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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Durga, May 13, 2011.

  1. Durga Member

    The Production Studio is a subject-neutral place for anons to collaborate on creative projects. You can use the Production Studio in several ways:
    • To post subject-neutral source materials such as GF mask vector images, suit logos, and video clips.
    • To share partial or complete projects for review and feedback.
    • To archive as much material as possible for future use and reference.
    When starting a new thread in the Production Studio, specify the following information in the subject line:
    • Whether you are posting source material to share.
    • Whether your thread describes a finished project to document.
    • Whether you are looking to people to help with a new project.
    • Whether your work is related to a specific initiative or op.
    Additional Instructions

    Please do not use this forum to promote or enlist help for your own favorite causes. This is also not an appropriate area to voice any concerns about "personal army requests," "newfags," or "staying on target." Any such posts will be deleted. If you do not agree with the aims of a particular project or op, feel free to ignore it.

    Intellectual Property

    By posting your workin this subforum, you are by default agreeing to the Creative Commons "Share Alike" policy. If you feel the need to protect any material with a stronger CC license or otherwise protect your work, you must make this clear in your post. In the event that someone reuses material that you created in a particularly sloppy fashion without attribution, feel free to take them to task.
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  2. Durga Member

    This thread should really be at the top
  3. Miranda Member

    Yeah, I haven't found a way to change the order of the stickied threads. But maybe there is one in xf.
  4. anon0004 Member

    I like the idea of the production studio, but licences mean namefagging and egofagging.

    do we really need more of a licence than " cc non comercial and Anonymous by name share alike" to keep people from DCMA'in our shit?
    Everthing stronger is totally worthless to an Anonymous task.
  5. Durga Member

    I respect the sentiment here, and ideally everything would be shared in exactly that manner. At the same time, we need to recognize that some anons are also professionals, some of whom will need to protect their material to prevent abuse. One example I can think of off the top of my head is Zhent, who has produced hundreds of excellent pictures of Aussie Anons, and chooses to retain the copyrights on those images. I have never seen him so much as raise an eyebrow when his images are used in Anonymous works, but when one was used in a Scientology pamphlet there was serious discussion about a lawsuit. "Non-commercial" does not always mean "pro-Anonymous," so without the copyright protection a counter-attack would not have even been an option.

    Hopefully all the material that winds up here will not be posted with any significant copyrights whatsoever, so the whole discussion will be moot.
  6. anon0004 Member

    still not convinced about the license issue, but you do good work with this section.
    It turns up useful threads that I have forgotten since ages.
  7. Nick_Nolte Member

    You're talking about a personal choice. It's clearly outlined that if you post on here and don't say otherwise it'll be pretty much public domain. If someone on here really feels like their work is worth keeping ownership of, by all means that's their business and they have every right to do so. I'd figure tho most people who post on here will not be like that and will allow anyone to use it.
  8. anon0004 Member

    Yeah, whatever, just take it into account.
    Drama is the one thing certain about Anonymous, and it will come.
  9. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

  10. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    This is the text we try to put into the video.
    Sorry for errors, maybe you should correct somethinck:

    People of the free world, we are anonymous.
    We are shocked.
    We stopped our operations to focus all our efforts on something that leaves us dismayed, to which we can not escape. We can be fascists, communists, liberal, pro or against governments, but we must all be united before a serious problem that afflicts mankind, and that extremely degrades the human being. We are talking about pedophilia.
    Many of you know the operation darknet, where they were captured and marked (hopefully) many pedophiles, many sites have been closed.
    There was an user named "Carl" who likes to make fun of us, who continues to post in one of forum involved in DarkNet Operation (note this forum is not closed, have been closed only sites that published the images of child pornography) Well! We are happy to tell you that Carl has counted the hours. After weeks, we were able to find it, we have all his contacts, his photos, his home address, we know of him a great number of things. For now let's just say it's an Italian man, who lives in Rome, and that makes the pizza. Currently we are deciding with the boys of the staff his fate.
    Unfortunately, these beasts, using hidden networks, and their sites are not accessible, if you try to enter any of their web addresses, the result is "Page Not Found". However, we were not born yesterday, and we know how to find these shits.

    We managed to find some websites, even these "hidden" where these assholes were so confident of not getting caught, do not cover even their faces. We have tons of pictures, photos, videos, and we are ready to disclose the way to reach these sites. By accessing the link you'll find at the end of this message, you will find a way to reach these shits, the addresses of these bastards, and we have also a gift for you: you will be able to say “Hello bastard” to Carl's facebook page!
    We proceeded with the release of the material at our disposal, there is also a Children's Hospital placed in Korea, dedicated to this practice. We hope that the authorities find these bastards before they are found by us, because in our hands, their fate is written, we will kill them all. [Mod Edit: Translation problem--OP is not issuing a death threat.]
    We ask to all the worldwide hacker community: plumbed the darknet, and do this shit out, we must make DarkNet a Better Place

    We wish also give a big Thancks to SanAnrdreas-Labs, To ClioLabs, and finally to Anonymous forum Community, for great help.
    We are anonymous, We are a legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive ,Expect us
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  11. You must not make threats on WWP:
    You should never make threats in any video or Anonymous Statement.

    WWP Anonymous is committed to LEGAL, PEACEFUL protesting.

    You must delete the statement that is a threat to "kill."

    I understand your rage but you must never allow your rage to fuel illegal activities of any kind, or make statements about committing illegal acts.

    Murder is illegal. Please allow the official authorities to take control of these evil bastards. Thank you.
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  12. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Hey, I really appreciate the purpose here and I'm hoping that your intent is to kill the websites not the people, right? Because that would just be wrong, ya know? The right thing to do is to hand the buttwipe pedos over to the authorities, which I am certain is what you meant. It is a translation issue, correct? If not know that not only do we not condone or promote illegal activity on this site, we have a particular repulsion for murder. Even of pedos. Specially since they are sooooo popular in prison.
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  13. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    as i wrote, maybe you have to correct somethink. we are all from italy, and we have not much confidence with english. Consider also, that expressions are realy differents. About authorities, yes, we've found a MOD here on WWP that is helping us too much. That the reason why we ask you help.
  14. Okay. I don't have the time to re-write your script for you, but if you can be patient, it is possible that a WWP Anon will give you some assistance.
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  15. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    UPDATES: We've done an Italian version of video, deleting all wrong issues. About the English Message, we've decided to delete it, and waiting for your correction, help and much more.
    You can verify it directly linking to our youtube's channel
    And also following all our sites and socials
    But we think an english version, and hopefully better than our version, should be important for our intents.

    Thank's to who will help us!
  16. I will work hard to find the time to edit your script. If you are patient, I think I can fit it in before the end of the week. The "end of the week" for me is Sunday, November 27th/2011. All the best!
  17. Anonymous Member

    Loving this work.

    OpDarkNet is one of Anonymous' finest and most worthy projects to date.
  18. nik Member

    Where is it? the OpDarkNet
  19. Anonymous Member

    SVP is a USD $600.00 package. You want WWP members to provide you with a free copy? You must be crazy. Did you forget your meds this morning?
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  20. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    I think it's illegal too....
    i wish to remember to you all, that our(WWP) rules doesn't allow any illegal content. :)
    Talk about that privatly, have a nice "download" :D
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  21. Anonymous Member

    okay! sorry...
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    no need to sorry....c'mon, i just updated you about the rules, you're welcome :)
  24. Anonymous Member

    well, yeah. thanks. :)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Hay there,

    Starting from the Question "Are we able to define protest in our culture?" - two Students from Germany began to catch up information which applies to different fields of protest, including the historical course and it´s development and also the new generations like online- or digital- movements.
    The target which the project tracks, is to create a kind of collection to introduce or question the nowadays protestmovements, by analyzing the identity of protest.

    Too much publications which handle a kind of protest, try to give tips like a cookbook, - how to Protest, how do get active - whereby they unconsciously push Protest in a form. In view of this we need help from the acting scene. We need your help to get more insideviews, to be able to create a unadulterated view of the Protestscene.

    We create some questions and would be very thankful if you could answer them from your view.
    Of course you don´t have to answer exactly this question, you also can give us some further information which regard to the questions.

    How do you define "The identity of protest"?
    Which properties are assign to protests most of all?
    Is protest alway against an existing system/movement?
    With what strength depend planned protests after protest guidelines (e.g. from the government)?
    Which are the milestones in protest culture?

    If you have some more suggestions, feel free to write it down.

    Thanks for recognizing
  26. Legion1 Member

    I believe.........
    Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”.....
    Henry David Thoreau......

    To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men. So to define protest, or the identity of to try to define the anger felt by the oppressed.
    And i think that is unique to the individual.

    its crowded in here frightened

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