How to get the Wayback machine to instantly archive updates to your web page

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    These steps are specifically for web pages that already have older versions on
    (For a page not already on it, edit the URL of the page's address prefixing it with to get it on, then go to step 7)
    1. Create a new bookmark in your web browser, name it "Wayback" or "Archive" or whatever, and for the URL (location) paste this in:
    2. Move your new bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar or wherever in the UI is easiest to access.
    3. Go to the web page you want archived, wait for it to finish loading, then click on your bookmarklet (This is enough to get it archived, the rest of the steps are how to check and see that it worked)
    4. You should get a prompt dialog asking what to do with such a file, choose "Save" and change the name of the file it saves as to include the suffix .txt.gz
    5. Unzip the file using any good tool, preferably open source ones like peazip, and open it in any text editor
    6. The first line of the file should look like this example
      Code: 20130724152320 text/html 261334
      The part you need is between the IP address and text/html, in this example it's 20130724152320
    7. Wait anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how under load is
    8. Look for all copies of your chosen web page on the wayback machine, so the example would appear at*/http:/...iki/Chronology_of_publications_on_Scientology - you should see the string from step 6 in the URL of the matching date on the calendar view. Click it to view your archived web page.
    NOTES: No guarantees this will work forever especially if/when changes any part of its process. In fact at the time of this post the example archived web page hasn't appeared yet. Also sometimes the file you're prompted to download is something other than a .txt.gz file, but I've found it still triggers the wayback machine to archive a copy.
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    A couple extra useful bookmarklets:
    Here's the one to use on an as yet unarchived web page:
    If it's already archived, you'll just get redirected to the latest archived copy.

    This one is to get to the calendar view of all archived copies of a page:
    Another useful tip: To see the raw copy of the page without the overlay, insert im_ into the URL, so for example:
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    This is relevant to my interests. Thank you.
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    The Wayback machine has just switched to using https by default, and has made it a bit easier to instantly save a webpage to
    This stopped working, but I found out you need to change the URL of it to this:
    Testing shows it works on previously archived pages even better than the original bookmarklet, so after you use this on your page you'll be auto-redirected to the URL of the saved copy.
    This one still works for now, and if it's used on a page that hasn't been archived, the wayback machine now offers a link to click for instantly adding it to
    If it stops working, just alter it to use https thusly:
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    Bump for useful knowledge. Bookmarked.

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