How to create the perfect protest

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Imsya, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Imsya Member

    Just wondering, why don't we create an international protest? Wouldn't the media notice something if people clad in Guy Fawkes' masks congregated all over the world?
  2. HOC Member

    There are international protests held at a number of locations around the world already, for multiple causes that we support here on WWP.

    Please see:

    If you mean one big co-ordinated protest on the same date, that is an idea, and has been done successfully for initial Freedom of Information protests. The only problem is it is hard to keep doing it over and over and if protest cells are left to work at their own pace, it makes for a more efficient and prepared protest.
  3. Imsya Member

    Ah, I didn't see the third Saturdays link. Thanks!
  4. HOC Member

    No problem. :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    It might be hard to coordinate that. I mean there are only so many masks for purchase. :)
  6. lulzgasm Member

    I'm still waiting for the Egyption guy fawkes to come out....
    I know. It probably won't get made. *sigh*
  7. lulzgasm Member

    And I can't spell worth crap today.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

  10. lulzgasm Member

  11. robert polson Member

    OK, so is there a worldwide recognized stencil for the anon cause?

    the sprayed propaganda its easy, quick, cheap, unnestopable. so stealth.
    a worldwide coordinated stencil night will have sure impact , and wont need a large number of agents in each city
  12. Anonymous Member

    We have created a worldwide protest. They are usually referred to as "global raids".

    February 10
    On February 10, 2008, about 7,000 people protested in at least 100 cities worldwide.[8][53][54] Within 24 hours of the first protest, a search for "Scientology" and "protest" on Google Blog Search returned more than 4,000 results and more than 2,000 pictures on the image-sharing site Flickr.[54] Cities with turnouts of one hundred or more protesters included Adelaide,[55] Melbourne,[56] and Sydney,[57] Australia; Toronto,[58] Canada; London,[59][60]; Dublin[61]; Austin, Texas,[62] Dallas, Texas,[63] Boston, Massachusetts,[64] Clearwater, Florida,[65] and New York City, New York,[60] United States.

    Here's the background:
  13. rand0mness Member

    hm... may i post my idea for a "perfect" protest?

    first off all over the world at the same time, this kinda is how it is done allready.
    next thing is "the location".
    the reason of a "protest" is to get some audience, isn't it?
    so that people ask "why do they do that?", "why do they protest?"

    so what would be a nice location?
    i would say a traffic hot-spot filled with a lot of people so that the traffic doesnt work anymore :)

    moreover - this sounds crazy and stupid, but has some "truth" to it:

    savety dance Oo

    why "dance"? lolw000t? on a protest?
    the reason is pretty simpel: dancing doesn't harm anybody. dancing symbolizes "freedom" & "joy".
    moreover, this sadly seems to be true, the guys you protest against want to left a bad image of the protest to all others watching this protest.
    this is why there are (maybe?) some payed(?) guys, who do not protest but simply use violance without any reason - just to leave a bad image of the whole protest.

    anonymous has a big disadvantage: the "mask" -> people can easily "sneak" in to interfer and leave a different and bad image of the whole community wearing a mask.
    but... the mask isn't only a disadvantage. you guys know why ;)

    so, what would - from my point of view - a perfect protest look like?
    a big party all over the world at the traffic hot-spots of the world :3

    maybe the best way to realize(is this the right word?) this is by having "a few" radio stations with mainly playing music + "update/news"... why "a few"? because not everybody wants to here the same music xD
    lols, "new york, time square - minimal", "L.A. no idea location - hard rock", "blubb, blubb, blubb" :3

    ... just an idea :D
    idk if this idea is any "good", but i srsly would like to see something like that once in my lifetime, lulz
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  14. robert polson Member

    have you seen those russian artists protesting by kissing policewomen? boina or something like that

    indeed, the point is the audience, the attention you get

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