HOW TO: Raid Virgin Soil (Raiding new places for dummies)

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    HOW TO: Raid Virgin Soil (Raiding new places for dummies)

    Basically, this is a guide for how to start up mini-raids in areas that don't have $ciloon bases or where we're presently not covering. This is written by a UK Anon so the law might vary from place to place as will customs and traditions. It is also written for those that are fairly new to the project, want to raid but can't get to a major raid site due to distances. I put all this into one place since I've repeated the same advice to both Swansea and the East Midlands in the last few weeks.

    Outline (or tl;dr):
    1: Establish if there are Anons in the area wanted to be raided
    2: Decide a location and date
    3: Get a list of stuff needed together and get as much of it as possible
    4: Inform the police
    5: Inform the press
    6: Party Hard!

    Step 1: Establish if there are Anons in the area that you want to raid
    Start a thread and see if Anons take the bait - once you feel you have enough (or just get bored of waiting) proceed to Step 2.

    Step 2: Decide a date and location
    High traffic areas are great for handing our flyers - try and find a pedestrianised area to raid since it prevents problems with the Police complaining about you blocking the pavements and other access ways. Dates are usually mutually agreed but feel free to say "I'll raid on this day and if you fuckers want to join me then feel free, otherwise I'm going solo" - sometimes this actually gets things going.

    Also, arrange escorts for non-locals by locals to the raid site from major transport sites. Often exchanging Anonymous phone numbers helps this since lack of real time communication is a pain when you're away from the tubes.

    Step 3: Draw up a list of stuff needed and get as much of it as possible

    Usually includes:
    Anons - click here to get the masks
    Music (trollcannon or otherwise)
    Step 4: Inform the local police
    In my experience in the UK, this is optional - a standing picket in a public place that requires no road closure does not require Police permission unless it is in London and some larger city centres (if you're in those areas then contact the local cell since it already exists, in all likelihood).

    Building up a decent rapport with the police helps since it means they will usually leave you alone after the first or second raid unless complaints from Scilons or Joe Public are recieved.

    The police in Bristol were sent a letter in July when we raided on 5th. The officer who turned up didn't know we were coming (despite the letter and the phone call the day before) - the control room simply told him to go to our raid site because they'd seen us on CCTV. He spent around 30mins with us talking and reading our literature before wishing us all the best and going off to do some paperwork. The next raid, we had a PCSO (officer without powers of arrest) come to see us and after that we've had no problems or contact with them (despite regular letters to warn them of raids) whatsoever.

    PM me for a sample letter that Bristol have been sending to Avon and Somerset constabulary since July.

    Step 5: Inform the local press

    Write a press release for your local papers and radio stations. In all likelihood they'll ignore you completely but do it anyway since they eventually respond.

    There are sample press releases on the forums and I can provide a sample via PM if necessary.

    Step 6: Party hard!
    Arrive in good time on raid day (Saturday/early mornings are Anon's worst enemy) and observe all the major rules set out in the Code of Conduct.

    Don't forget pix or it didn't happen.

    This is by no means complete - it was hammered out in 20mins based on my previous experience with helping organise raids in Bristol. Those of greater insight and experience are welcome to provide their pearls of wisdom in which case I will upate this as soon as possible.
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    Re: HOW TO: Raid Virgin Soil (Raiding new places for dummies)

    I'd be wary of exchanging phone numbers without knowing each other beforehand.

    A microblogging service which does updates to cell phone is great for this. Since Twitter doesn't work in the UK anymore, does anyone have a replacement which works?
  3. nonnonanon Member

    Re: HOW TO: Raid Virgin Soil (Raiding new places for dummies)


    Some options (most of which look like dead ends after a brief check, but still): Twitter cancels UK SMS - the Facebook campaign to sort it out | Online Journalism Blog

    Prepaid SIM cards may be a throwaway option. Your personal data ought to be safe (data protection) and you can remove the SIM on non-protest days? free pay as you go SIM card
  4. Vir Member

    Re: HOW TO: Raid Virgin Soil (Raiding new places for dummies)

    Brightkite works. I didn't want to post about it because I tested it earlier today and it didn't seem to work, but then the SMS messages came through and now it's nice and snappy.

    Birghtkite has worldwide two-way SMS and it's no longer invite-only.
    Your standard carrier SMS pricing applies. In the US, it is not available on all carriers. Test before relying on it.

    Two Norwegian anons on Brightkite:
    NorwAnon -
    John_Steed -

    You can direct-message each other to usernames, or post messages to places such as London, or OsloScientology, or a physical address.

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