How to determine whether the vpn server is secure

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by evergreen-IRAN, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. I've been using this vpn service provider located inside iran for a while now
    it's been working perfectly throughout the time after election ,which concerns me,considering the facts :
    1-site of the provider hasn't been blocked
    2-they sell their services freely ,through a bank account registered under name of a person ,which is easy to trace .

    they provide both PPTP and L2TP tunneling methods,and have added openvpn recently

    now the question is ,what are the chances that the whole thing's been set up by the government,or that it has been compromised ,eg giving all data or decoding material to the gov.
    here is the url to the site :

    SPEEDEXVPN Home Page
  2. Your using a VPN service located *inside* Iran and is for sure run by basij loyalists??? Wow good luck to u
  3. I didnt say i am using "one" ,I just asked what are the chances that the one I'm using is run by them ,and if there is anyway to know for certain
  4. How will you know?

    When they show up at your door to haul you away to Evan.
  5. you ppl are really usefull
  6. isp

    I wouldn't have posted this publicly, but as it is... are both in Turkmenistan, but run on,
    a freedns provider, and as-choopa, whose backbone AS routing goes
    nowhere near the spook Data Communications of Iran node (DCI-AS).
    as to who ultimately runs these, I have no clue, but I doubt it has sepah
    links since it also hosts domains like

    I think it's just a small shop buying/reselling bandwidth from larger ISPs.
    by VPN provider, do you mean you use a dial-up modem?

    FYI the 6 main Iranian carriers:

    - Turk Telecom TTNet (AS9121)
    - FLAG (AS15412)
    - Singapore Telecom (AS7473)
    - PCCW (AS3491)
    - Telia (AS1299)
    - Telecom Italia Sparkle (AS6762)

    these are all censored/watched
    through the central DCI-AS node:

    AS12880 DCI-AS DCI Autonomous System Data communication Company of Iran
  7. OP: there's no reliable way to knowing. Your best bet would be if the setup is outside of Iran and operated by namefags who have no known associations with the iranian regime. In either case, don't judge by the website. Instead, take the IP of the provider's VPN access point (don't post it here!) and whois it, see what comes up. Another good measure would be to talk to other customers of said service, preferably outside of Iran as well.

    Previous poster: routing arrangements mean nothing. If I were the iranian government who has a shitload of funds for this kind of stuff and is looking for computer literate dissenters, I'd set up a VPN service provider outside Iran and feed the snooping data to government data warehouse. You won't be able to tell unless you have a tap on the exit traffic.
  8. Simple q.. If I try to connect to a VPN that is setup outside of Iran from inside Iran can they see this via DPI and immediately block the connection and ban the ip.. As in VPN ip..
    Obviously being encrypted that can't see inside the VPN, but they can see that VPN is active anyway and because they can't see the traffic content block it just to be safe? Thx
  9. thanks,it did answer some question
    imo whois isn't actually reliable,you can show what ever information you want on your whois ,but the IP trace does point to choopa in United states ,

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