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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Fidel Dangelow, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Proxyheap has launched an online tool to help you test your proxy confirmation and to submit your proxy to assist Iran. If you want to learn how to set up a proxy, go here first: Austin Heap Proxy. I'm linking to all proxy-related posts since updates are happening quickly, but you'll find instructions for Linux and Windows.

    Freegate is also working.

    Once you've followed the configuration steps, visit this page to test your proxy: proxyheap (proxy checker) a project for iran. Once the test completes you can then submit the information.

    Please do not post your proxy IP/port publicly. Austinheap can forward your info where it's needed.
  2. using the proxy tester i get an error. i need some advice please

    i am using TOR vidalia package with the gui in XPPRO-

    in the gui, under SETTINGS / SHARING - i have 'relay traffic..' enabled with all boxed checkmarked under 'exit policies', and i have port 9001 and port 9030 under 'basic settings'. which i assume is correct. under SETTINGS / ADVANCED i have on control port since i dont need to set that.

    in the torrc file - dirport is 9030, orport is 9001, and control port i again, dont mess with. and sockslistenaddress is there are no additional added lines in torrc except bandwidth lines.....this is all correct i think, does something need to be changed or manually added?

    in the router i use - i have port9030(dirport) open going to my system, as well as port9001(orport). so now, i am thinking if i am messing something up, its happening because i need to open ports on the router. are there more ports i need to direct to my system?

    the one error that goes repeatedly within the active log of vidalia is 'your system resolves to a private address, tor servers that use the default dirserv must have a public address', and ive no idea how to resolve that...

    and is there something that would show in the log that would indicate someone from the outside was trying to mess with your connection, since i see notices about my DNS being overwhelmed/hijacked, or an error about client asking about server descriptors but writing too many bytes, sending 503 busy eror

    thanks for input,
    me in fla
  3. Out of curiosity, how are we getting the knowledge of these proxies to Iranians?

    How can we be sure our proxy (I'm setting one up right now) will not be used by say Iranian government organizations circumventing their own firewalling or Al Qaeda or some other unsavory purpose?
  4. echo-IRAN Member

    Dumb question. If they have nothing better already, they sure will use it.
  5. I also got an error from the Proxy, I also used a proxy I know is working and got an error from that one too.. lol
  6. I used the excellent walk-through given above and believe I've managed well with the set-up. However I get the errormessage: Fatal error: couldn't connect to host. When entering a random port in the test.

    Am I wrong in entering a random port or are there steps in the set-up I could have missed?

  7. ~Deliria~ Member

    please help!

    Are there any instructions on this for us mac users?
  8. Proxyheap does not work

    I have a full working proxy, also checked with proxyheap.
    But when i want to put it to the list, i don't get any e-mail.

    Can somebody help? How to spread that proxy to Iran?
  9. ارتش

    به شما چه اتفاقی می افتد هنگامی که رژیم می افتد؟ ما عکس شما را. میبینیم ضرب و شتم و به شما تیراندازی غیر مسلح و دانشجویان ، زنان و مردان قدیمی. وضع کردن اسلحه خود را. آزادی را انتخاب کنید به جای قتل مردم خود.

    و حتی برخی از ژنرالها شما امتناع سفارشات. سوال من دوباره ، چه رخ می دهد تا زمانی که شما بیش از Rafsani طول می کشد؟ ما عکس شما را به شما خواهد شد و تقاضا برای قتل و ضرب و شتم مردم حساب شما. آزادی را انتخاب کنید.


    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering your own people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when Rafsani takes over? We have your photos and will demand you account for killing and beating your people. CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  10. Those are the instructions I used. Are there any recommended ports to be open for squid?
    In that guide, the router-chapter delas with external and internal IP which I believe is not the problem for me.

    Also, I use windows firewall and NOD32. Should I take any precautions while using them?
    Should I "allow" the squid.exe found in the C:\squid\sbin-folder?

    Thanks for any help helping me to help others!
  11. If you're behind a router ports need to be opened.
  12. IMT Member

    I also used Cross sections of a wandering mind: Proxies for Iran: A walkthrough
    and I found I needed to do a few extra things after to get it to work for me:
    In my squid.conf after line
    http_port 3128
    I added several more like
    http_port 9876
    http_port 5432
    The port numbers you add here are the ones you test at
    proxyheap (proxy checker) a project for iran
    and the ones you enter when you submit your proxy.

    Then I added
    acl TRUSTED src
    acl TRUSTED src
    after line
    acl TRUSTED src

    This allowed me to use proxyheap (proxy checker) a project for iran to check that my proxy was working and submit it for use.

    Also, if your Windows Firewall is on you will need to add squid.exe to your exceptions list.
    Go to your 'Network Connections' and under 'Network Tasks' on the left is a link called 'Change Windows Firewall settings' that will take where you need to go to add it.

  13. you need to send a mail to
  14. POrts

    Everything is up and working and submitted

    quick question
    Do i need to submit all the ports I created for the single IP or should i just submit the ip and one of the ports?
  15. is it possible for me to send a Tor bridge to Austin Heap as a proxy? when i try testing it at his test site it doesn't work. what gives? do i have to do this with squid? and if i do, what additional security things should i be concerned about? - i have no firewall software, what to get / how to configure it?
  16. IMT Member

    Re: POrts

    If your submitting through proxyheap (phase one) a project for iran you can submit all your ports with your IP you just need to separate your open ports with commas. Please test first: proxyheap (proxy checker) a project for iran

    Regarding Tor I don't know you could email them, but their probably really busy. If you're using squid on a Windows box I posted how I did it a few posts ago. If your using a different OS then Austin Heap has guides for different Operating Systems.
  17. nebraskanon Member

    must add austin heap's servers to the ACL lists, as demonstrated below.

    i'll note that the bolded text is needed needed for the proxy checker to work. those IPs are austin heap's servers. he has been requesting that they be added so his server can check the proxy for workability, as the configs that are being bandied about block all but iranian netblocks from using them, precluding proxy testing without exposing a volunteer iranian connection that might be compromised (the person allowing access may come under persecution), and will also likely be throttled severely.

    if you are testing your server yourself (not using the proxy checker link), and it works for you, then this is likely because you have allowed access from your test station but not allowed access from austin heap's servers using the bolded text strings.

    a bit of trivia, an observation, and i am done.
  18. testing

    testing to reply.............
  19. mifhybib Member

    I'm very interested! I would love to find out more inforamtion related to this topic. Thanks

    in advance.
    me too, I need more detailed info

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