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Discussion in 'How To' started by Jeff Jacobsen, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    From the recent Twitterstorms surrounding events in Ferguson, Missouri, and the killing of US journalist James Foley in Syria, to the Israel-Palestine conflict, political activism and protest is now all about getting the message out using social media.
    Its importance as a political tool on the streets was first noticed during the Arab Spring in 2011, when Twitter and Facebook were used by protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya to respond to real-time events on the ground. Now it's used by all kinds of people in all kinds of scenarios; all you need is a smartphone.
    "The past six months have brought to light serious political, civil and global issues through the use of trending hashtags and social media amplification," says Will McInnes, CMO at Brandwatch. "Without social media, awareness movements and civil uprisings such as #BringBackOurGirls might not have garnered the attention of the mainstream mindset."
    Going viral and creating the perfect storm on social media is the best way to get your cause recognised, but which platform should you be using, and what should you be using it for?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Is getting as much public as possible worth abandoning our own ideals? I hate Facebook, I am pro-FoI and anti-surveillance, so I can't imagine myself using FB for Anonymous activism.
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  3. Adjective Member

    Same here, I personally despise Facebook and Twitter myself. I feel it would be a conflict of interests, since I'd rather be Anonymous on the net.
  4. Old_Coder Member

    Facebook, I will agree is everything that I personally dislike on the net. It is like the ultra-suburbanization of cyberspace. It is where you may very well run into your Mom and that long lost aunt. I hate it because there they are and they have all this potential and they just sit around. However, you are going to have a terribly difficult time getting your word or message out without passing through it's cookie cutter community. I was helping someone with some SEO for their blog site recently and Google (always cagy with info) had once again modified their indexing algorithm. The have given an amazing amount of weight to shares and likes on social media such as FB when it comes to ranking sites. There is a lot more but Google is the internet search engine and if it likes you the net likes you. They also heavily weight a google+ account but so what you are still on google+. :)

    You need some way to kick items into that (or similar) social arenas. Hit the right human networks and do a little boosting and you are reaching way more people than you could anyother way. Twitter is fantastic too but it still is more younger people than the mom circle. I am going to say something that sounds bad here but I don't mean it that way. The FB crowd has a big tendency to believe the first thing they read dealing with an incident, story, etc. If you have the right approach and bounce your version into enough online networks then you gain an advantage. Simultaneously push to get some trending on the same or similar thing on Twitter and it actually becomes self reinforcing process. You can automate this almost completely.
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  5. sorry for posting here but i dont have account. is there a way to block a page and it's sub-pages (facebook) on mozilla without using add-ons (they add third party software, ads or redirect to strange websites)? i deleted my facebook few days ago and want to completely block my browser from accessing it (i heard that fb collects data everytime i visit it even without logging in also i want to completely block it for idealistic reasons)
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi saisissez
    Try in this forum
    A WWP member suggested this. You will find more information on your problem there. A solution? Who knows.
  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You'll get more out of WWP when you make an account. Use a disposable email if you want. You can change it to a real email later.
  8. Anonymous Member

    There are two sides to my preference.
    I visit Facebook to learn what's new, however I think it's incredibly dull.
    I don't like Twitter so I'm not a user.
  9. rocketsqrl Member

    I can't stand Twitter, but I'd use it if it helped to get the word out. I remember when FB used to be just my close friends. Now it's a bunch of click bait, suggested posts, and ads.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Twitter is still the best place I know of to follow the latest about pretty much anything. The key is knowing which accounts to follow, and making lists for various topics.

    Regarding Facebook, this allows you to get rid of the click bait, suggested posts, and ads:

    F.B. Purity - Clean up and Customize Facebook

    I use it and highly recommend it.
  11. gccwebhosting Member

    Using social media effectively can help promote your brand, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your website. Here are some general tips for using social media:
    Define your goals: What do you want to achieve through social media? This could be anything from increasing brand awareness to driving sales.
    Choose the right platforms: Not all social media platforms are equal. Choose the platforms where your target audience is most active.
    Create a content strategy: Plan out the type of content you will share and when you will share it. This will help ensure that you are consistently providing value to your audience.
    Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages, and encourage others to share your content.
    Use visuals: Posts with images or videos tend to get more engagement than text-only posts.
    Use paid advertising: Paid advertising on social media can help you reach a larger audience and drive more traffic to your website.
    Track your results: Use tools to track your social media performance and see what's working and what's not. Use this information to improve your strategy.
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