How to make a picket sign

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anon9001, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Anon9001 Member

    How to make a picket sign


    Picture you want.



    Foam Poster Board

    $2.00 from Hobby Lobby


    You then need to go to a Fed Ex Kinkos store, and ask for a picket sign sized print. (black and white, cheapest they got)



    You then need to find double sided tape. I bought mine at walmart



    Cut out the print and tape it on the foam board for strength.


    You now have a professional picket sign.

    TOTAL COST: $10.00 (I hope you got 10 bux, for you GOONS out there)

  2. :D Member

    Good job, as I happen to have 10 bucks this is very helpful, thanks.
  3. Tuesday Member

    Your username makes me so happy.
  4. Atomosk Member

    It's as easy as falling off a tree!
  5. Anonymous128 Member

    Most excellent, the signs I've seen on raid videos were mostly irredeemable.
  6. anon91-19 Member

    do you have any of the digitals of the other signs in that pic?
  7. x-9er Member

    They look good, but simplicity is always the best plan. Few words, but big enough to be read by passers-by.

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