How to join anonymous?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. I come when I want. I leave when I want. I don't owe anyone here my responses. Many times I deal with mental cases (while I don't realize that, and mayby even say harsh words). Other times I see here some intelligent posters (and then those who respond whom I would never want to see in my vicinity).
    This place is insane. - There are some great sane people. Yet, there are some people who have no clue. 50/50.
    And I'm not that young to trying figuring out who's who here.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    You can check out any time you like.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Yes, but can you ever really leave?

    Welcome to the Hotel
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  4. fishypants Moderator

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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    THARE once was a fraternity called "Lambda Lambda Lambda".
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  7. fishypants Moderator

    Kvetch, mostly.
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  8. There was once an old meme called newfags can't unicode

    ▲ ▲
    Oh dear...
  9. Anonymous Member

    ...who had sex with Omega Mus.
    They conquered the Alpha Betas...
    And were good guys through and through.

    - Ode to Revenge of the Nerds.
  10. AnonModz Member

    Steps to join Anonymous:

    1. Strip down to your underwear.
    2. dabble lots of globs of Peanut Butter all over you, I mean ALOT.
    3. Walk in to the Church of Scientology.
    4. Tell them you are just as crazy as they are.
    5. They will believe you, at this point take a shower and relax on L. Ron Hubbards office sofa.
    6. They will realize that they made a huge mistake and tell you to gtfo.
    7. Success, you are now part of the Anonymous group.
    - If you believed me then gtfo because your an idiot and just wasted your time reading through my bs.

    Seriously though, if you wanna learn how to "hack" and depending on specifics of what it is you are trying to accomplish, start reading... Learn how security systems operate, I would say start with some easy CSS stuff and learn how to use Visual Studio C++, start by compiling simple programs from source code. If you find that is too tricky a task, then give up because hacking is not for you. And hacking extends further than just programs and compiling/site manipulation... You also need to have a keen eye for people and social engineering, since that is where most of the REAL hacking is done. Anonymous can identify with each other based on these traits, you either have them or you don't. - That is my non bs answer. :)

    Also, Anonymous usually have the same agenda at hand and are usually on the same page with each other and what it is they are going to accomplish. Lastly, to stay safe from any real tough binds, Anonymous has decided that there are no members of the "group", but rather a collective of an idea that identifies likely with one another on the same subject at hand, you cannot kill a group if it doesn't have a leader to lead the way :) for trying though.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Joking I hope.

    'Visual' = for the feeble-minded.

    Microsoft product = for the fucking stupid.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Real Coders code without Microsoft Shit.
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  13. Pique Member

    "Presumably you are referring to the legitimate iteration of hacking," s/he responds drily and 'de reguer'-ly.

    (which ought to be a word, I figure)
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  14. AnonModz Member

    Or........ They use whatever resources that will work for them depending on what it is they are trying to do. To each his own. (I wasn't aware that their were "fake" coders. lol) - unless you are referring to 'the skiddies' or script kiddies?

    I was saying if they cannot handle that then they mine as well not try moving on to other things that are more complex. I hate having to explain myself when people cannot read between the lines.

    There was some seriousness in there along with some not so serious stuff. You can discern the differences I am sure if you know that MS is shit ;)

    Personally I like Perl cause shes so sexxii, and my pet python is fun too, sometimes Perl gets horny with her hypertext preprocessor so I just start reciting my a, b, c's, and c++'s. In all seriousness though I like working with SQL, HTML, CSS, and some other fun stuff. I did however start off with Visual Studio when I made counter-strike hooks when I was 14, so don't hate on it :x - still got some VAC2 proof hooks that are still working from back in the day, just gotta update the offsets... They do make it too easy sometimes.

    Whatever works :) can I be any more direct?

    fck what I am saying though because I am just ranting, srsly tho, read if you wanna learn to hack... nobody is gonna spoonfeed you, willingness to learn will get you brownie points I am sure of that.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Code should be written in a text editor, like God intended.

    Visual Studio is strictly for the birds (and, ok, maybe for children).

    True, that.
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  16. A text editor? like microsoft word?

    can you write code with MS Paint?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Isn't that the international sign for 'Leave that crazy-fuck over there!' ?
  18. Kilia Member

  19. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Shunning Of The Stupid! Or SOTS for short. "A new gathering every hour!"
    I'd join!
    Oh. waitaminnit...
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  20. one does not simply join anonymous....
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  21. Anonymous is not a group, and being affiliated means only that u step forward in anonymity using the tactics the rest of the anonymous members/Nonmembers/free people use. hope that helps
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  22. I have't been following 'Anon' and the 'Illumicorp' for very long, as im young, stupid and didn't open my eyes to what the world really is and becoming until a short while ago. But from what I have researched about the 'Anon' & 'Illumicorp' groups I have come to a conclusion of my own belief that they are the 'Hosts' for the future of our planet. Anon arn't just a hacking group, they are 'A Legion'. Like someone stated earlier on this thread, if 'Anon' felt you had anything to bring to them in the hacking industry they would have found you. Its not something you just join.... If you believe in 'Anon' and the 'Illumicorp' then welcome aboard. If you dont believe in their purpous... Then dont bother trying to look for joining the 'Hacking Industry' or any other part of 'Anon'.

    Please excuse my spelling. Its very late and I just cant be arsed correcting every mistake.

    Also, don''t respond with some hate comments, as stated in my post its in 'My Belief'.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. I'm educated enough to know that I should help out anonymous and the cause in any way I can. How can I help?
  25. Anonymous Member

    That's actually really smart. But not smart enough. I just found out that it is actually FBI location. Pretty "Anonymous". I am new in this site. I need information. I like to hack and help other people. Who can i contact?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Try your mom...

    *** rimshot ***
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  27. lol this guy cracks me up.... I am just glad that if this org is actually a real, legit, and a serious thing, its not letting idiots online that just say (hey I wanna join) in..... that would cause instant fail and crumble.... lol with the internet now days its very hard to get involved with something like this, yes its frustrating iv been trying myself but they are as strict if not, not quite strict as they need to be... so don't cry.. hacking? lol more important things at this point man.... PS hiding behind a proxy is a reg practice for me, fuck letting them see where I go,, and its one made by ME for ME so I know for sure its not some other place creating it to monitor me... call me crazy idgaf..... anyways if yall are a real organization, much props, iv watched a lot of vids on you, and iv seen which are obviously fake are which are not, I support you fully, and idgaf if the gov't has an issue with that im just gonna disappear in the woods like I already am, just deeper ;) come at me bro *to the gov't* hah...
    from some place in the north American continent.
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Who else's eyes did this hurt?
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  30. dud chill his yust a kid listen boy if you want to find them do not serch in this sites the feds are hevy here it be suisaido to ansuer your cuestions jet per halfs you shold pay jour respects to the un seen and not to the logical . 1 tip is remember your english clases hated this(x) right me to but porhlafs you mai get a beter scor this time araund
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  31. sigh if you want to be part (small) of the hacking community of anonymous look up low orbiting ion cannon
    This message by arcanise has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  32. Anonymous Member

    People have been criminally convicted and put in jail for using this tool as a DDOS weapon.
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  33. Boris Korczak Member

    That is a tough thing to achieve.: You have to have a diguise, you have to present to the Chairman of Anonymous a certificate from the Church of Scientology that you are not a member of their church. You have to be ready for any sacrificial proceedings that Anonymous practice and you, of course, have to be sworn as a member of Anonymous and that can be painful.
    But the best is to stop being an idiot. It does not hurt, it cost nothing and only thing you have to remeber is to change your underwear at least once a week and attend your classes at school.
    Be a good boy.

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  34. you stop being a bully.He is intrested in our group.let him think what he wants to think.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Thinking what he wants to think is a fine thing. Posting blather as a guest is not. He can't be' ignored' which I think is why he is here. Please join so I can ignore you in peace.
  36. i want to join anonymous, i don't have any hacking skill whatsoever but i believe in the cause anonymous is fighting for...i think protesting and spreading the word out to people is enough to join, and smoking weed
  37. Anonymous Member

    Hey, you're painfully new. I've seen you post elsewhere as a guest. I have a suggestion for you.

    Please register. After you've registered, I can send you private messages, and tell you what I know about Chanology and SoCal.

    I'd say that WWP's primary focus is Chanology and Scientology. We are that branch of Anonymous that fights Scientology. We certainly discuss and get distracted by other things that are relevant to the broader interests of Anonymous, like freedom of information/expression, and the right to assemble/protest.

    However, this particular forum is fairly dedicated to the fight specifically against Scientology.

    If you're in SoCal, well, there is a lot that goes on in SoCal that is related to fighting Scientology, but you have to know where to look and listen. I would be happy to advise you further by PM, if you'd register.
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  38. I am a hacker c,d pro I tired. Of not knowing the truth I don't care what it takes if u want to email me I'm at mod edit: email redacted for your own good

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