How to: Sign?

Discussion in 'How To' started by Anonymous, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Anon547 Member

    Re: How to: Sign?

    a bloon? thats amazing, anyways i would probably get some cardboard with a page of bristle board over it, then get some spray paint or a large marker like a magnum the one anon said and put black on white or white on black i guess
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Re: How to: Sign?

    I had an idea today, haven't tried it yet.

    What I was thinking of is some kind of collapsible sign tech that would be easy to pop out of a backpack, be damned visible, and then vanish back into the backpack when it's time to leave, while shaking any cult tails.

    Umbrella Tech!

    Take a cheap black umbrella that doesn't curve too much. Open it and add your slogan with masking tape. Then take a can of bright lime-yellow/orange/red florescent marker spray-paint and mist the umbrella around the tape. (Only mist, otherwise the paint will crack off folding and unfolding the umbrella.) When the paint is dry, peel off the tape, leaving your slogan in black with a glowing eye-catching border.

    Naturally the slogan will have to be short, and you'll want to make the letters fairly thick/bold. (A radial "Cult Zone" design could be slowly spun for extra hypnotic effect.) Or perhaps no words, just the Anon headless suit guy?

    Has anyone done anything like this before? I'd love to see an org's reaction when a group of protesters suddenly pop several of these open at the same time.

    The nice part is that it can be kept handy for flash raids. And if it rains, you're good too!
  3. Budd Member

    Yesterday was the primary election here in Florida, and this morning there are loads of leftover signs just waiting to be "adopted" and put to good use. On the way to an appointment someone had gathered up twenty signs from a street corner and piled them up for the trash guys... so I picked up ten nice signs, some white and some very bright yellow.
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  4. Internetzin Member

    Good Home Ec Tech, is good, and it works!

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