How To Start A Revolution

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by spike anderson, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. I saw part of this documentary and thought it was pretty interesting. It was on Current TV. Its about a book written by Gene Sharp.

    For more than half a century, Sharp has been working to turn the philosophies of nonviolent protest into a blueprint that can be put into practice by activists around the world.

    His book 'From Dictatorship to Democracy - A Conceptual Framework for Liberation' is a 93-page, 198-step guide to toppling dictators, available free for download in 40 languages. The book was re-discovered by activists throughout the Middle East during and has been instrumental in shaping the Arab Spring revolution as we know it.
    The award-winning feature length documentary about how Gene Sharp's ideas work in action called 'How To Start A Revolution' will have its UK premiere right here on Current on 1st January 2012.
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    Dear RTC:
    this is how you Clear a planet.
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  7. Thanks for the links! Bump.
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    first up against the wall
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    We gotta think of a better name of the OP. Don't you think?
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    Thanks for posting this OP. This is valuable information. Glad you shared it.

    Also, flaming newfags for being stupid is one thing; flaming newfags for trying to be helpful is counterproductive. Just sayin'.

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    Orson did you check out the original thread?
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