, or somewhere hidden in public or on a rooftop somewhere. Great success! I assume you can find these parts in Tehran, or pilfer them from other devices.

    You need

    1) two VoIP accounts - there are lot's of free one's, Free world dialup, ect. I recommend using different services for each line to stall any tracing.

    2) a two FXS port ATA such as the Linksys PAP2T (or you can use cheap counterfeit chinese made voIP adapters, I'm sure there's some in Iran)

    3) two standard silicon diodes (Radio Shack 276-1114) 1N5399-S Silicon Diodes (3-Pack) -

    4) an audio isolation transformer (Radio Shack 273-1374) 1:1 Isolation Transformer -

    Set up two anonymous VoIP accounts on the ATA PAP2T. I use Free World Dialup and Gizmo. Change the following settings: REGIONAL - set "RingVoltage" to "0". LINE 1 - set "CID Service" to "NO" and set "Idle Polarity" to "Reverse". LINE 2 - same setup as LINE 1.

    Wiring: Put a diode in series with one side of LINE 1 coming out of the ATA, then connect that line to the white and black wires of the audio isolation transformer. If the ATA shows that the line is OFF HOOK - the first greed LED on the PAP2T will flash - then reverse the polarity of the diode. You want the line to be ON HOOK (not in use) in its idle state. Connect LINE 2 in series with the other diode, to the red and yellow wires of the audio isolation transformer, also checking for proper diode polarity.

    (The theory is the PAP2T provides a battery reversal when called by an outside party. The diode causes a complete circuit with one side of the isolation transformer when a call is received and holds the line open. The same goes for the other side, so relays are not needed to answer a line. The transformer makes a talk path between the two lines, so the callers can hear each other. Ring current is cut off, so that it won't be fed back to the other line.)

    How do you use this? Hide your cheese box in a data room or anywhere connected to the internet (even wifi will work, or go to your apartment building basement and hook this up). Give the second VoIP line a PSTN number so that it can be called from anywhere. I use IPKall and it's free. Call the first line through Free World Dialup (anonymously of course. preferably on stolen wifi) or wherever and sit and wait for callers to call your published IPKall number and talk with them just like you're on your own personal loop around. Nobody can trace you, just don't use real names or give away personal information over the line besides organizing/news/resistance information.

    *originally printed in 2600 vol 25, #4
  2. TheONE-IRAN Member

    FWD and Gizmo use SIP which would not even be a challenge for Iran to listen in on.

    Stick to proven secure methods of communication ie IPSEC VPN @ AES-256 and conduct IP voice and data across that tunnel.
  3. this is stupid, how can VOIP be used with the crippled internet speed?
  4. TheONE-IRAN Member

    I don't know how bad the internet is over there but G.729 can be used at 8 kbit/s.
  5. you can get a 1:1 isolation transformer from most cheap modems, some use have a center taped secondary you can just ignore that, some have a split secondary the would need to connected so that you as a 1:1. You can figure it out every thing but the Phase with a multi-meter.

    You can I learned about them building a phone hybrid Telephone interfacing circuits
  6. stillstanding Member

    The speed and volume of phone calls going through about all this is entirely too high for the government to do anything about it. This would only be useful for key people, and I'm sure they already have other means of communication. Never the less, its an interesting concept and I'm glad you posted it.
  7. First, this is called a diverter. Second, you could do the same with software PBX + any dialup modem with V42/voice support. Third, why?!

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