How to know if you are part of the 99% (It's not a financial standing)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheUnpaintedVeil, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. If you support love over hate, peace over war, and freedom over oppression, congratulations, you are part of the 99%.

    OWS was an obvious choice because greed thrives there. Unfortunately, people have been misled by this to believe that the 99% refers only to a financial status. This is having a negative effect on the movement, and so I ask that it be made known what the 99% really refers to.

    Wall of text about how I would begin to accomplish these things linked here.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Informative, thanks. Now how can I tell if I'm part of the >9000%
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Tormentor Member

    In that case, the 99% would actually be like the 70%. Many people support police brutality against protesters regardless of whether there is any provocation or not. Sad, but true. And I'm not just talking about OWS.
  5. Glenn Beck Member

    The despite the efforts to suppress it, hostility towards people that do not agree with the movement with is quite evident in video. The creation of an enemy is always part of the process, guess how it always ends, quietly and without sorrow.
  6. Anonymous Member

    that's because those >29% haven't been on the wrong end of a police baton
  7. veravendetter Member

    Moving from the financial definition is shaky ground for you guys (OP). I, and the people I know are largely working class so would fall into the original 99%. Put through the hippy-shakedown, I'd say it'd be more like 37%. Elitist minority love crew.
  8. veravendetter Member

    You talk as if clashing with police is the main issue? Maybe some people just don't see anything gained from it except letting off steam, and therefore can't be arsed.
  9. Anonymous Member

    You're aware that there's an actual issue being discussed before and beyond any police interaction, right? The stance OWS is arguing is not "POLICE HITTING US IS BAD," there's an original issue below that. Just because people disagree with that issue doesn't mean they're totally down with police brutality. Dumbass.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Or what veravendetter said. That works too.
  11. This is the last enemy that shall be destroyed, those who would wish hate, war, and oppression. Any other is an attempt to divide the unity of the people in a futile effort to prevent them from achieving their goals.

    The original 99% are as I stated, those who wish love, peace, and freedom. The financial standing issue supplanted the original meaning of the 99% in an effort to shift focus from the real issues. In fact, those in the top 1% financially are necessary to solve the problems facing us, as in our current situation money is power, so too do they have a responsibility to use that power wisely and in the best interest of humanity.

    As for your "elitist minority love crew" comment, it makes it only too clear that you ignored the link I had set up, so it's going to be posted now anyways. These are solutions to the problems humanity faces.

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