How to join anonymous?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Please don't give us your email addy. There are plenty of OSAOSAOSAOSA spais here and giving out an email addy is an invite to a world of problems.

    If you want to do that: Ask for a PM. However, that might be problematic as well since you are a guest account and GA don't get to PM.

    Also, as a point I make constantly: WWP is NOT about illegal hacking/cracking or promoting any illegal activities such as that.

    Now, thanks to Sue and an Anon, I have realized the fact hacking does not necessarily mean illegal activities like breaking into systems or doing shit like DDoS attacks. So, if you mean things like modifying computer code/cases or things seen in LifeHacker, then consider the above as just a general reminder.
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  2. Horseradish Member

    This is my favourite thread. Apart from the TomKat divorce thread.
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  3. I want to join this group but I like where to participate. I hope to become a member of this group because my ambition since childhood
  4. We are now accepting fast track applications for Anonymous security clearance. Please forward your single paragraph summary request to
  5. Horseradish Member

    No more than 142 characters.
  6. ^OSA^
  7. not all anonymous for illegal work, some do the job nicely. anyone who can help me, please tell me what are the requirements or qualifications to join anonymous.please help me.
  8. Anonymous Member

    How's your kibitzing?
  9. Incompleted. Member

    Google is your friend.

    If you're too lazy to click on the link and get some extra information, here's it plain and simple:
    It is impossible to 'join' Anonymous, as there is no leadership, no ranking and no single means of communication. Anonymous is spread over many mediums and languages, with membership being achieved simply by wishing to join.
  10. I will try my best.what age required to join this group?
  11. if a person can not seberapai clever hacking but she wanted to acquire knowledge through anonymous group. I hope I helped by anonymous. :)
  12. White Tara Global Moderator

    We are all for legal means of protest here at WWP.

    if you are looking to gain information on hacking then WWP is not the place for you.

    If you are interested in the aforementioned legal means of protest then feel free to register, hang about and learn. :)
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  13. do you understand Malay language
  14. i will try ...
  15. raboon Member

  16. Azimmalaysia Member

    are u serious..?
  17. Anonymous Member

    No-one here is. Ever.
  18. This isn't something you just "stumble across" It's something that you are passionate about. It's the thing that makes you hate the oppressor and show them that you know by kicking him in the rear every once in a while to show what's really going on. It's informing those that don't know better the true faces of those in control. What we are is not what we want to do or what we want to get out of life. What we are is showing the world what we can really be and proving it by actions and sharing of knowledge and making such things commonplace.
    In short, wanting to be anonymous is the first step into becoming what you desire. Bring fourth what you know and what you can do and the world is yours for the taking, can you handle it?
  19. Mutante Member

    You gotta a kill a few people.
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  20. Koronos Member

    Now, where did I put those extra large bags, I have a lot of digging to do.
  21. Anonymous Member

    And most importantly, posting pictures of kittens on the Interwebs!


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  22. Koronos Member

    Dude, I know the truth, and it's shocking.... OOH KITTENS!

    Awesome movie quote by the way.

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  23. November5th Member

    Great thread. =)
  24. Anonymous Member

    Joining Anonymous is pretty simple, although it does seem to be most of the general public.

    You lurk. A lot. And when you have lurk enough to the point where you can posting shit without sounding like a muppet then you will have a good chance that a veteran of the dark arts will take you as their apprentice.

    Throughout the months of your apprenticeship you will come to realise the nature of mankind, the eogcentricism and tendency to butthurt that plagues the human condition, and the dynamics of how people interact. You will learn to recognise the passions and motivations that drive people.

    And then, when you have sufficiently absorbed all your training, you will back into the wild world of the internet just a little less of a fucktard then when you started.

    Or so goes the theory anyways. There is always the possibility that you guru could reap you, which has been known to happen.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Yaaaaaaaaawwwwnnnn, I'm pretty bored around here....
  27. If you can deface an website shut it down, your Anonymous. If you say: im in anonymous but you can do nothing your not even a guy...
    This message by iStrongZ has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  28. FloGold Moderator

    While Anonymous encompass a broad range of "talent" this here little forum is for legal proactive action.
    We do not endorse, condone or in any way approve or embrace and talk or discussion about hacking.
    It might be a tool used by Anons in different Op's it is not what we here do at all.
  29. Anonymous Member

    We will need you first born child or all you jewgolds before we let you go.
  30. Cym

    Yeh me, put it aside while I register please.
  31. Anybody can "join" Anonymous. Now what you do after that is completely up to you.
    Wanna become active in the Physical Protests? (guys in masks) than look on this site or various other Anonymous affiliates. Tons of dates.
    Anybody can be a part, it's how big of a part do you want..
  32. WTP

    I too, was wanting to join, not in the literary sense. I wanted to be able to voice my opinion on what is important to me, not to make fun of other people interested in the same thing. Your site encourages people who want to help in the way of protests, etc. Apparently you are satisfied with only the the people already a part of anonymous. Instead of critizing people who express an interest, you should be welcoming them. There is strength in numbers. This is clearly not what I thought it was. I shall look elsewhere where the members are more welcoming.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Bumping a dead thread with a message like that? Hmmm...
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  34. TheRayBoss Member

    Joining Anonymous is not a normal action that you think of when joining a group. Anonymous is an idea, with no headquarters, and no leaders.

    Instead, it is a collection of people that share a similar idea about the world. Therefore joining Anonymous only comes down to changing your view of the world and believing that using any means to create fairness and remove corruption is justified.

    Most of the time, these are not violent measures, and are instead physical protests or digital ones. When operating online, you should never try to build your ego as a member of Anonymous. Since no one person is more important, there is no reason to put out your real name.

    You should only identify with Anonymous and embody that idea when operating online or in protests.

    Once you feel as though you are in the correct mindset to theoretically join Anonymous, you should begin to associate with other Anons.

    To do so, use I R C chat services or use Twitter. Twitter has continued to be a privacy driven service and is relatively safe to use for communication.

    In light of programs like PRISM, privacy is everything, and you should avoid using major telecommunications providers as much as possible.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
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  35. veravendetter Member

    Anonymous is an IRC clique based on strength of comedic wit
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  36. veravendetter Member

    I've never seen a legion. I forgive regulalry, and am always forgetting stuff.
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  37. A.O.T.F Member

    I fucking love that :D
  38. .....veravendetter has his own style.

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