How to Share International News

Discussion in 'How To' started by Rezo, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Rezo Member

    In many instances, I have found international members attempting to share untranslated websites with members that do not speak their language. This is how to repair the issue:
    • Visit WWW.GOOGLE.COM
    • Type Website Address and Click SEARCH
    • Click the Blue "Translate" Link
    • Copy URL and Visit WWW.BIT.LY
    • Type Website Address and Click "Shorten"
    Now you have a link that will be shared with a "translation" inside.. without the long link. If an international member is trying to share this link, fix it, and send them the correct link so that they can share it properly.
  2. Anonymous Member

    or you could just go to google translate...
  3. AnonSparc Member

    Google chrome even gives the option to translate most sites.
  4. Miranda Member

    Another suggestion: Please title your thread in the language in which it's written. English titles on non-English threads are confusing. Thank you!

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