How To Jam Basij Two Way Radio Systems W/O Scramblers

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FraudElection, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. This is a tougher protest, but it can work for several days.

    Whenever during protests a Basji, police, guards are caught (as they have before) by protesters, when need to SNATCH THEIR RADIO.

    I we can get even one it is good, if we can get several, it works very well.

    1) Take snatched radios to a dormant location. Use tape/scotch or string, to push down the talk button and leave it on. When a radio's talk button is pushed, everyone else is shut-off.

    2) If more than one is collected, ideally place them on rooftops within 200-300 meters from one-another. You can bring down an area of 2-4km this way.

    3) bring them down and charge them using cell phone chargers by connecting wires to contact points.

    4) repeat.

    from my twitter.
  2. Ray Murphy Member

    They would overheat if they were left on. It would also pay to stick a 20, 50 or 100 watt amplifier on them to do a proper job.
  3. Srpska Member

    Fighting a revolution with weapons wrested from the enemy's hands is all very well, but how do you make them let go of the radios while three of their mates are beating you with sticks?
  4. its more like a heat of the moment thing, if they see a chance to grab radios, have at it and run the hell away with the stuff
  5. Basij Radio Jammers

    Basij radios used as jammers should be considered disposable. They will work for about an hour before the battery is exhausted. The radio will probably be damaged due to overheating. Not worth retrieving them. Celphone chargers are not appropriate for attempting to recharge 2-way radios... the voltage is too low.

    Conceal the jamming radios at a height of 10 to 20mts above ground. Very important to leave antenna exposed. Effective range from 1 to 5km depending on surrounding structures.
  6. We already dealt with this on another thread. The protesters seem to have heard because they changed their tactics. Travel in small groups within larger groups. Lure the Basij out one by one, take em down, and then disperse. Repeat. Apparently on Tuesday, this tactic was tiring the Basij out.

    There were also instructions on how to defend against batons. Basically for novices, stay low to the ground and rotate your body with your arms locked outward, hopefully grabbing the baton arm and impelling the Basij to the ground with your circular momentum. Rotate to the rear of the Basij and then kick downward on his calf. He's down. Grab the baton. Grab the radio. Run.

    Always stay in small groups.

    There should be some ex military here. Yooo whooo. Where are you? We need you.
  7. FreedomAgent Member

    To get word out you should utilize Mohsen Sazegara


    Mohsen Sazegara is an Iranian journalist and political activist. Dr. Sazegara held several high ranking positions during the early years of the Iranian Revolution, such as deputy prime minister in political affairs, deputy minister for heavy industry, deputy chairman of the budget and planning department and many more before becoming disillusioned with the government in 1989 and pushing for reforms. He applied to become a candidate for President of Iran in the 2001 election and was refused.
    His reformist policies clashed with the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, eventually resulting in his arrest in early-2003. Following his release in August 2003, he moved to the United Kingdom for medical attention. He currently resides in the United States.

    Mohsen is also an authority on non violent protests and produces a 10 minute nightly video which is shared through tweets, blogs and youtube to the protesters around Iran

    I have been following the videos on youtube and his advice seems to become reality on the pictures and videos sent back

    He was the first person I heard talking about blackouts and the Alah o akbar chants and the timings

    You can forward your comments and advice to him and be sure if sound it will be shared to the opposition

    Contact info:

    Youtube: YouTube - adminsazegara's Channel
    Google groups:
    email: and

    He is also a regular on VOA (Voice of America Satellite TV Station)
  8. Freedom Agent: excellent information!
  9. Keep radios to listen in and transmit false orders

    Keep the authorities chasing ghosts.
  10. How fitting, my capcha had the word kamikaze.

    If they keep the radios instead of making those things disposable, can't the basiji triangulate the stolen radio's location? It's a possibility that would lead to protester arrest, so it's better not to keep it and listen in, just use it for jamming.
  11. a desert Member

    They should be considered disposable on our end. There's very little reason to keep one on hand for more than 10-20 minutes, including time it takes to set the sucker up and jam the transmissions.

    The best bet is to place it in a public arena where there are a lot of people but it's busy enough where no-one's going to notice a passerby. Or, if you are unable to set one up immediately, if it can be hidden for a short period of time, (no more than 24 hours, and only that long if you can reasonably keep it hidden) set it up during a 'quiet' time to disrupt communications when they least expect it.
  12. hi,

    i think these radios are CB around 70cm band!

    to jam them is easy!

    here you see (sorry it´s a german site, you may use google translation) a jammer for 10-11meter band: funk-eier

    just change the band and the output and you got your jammer!

    remember: wear double gloves of rubber to not left fingerprints when you build them!

    build a lot of them, they are cheap, and leave them alone!

    as more you build and use them, they have to track and to search them! that binds their resources!
  13. Machiavelli Member

    Building widgets is probably too dangerous.

    If you get caught, you are likely to get the special spy treatment.
  14. Ray Murphy Member

    If the operating voltage can be ascertained, then they could be used indefinitely, simply by re-charging the battery at the required voltage by placing the input wires (perhaps 12v) in contact with the +/- terminals.

    If the battery is a slide-on type, then it can be removed and replaced with a bunch of standard rechargeable batteries joined together. That's how some UHF CB handhelds work - with the batteries in a neat slide-on battery holder.

    If they use 12 volts, they can be run directly from car cigarette lighters.

    I suppose there is a slight chance that they are fitted with homing devices, in case they are stolen or lost.
  15. Most hand held transceivers are only designed for intermittent transmit. Normally no more than 30 to 60 seconds of continuous transmitting. Either they will shut down, or most likely, burn out the finals.

    Also, the to person above with the plans for a jammer on the german web site. I don't mean to be ciritcal, I'm just trying to be realistic. I do this kind of work for a living. That device they have on their web site does not have enough power to jam their systems. Also, a circuit that works on the 11 meter band will not work on 70cm. You need different power amplifier transistors.

    Also, they (the gov) may be using spread spectrum / frequency hopping radios that are next to impossible to jam with a jamming device because they constantly switch frequncies.
  16. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, we all agree on that now.
  17. Jamming spread spectrum

    I have build spread-spectrum jamming equipment . The power requirement is huge because you have to emit enough power to jam every hop frequency. They will triangulate you in no time.
  18. a desert Member

    Jam for however long you can before you burn out the finals. Then dispose. Short term, but it works.
  19. Trisphat Member

    If one can stroll down the streets with a radio concealed in a bag for instance and emitting 2-3 sec then pause and emit again it would make their communication difficult. It will not completely jam the signals but will disrupt their comunications.
    In case just drop the bag discretely and get away...
    The burst emission will prevent precise triangulation.

  20. The power requirement would be a minimum of hundreds of Watts of radiated power to jam spread spectrum. It's not something I would like to carry close to my body, even if I could carry a sufficient power source to do it.

    A single frequency is much easier.

    If the authorities use spread-spectrum, even listening in would not be useful for more than the time it takes them to change the code for frequency hopping sequence.

    Bluetooth is more secure because it uses frequency hopping.
  21. ok, we need more intelligence

    Need photograph of the radios they're using to identify frequency and transmission technology (spread spectrum, etc). Until then, anything beyond jamming using a stolen radio (as OP suggested), is shooting in the dark.

    The suggestion about jamming in 2-3 s bursts works for this method. Would prevent the radio burning out and could prolong the interference, if being more risky since there would be have to be someone nearby in direct possession of the radio.
  22. Trisphat Member

    I meant that using one of their radios to send burst signals periodically would slow down their communication by using up their own frequencies for a few secs evrytime...
    jamming is point less as it would be spotted to easily and triangulated.
  23. Whatever works

    Agreed, but be aware that all they have to do is change the frequency hop sequence code to render the use of a handheld ineffective.

    Anything that will slow them down and save lives is a good thing. Be creative.

    I liked the guy who gave fruit juice laced with powerful laxatives to the thugs. I've used that one before on an abusive supervisor. Never again did he tell me to go get him a cup of coffee.
  24. Trisphat Member

    that is perferctly correct but it would be a mess for them to perpetually change the hop sequence code...
  25. Yes, and every little bit counts!
  26. Yes, fabulous idea! :D
  27. they aren't.

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