How to grab non-standard video off the interwebs

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    This worked for me, when none of the tools out there would grab what I wanted - an ITVPlayer programme - on my machine (Mac OS X 10.8)...

    This will work for ANY source video you can play on your machine, on any Intel Mac or Windoze PC.

    1. Download the free 30-day trial of Camtasia from the Techsmith website:
    and install.
    There are versions for both Mac and PC.

    2. Open the programme/video. Set the video to the place you want to start recording.

    3. Launch Camtasia.
    Select the big red button to open the recorder window.
    In the recorder window region capture options, choose 'Custom' (unless your format/source is listed).

    4. In the Camtasia recorder window, click the big red button to select the custom recording region.
    Use the crosshairs that appear to select the correct position and size of the source video.
    Also in the recorder window, make sure the Sound source is set to System Audio. (If not, there should be an option to download an extra bit of software from Techsmith to set that up).

    5. You are now ready to record. Set the source to play and Camtasia to record.
    (You should get a top-bar menu Camtasia movie widget to stop/start recording, on Mac at least.)

    6. When the recording's done, save.
    Then convert the Camtasia file to a suitable movie format:
    Camtasia Share menu: > Advanced Export > Movie to Quicktime Movie
    This will take a while.
    [You can't upload the Camtasia output file to YT.]

    You're then ready to upload to Youtube or wherever.
    You can apparently upload to YT directly from Camtasia (via the Share menu) but I used YT.

    Youtube also has a bunch of settings to check/adjust on Camtasia-sourced movies, but I couldn't find the right settings menu on Camtasia. Results may not be ideal without doing this, but it's better than not being able to grab.
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