how to do away with taxes

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by psycho138, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

    Was directed at this thread in general
  2. Anonymous Member

    This thread belongs in the dome. I believe that threads like these are caused by people getting high in front of their computers.
  3. Anonymous Member

    And I want to ask you to stop using euphemisms for criminal acts. Nowhere do I have the right to compel you to take up arms and shoot anyone I order you to shoot. Therefore I cannot give up this alleged right to my government.

    Agai, you start with the premise that my life belongs to the government or society. It doesn’t.

    Again, I do wish you’d actually reach history. The act was sunsetted, and Jefferson released those men still in jail. So, yah, i'd say If I was told I could speak freely, and was then jailed by the very men who gave me those assurances, I'd say that contract is null and void.

    Again, no the people are the ultimate arbiter of what is constitutional and not. I'm sorry you feel I'm an idiot for thinking that what the founding fathers say about the constitution is more valid than what you think.

    Dude, that totally ignores the fact the it doesn’t take government to build the roads. The road was built by men with picks and shovels. Up until that point, most roads had been built with private funds. So no it does not take the government to build the roads.

    That ois not the same as saying the government cannot build roads. They do what others do, they get the funds, hire the people. The point is it didn't take government to build roads for the first 130 years, so it stands to reason it wouldn't take them to do the job now.

    Again, you say that someone has the right to decide where I will be, what I can do, and that i cannot quit this without being jailed, or ordered to be elsewhere to do something else.
    I do not have the right to force you to defend me, therefore I can't have the government force you to defend me,
    A contract is violated and null and vii when one party abrogates the terms of the contract.

    Actually, I’m quite happy and not bitter. What I am is appalled at how people think that rights come from their government, and that what the people individually cannot do is permissible to a subset if they get enough people to agree. That violates the constitution as it was intended.

    It is exactly why we were intended to be a constitutional republic, where the government secured our rights (such as the right to be secure in our home, and not dragged out of it arbitrarily to serve someone else's purposes)

    I love you too.
    I'm glad you got upset. Maybe it will shake some of your foundations
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  4. psycho138 Member

    this post was a huge fail. by the way i would have took it down but i dont know how .its way out of hand .to all my anon brothers and sisters please dont argue with each other a family that sticks together always wins
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    This thread is just chemo-ing your cancer.
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  6. FreakE420 Member

    Speaking of Texas,,I read the thread title as "how to do away with texas". Ha.
    I think we should discuss this^^^^^^,it would much more fun than the current topic.

    You belong in the dome for not getting high and starting a thread like this!

    I am not the OP. BTW.
  7. Anonymous Member

    lol, you don't know WWP if you think we won't argue about everything under the sun

    The problem with taxes is people think they are legitimate. As long as they don't call them by their proper name, theft (or tribute, your choice) then we'll have taxes. Once everyone agrees that yes, tax is another word for theft, then we can solve the problem.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Oh, mellow out. A bunch of us said it's not theft, so it's OK now.

    GAME ON!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Do you like libraries? do you like roads? do you like infrastructure? DO you want our country to have Apache helicopters? Well guess what, you need taxes for all that. to say we should get rid of taxes, is the same as saying we should stuff all of our money into mattresses and not invest in the stock market. Sure, some investments are so bad that we should have kept our money, but on average, people at least break even.

    Taxes are a communal investment. The theory behind them is backed up in economics as well as in math with the marginal cost and average cost functions. Its just cheaper and more beneficial sometimes to have one regulated, watched entity maintain the services that are used by EVERYONE. The real problem with our system, is that the voters are asleep at the wheel. They are not demanding the return of investment that politicians promised when the taxes were collected. If you want to fix the problem, then unfortunately, you will have to research the extent of the problem, where and when everything is going wrong, and then propose a solution that would fix it.
  11. Anonymous Member

    let me ask you something: if the government were to cease building roads, do you think that people would sit around saying "Oh dear, I would like to get to Pittsburg, but there is no government to build a road there. Oh woe is me, what ever shall I do?"

    The only way your problem makes sense is if you ignore history. Since private enterprise has and does build roads, your concerns are unfounded.
    See, that gets into the conscience versus law thing. Do I want to pay good money to have adrenaline junkies fly to foreign lands and shoot the landscape up? Do I want to pay for professional killers to roam the world, killing anyone their masters tells them to?
    If I don't, then the best way to prevent that is to not pay for it and I think the question answers itself
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  12. Anonymous Member

    So that's how you see pilots, as "adrenaline junkies"? Wars can only be approved by congress. Who votes for congress? Everyone is too busy proposing brand new changes that will not work, and go against economic sense, instead of getting to the root of the problem, OUR APATHY. We got caught up in partisan nonsense that we forgot all about the important things.

    No, if we want to fix the budget, if we want a fair tax system, if we want the things to become nice again, then we have to step up, and play a more active role in running OUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Military pilots will describe themselves as such, deservedly.
    You are hopelessly naive and potentially terminally stupid.
    You mean, who votes for the limited choice of being ruled by Tweedledee or Tweedledum?
    Our apathy is because of rational ignorance. We know voting works just as well as praying does.
    Which is what i am proposing. If I can tell my representative EXACTLY how he can spend the tax money, then I can limit empire building.
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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Your frustration is palpable. Frustration is the feeling of wanting something, or some sort of control, but being unable to secure it. What if that inability is more systemically fundamental than you realize? What if what you're hoping for is a myth, and that's the real reason it's so elusive?
  15. psycho138 Member

    the best way is to get all anons to run for all offices we know its messed up take all the energy used to protest and just take the system over and tell the truth we are members of the anonymous party
    anonymous has the support of alot of people the tea party for one even cops everyone i have talked to and sayed watch this video belive in it and will support theres no need to protest if your the one in control

    remeber at the end of v for vendetta they take the masks off

    then someone can presidental pardon the ones that have been arrested for the cause
  16. Anonymous Member

    Out of curiosity:

    What exactly are you doing to change all of this? Anything other than venting your colon here or talking?

    I'd love to know.

    Also: You do realize that WWP is an international forum and that most international anons are always laughing at the US, right?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I act as my conscience directs, as all of us should.
    As for who is laughing at whom, who cares? I might very well be laughing right back at them.

    I wonder about you, who seemingly has no principles, no way to decide if a proposal makes sense. When I heard about ObamaCare, as an example, there was no doubt it would be a disaster. Why? Because of a basic principle that says that prices matter, that indeed prices are how we order our economic lives. Without prices, we're borked. ObamaCare ensures that the pricing mechanism is messed up, hence ObamaCare will make matters worse.

    I just read this this morning CafeHayek (Cafe Hayek)
    … is from page 61 of the first volume (“Rules and Order,” 1973) of Hayek’s Law, Legislation, and Liberty:
    ObamaCare is an obvious example of a 'good idea' that has far reaching and disastrous unintended consequences. There are many people, myself included, who said this from day one.

    The reason we knew was because it violated a basic principle.

    My question is why other people couldn't or wouldn't see what was so obvious. I say it's because you are listening to a group of known liars, and ignoring the fact that they are indeed known liars, and you tell all the rest of us that these known liars are going to fix the problems of the country.

    And this group of known liars is the group you want us to give our hard earned money to...

    Wow, I mean, just wow.

    I think there's another principle here, something like, don't trust liars with your money.
  18. Anonymous Member

    So basically... ???

    That isn't an answer. That is just being indirect in order to avoid answering the question before you. You were asked a question, now please answer.

    So instead of saying "This is what I am doing..." You go into ad hom attacks over my perceptions?

    I asked a very simple question: How are you trying to change the world? Instead of answering, you accuse me of having no principles or perception because I asked a very easy to answer question. I had no intent to troll you. I wasn't planning to attack you or your ideas and am refraining from doing so.

    Then again, maybe you have me confused with another poster? I am not the samefag who has been attacking you in this thread. I'm a completely different person with a different POV and different mindset. If that is the case: I asked you a very simple question. Now please do your best to answer it.

    What does Obamacare got to do with how you are actually changing the world? How do you plan on making health care affordable? Open markets? Isn't that what got us in this health care failure to begin with? What guarantees do we have that an open market system won't discriminate or not cover people and those that are covered have to put up their first born to cover the deductibles?

    Again: The issue is what are you doing to change this world into a better one. What are you doing with your life after your service to change the course of the civilization you live in? Are you just talking in hopes your words change peoples' minds or are you actually doing something to make it a reality?

    Talking about Obamacare does little to explain what you are doing. All you are doing is giving a reason for your actions but not actual actions that you are taking to change the world/country.


    What happened is that this is what happens when governments decides to go with the lowest bidder and hires said group without a full explanation as to what will happen. Add to it the fact the programmers of the site did a poor job and didn't expect such an influx of viewers on the first day. In addition: People thought their insurance was fine and were blindsided that the new rules made their policies junk. So, being the greedy fucks they are, the insurance companies disregarded what people had that was "inferior" instead of just patching what they had. This in turn let them capitalize on the confusion and rope people into more expensive plans because they knew people had to have this on some arbitrary date or risk getting higher taxes.

    People need insurance regardless of Obamacare or whatever system is in place. Health care is astronomically high. Because of it's quality? No, because doctors have to pay for insurance too... Lawsuit insurance that is. You want quality? You have to leave the US because other countries aren't squeamish about things like stem cell research or things that butthurt groups like the Cristfags or PETAfags.Two groups rather content on keeping us in the stone age.

    How do we cut the costs of health care? Start with the biggest one of all: Eliminate frivolous lawsuits. What your idea entails only exacerbates this problem, not fixes it. Your system suggests if a doctor does not get each and every diagnosis right, they could have a world of hurt awaiting them that makes the current world of hurt they face right now seem like a paradise.

    What ultimately is destroying health care or Obamacare too is the very people opposed to it: The Insurance companies. don't want to cover the sick or be forced to change because that means they have to pay more out. So in an open market system, this will give them more power to be discriminatory. After all, having such freedom gives them no boundaries and no restrictions.

    I sincerely think you have me confused with somebody else.

    I asked you and I am going to ask you again: What are you doing to change the world?

    I did not ask for your view on Obamacare. I don't need your view, your opinion, or examples about how bad things are fucked up. Its as obvious as the nose on people's faces. I don't need quotes from Ann Rand. I don't need dox on how fucked up Washington DC is (unless you like to provide more LOL material for the Non-US Anons). I asked, very sincerely, for a very simple answer to this question:

    What are you doing to change the world?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Nothing, except living a principled life, to the best of my admittedly limited ability. I don't suppose that I will change the world, except by example, which is extremely limited.

    I am stating, as clearly as I know how, that using violence to solve social problems will never give the intended results. In order to explain this I live my life as completely as possible without using violence. I treat other people as ends in themselves, with their own means and desires and needs, and not as means to my desires and ends. I do not call on government to use violence against people in order to obtain roads or health care.

    IOW, there are principles, and that living life according to those principles is the best way to a free, prosperous and civilized society.

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