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  1. Anonymous Member

    A) Encrypt every email and message with massive decryption keys

    B) Modify browsers and websites to do this automatically

    C) Even with the best computers, they can't decrypt well encrypted data any time soon

    A) Create network paths for files to move through any part of the Internet

    B) The encrypted file is stored and sent to every computer along the path until it reaches the one computer that can decrypted it

    C) When useful files are not being sent, always send encrypted garbage files through the network

    D) This way recording files transfers won't amount to anything since every computer will be receiving data along the chain and the NSA can't tell the junk from the real since both are encrypted

    E) Modify browsers and websites to do this automatically

    If you can set these two things up, along with a perfect firewall, then the NSA is virtually useless.
  2. Kilia Member

    Excuse me, what do you mean by "Modify browsers and websites to do this automatically"?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Web browsers would encrypt all typed messages and data uploaded by a user.
    Once the data reaches another user who can decrypt it, then the other user's browser or server would then decrypt the data and download it.

    As for the second part, lets say we had three computers: A, B, and C

    A ------------- B ------------- C

    Data,whether it is encrypted garbage or actual data, is always sent from A to B to C to B then back to A

    A ------------> B ------------> C
    A <------------ B <------------ C

    If you try to wire tap any location, you can't tell if the data is junk or not and you also can't tell if the data is being sent from A to B or A to C and so on for each member in the network.

    Web browsers would send data along network lines constantly, having users download random garbage or other people's encrypted messages to their computer then pass it along to the next.
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. TheBitterCunt Member

    Seems to be the wrong forum for this. Have you tried pitching this idea to Mozilla?
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  6. Kilia Member

  7. Killua Member

    It's a good idea, but a bit impractical... And parts of it are already being implemented.

    1A) GnuPG encryption, like Gpg4Win

    1B) Tor

    1C) Yeah, the point is to make it impossible, and this would be a good start

    2A) Tor

    2B) Tor

    2C) Do you know how incredibly impractical that is? It would be like sentencing a computer to death by slow torture, making it work like that for the entire uptime, and every ISP in the world would have a conniption and would absolutely strangle your connection, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got government sanction to do it, too. It'd be worth it, just for that, though...

    2D) Yup
    2E) Tor

    There's no such thing as a "perfect firewall".

    Seriously though, look at the onion router, if you haven't already. Some websites (this one included) aren't very compatible with it. I was originally viewing through tor, but then had to switch because I had an issue with the cookies
  8. Anonymous Member

    2C) You can minimize the damage it does to connections by using some clever algorithms to determine the minimum amount of junk needed to be sent to maintain privacy.

    Thanks for the Tor reminder.
  9. Killua Member

    Honestly, you could probably bullshit it just as easy. Just filter in encrypted junk as you're passing the real encrypted packets around, and make sure that the volume of junk to real is about the same, or leaning in favor of the junk. It wouldn't have to be much. My only problem with these ideas is that they're like sweeping generalizations. It looks fabulous on paper, but there's no depth, no sustenance to them. You say "clever algorithms", I ask if you have any, or even an idea of how to write them? The way that you write, talking about a "perfect firewall" and such things, makes me think that you're not as experienced as you may like us to believe. The fact that you're not posting with your real account makes me think you don't know how your ideas will be received, and you (possibly) want feedback before you repackage them as your own. If so, clever, but you might want to be a little more subtle. Learn a little more, and until then, talk a little less.
    A little knowledge is more dangerous to man than none at all.

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